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Videos from third tourney are UPLOADING now. They will process overnight or whatever and will probably all be up by the morning.

Man, I just need to quit bitching and probably do about 20 mins of training prior to playing an actual match when I play on the consoles. I think eventually I’ll get it.

It’s all good. Sometimes that’s all it takes.


Hey guys, I feel terrible for missing the tourney tonight, but to be honest you probably didn’t want me there anyway. I managed to catch the goddamn fucking stomach flu on Tuesday. Can’t wait to start watching these vids.

Man, I am ready to roll when we can get something going on the weekends. Also, managed to get two of my friends addicted to Street Fighter 4 over the weekend and one of them went and got a copy and a TE stick, and would probably be cool with dragging his PS3 around. Hopefully they will show up here sooner or later. Also, I think the Hillbilly Hype title is a cool idea.

It’s all good man. Everything was pretty fun though. You definitely missed out. I believe we are going to get together at Imperator’s house in LR next Wednesday.

We were talking about getting together next weekend. I’m sure we will figure everything out by mid next week and have it posted.

Does anybody in the area have any experience installing Cthulhu / Imp / Chimp boards in sticks? I’m planning on getting one for my TE stick, but don’t have the most amazing soldering skills.

This is Blake C, you can put my info up to max (psn-jankumfiend4life). By the way this new thread is the shit I am glad you guys got this one going for us. The outreach idea is a very good one, me and some others can promote around uca and you guys got hendrix.

You can add my info as well, Xbox Live: Copremesisking GGPO/Supercade(2dF): Imperator

Cool, Do you know who else is going with you?

I actually have experience with cthulhu/imp and chimp. I prefer to work with chimp then cthulhu/imp because i have bad arrangement skill.

I think if you wanna keep viper, you should probably pick up character that counterpick your bad matchup such as Honda, Gouken, Bison, etc. Or you can pick up one those character and learn them since this is probably best way to know what to do in a bad matchup.

WORD. Flaunt that shit man. Im putting it in my sig!

I’m dumping Cammy and Vega for Rufus.

EX Snake Strike > All :wgrin:

… well maybe not, but I have been thinking about learning Rufus for a while.

  1. Southwest AR Weekend Get-Together
    WHERE: Texarkana, AR. PM deezee989 for detail directions.
    WHEN: Saturday’s starting around 5pm. Ending whenever.
    DeeZee’s Saturday Fight Night. Every Saturday the best players in the area get together to duke it out, train, and kick it. Come get down on Street Fighter IV (main game), Tekken 6, TVC, HD Remix, MVC2, 3rd strike, whatever u wanna play. With 4 possible stations set up at any given time, anybody is game for anything. Bring your sticks, pads, whatever you wanna use. Don’t have a stick? Don’t worry. DeeZee has 6 TE’s, and 4 fight pads to use, so your set.
    This meet up takes place in Texarkana, AR, and usually begins around 5 pm. PM deezee989 for detailed directions to his crib. Everyone is invited.
    1st rule of Fight Night: Tell EVERYONE about Fight Night!

maxx… copy and paste this^ into the main post under #2)

also… put my info on my post. my tags are xbl: GNB DeeZee psn: deezee989

also #2… I wouldnt say im a notable player as in Ive won state wide tourneys, but Ive won many local tourneys, and I went to the final round of the gamestop thingy. (not the championships… the one before that) maybe you can make another * for notable local player? Or, if u think those credentials are good enough for notable… whatever. Or, if u think im a SCRUB then dont put one. Doesnt matter to me lol.

I’ve thought about picking up Rufus a few times too. Dive kick shenanigans own, huge damage off of everything, the second easiest FADC ultra in the game, and to top it all off, he has exactly one hard link - stand short stand fierce. Learn that link and how to do ex jesus FADC ultra and congratulations! You’re a high level Rufus player.

You’re not allowed to dump Cammy until I can figure that shit out :sweat:

I think I have the EX Jesus > FADC > Ultra down, but the s.short > s.fierce is another story.

(If/When) you figure it out, it’s bad news for me. That’s why I need backups.

So I found out that anything coming from my usb has a 16 ms response time default… It’s pretty stable that way across anything I plug in.