"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional

This is a thread created because the last one got nuked by Discourse. Feel free to discuss whatever you want about any films and TV shows you have just watched or have been watching for years in this thread.


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There’s already a general TV thread…but movies in general is cool.

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Well…that sucks. Not much else to say on that front though since right now it doesn’t seem like anything can be done.

Anyway, I watched A Quiet Place earlier today; for some reason I keep wanting to call it In A Quiet Place–don’t know why. I overall rather enjoyed it given its minimalism and it breaking away from quite a few regular (overused) tropes, including one that I especially appreciated with regards to children that normally annoys the hell out of me.*

Speaking of annoyances, however, I think the movie would have been even stronger without the amount of jump scares or, rather, the scare chords that accompanied them given that it was pretty great at maintaining tension throughout without them. The nature of the movie meant that any sound was naturally heightened, which just cheapened things whenever they blared obnoxiously. Shrug.

Beyond that, I sort of agree with a friend that the ending was a bit “campy”, but for the most part I thought it fit. At least it didn’t make the same mistakes of Signs’s all over again.

*The particular annoyance is “Infant Immorality”. Here it gets ruthlessly subverted by a four year-old getting killed essentially on-screen in the prologue, which makes sense since kids that aren’t even kindergarten age would realistically be the most vulnerable.

The reason I decided to add TV shows here is because TV General seems to be more about what is on television networks as opposed to online TV series like Netflix and series box sets. It was also last posted in two weeks ago, so it does not get much traffic.

I am not sure if that kind of horror film is for me. I found the concept of sound being deadly in 2008’s ‘Pontypool’ entertaining, but there was plenty of sound in the film. The premise was that there was a sound-bound virus that caused people to act like zombies and there was an enthusiastic small town radio station covering the phenomena. If I had to describe it, it was slightly reminiscent of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast in some regards.

As far as alien abduction/harassment films are concerned I really enjoyed 2013’s ‘Dark Skies’. The trailer is kind of trashy, but the main film is nuanced and has some interesting ideas on the subject.

The Equalizer 2 trailer…


(I was already aware of both Pontypool and Dark Skies, but I’m holding off on watching the former until I can do it with my best friend and I never finished watching the latter even though it comes on Syfy all the time & I already know how it ends. Noted though.)

I watched The Artist a couple of days ago and rather enjoyed it even though it’s so the first and only silent film that I have watched on my own (or at least remember watching on my own). I rather enjoyed it despite having gone into it knowing virtually nothing about it, including the fact that it was (almost) entirely a silent film and in black and white on top of that. That film also had a rather great soundtrack too, which makes sense given it had to in part “make up” for the lack of sound otherwise:

Besides that, I am probably going to finally watch Iron Man 2 (and maybe Iron Man again) after midnight since I need to start catching up on the Marvel movies I haven’t watched already before Avengers: Infinity War comes out next week.

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The Originals is back as of this past Wednesday… 8 pm Central time… one last season with my favorite vampire family! It is also a time-skip to 7 years later, so Hope Mikaelson is now a teenager…looks like 13 or 14…and of course the other Mikaelsons are finding a way to come back together, despite the events of season 4 forcing them to stay away.

Into the Badlands is back as well apparently; I guess it’s still a Sunday night show…?

Marriage is about compromising. For example, I want to go see A Quiet Place tonight, but my wife wants to go see Isle of Dogs. So we compromised, and got tickets to Isle of Dogs. I’ll let you know how it is later.

Isle of Dogs is good. I saw it on Monday. It’s definitely quirky. The humor is there but it’s suoer subtle. I liked it.

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Right you are. Don’t know how I mixed the two up.

I also managed to watch 1982’s ‘The Verdict’ with Paul Newman last night. I am usually a sucker for court dramas, but this one fell kind of flat for me despite a few great scenes. After having previously seen Paul Newman in 1973’s ‘The Sting’ (two conmen teaming up for the big con to get even with a crime boss) and 1977’s ‘Slap Shot’ (violent hockey slapstick comedy), I was underwhelmed by the alcoholic ambulance chaser with a sudden change of heart that he was portraying in this movie. The character was borderline bipolar, full of energy in one scene and a miserable man without a hope in the world in the next. I guess it also did not help that the case revolved around medical malpractice at a Catholic hospital. However, it did give an interesting look at dirty tactics used in the court system and the antagonist played by James Mason was deviously charming. It is worth a watch for those two things alone.

watched pacific rim 2 this week, decent movie but the first one was better.
that new Liam train movie was pretty dope though

The Lethal Protector?

FFS Sony :expressionless:

Venom looks awful. I’ll still likely see it just to see it but man…its not a good look.

I think this will easily beat Homecoming for the worst film based on the Spider-Man license. There was a time when Spider-Man 3 was the low point, but this is just shameless…

(I’m pretty sure that Spider-man 3 still beats Spider-Man: Homecoming or any other Spider-man as worst Spider-man movie, though I never understand why such a shitty character like Venom was getting a solo movie right after a reboot of the character that’s his arch-nemesis anyway. Even more mystifying is how actually worthwhile actors got roped into such obvious bullshit.)

Anyway, I watched at least a dozen movies last week, though most of that was me just catching up on Marvel movies by watching all of the Iron Man movies and the first Thor before I saw Avengers: Infinity War. I enjoyed Iron Man 3 and the first Thor more than I thought I would and I had forgotten how much I liked the first Iron Man movie; Iron Man 2 was easily the weakest one of the three to me.

Besides that, I watched In the Land of Blood and Honey, which made me realize I know almost nothing about the Bosnia conflict of the 1990s and, of all things, _Killer Klowns from Outer Space_again, which had a lot more blatant innuendo than I remember despite its complete lack of horror movie titillation otherwise. Huh.

Among other things, I am going to try to watch at least Seven Samurai or The Exorcist all the way through this week.

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I strongly disagree with your ranking of Spider-Man 3 and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

For me the entirety of Spider-Man Homecoming can be summarised by:

(i.e. Peter fucking up and looking like a dickhead in the proccess)

Also, despite how much I enjoy Michael Keaton, the whole car scene where he basically tells Peter that if he wants to plow his daughter that’s fine, but if he messes with business he is entering a a world of pain kills it for me.

While I do not particularly enjoy watching Spiderman 3 all that much (Tobey Maguire’s dancing and being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole to be precise), the plot line with Harry dealing with Peter killing his father and finally coming to terms with it saves it from being the worst in the entire franchise.

Let me know whether you enjoy ‘Seven Samurai’ as I have been extremely hesitant to watch it.

Spiderman 3 is fucking asscheeks man good lord.