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My spot!

How long on the overall rankings after tonight?

My Ultra Spot!!!

Rankings will be done shortly, I imagine. I’d say give me 30 minutes to an hour and they’ll be up.

Damn, your so slow man. Almost as slow as you play DDR, haha.

I’ve been debating switching to a beefier character until I learn the console timing a bit better. I wanna keep a rush down playstyle mainly because I get bored otherwise, you think Rufus might be a good suggestion?

Nice work, glad you used my thread as an example and template for your format. :tup:

Sentinel - Rufus is a pretty good pressure character. If you like being on top of someone constantly I’d go with him.

Shin Rotendo - Thanks for the help man. We now have a new/better home, haha

Sadly enough, Viper is a character you have to be 100% with. That’s why I don’t use her, hah.

Add my info:

iTorres (Little Rock; PSN: iTorres23)

Shin- Thanks so much man. Great to have you as a mod. If you have any other advice, let me know.
Da Mango- Rufus is a good character for rush-down. Have you also considered Balrog?
iTorres- Will do.
Panda- You’d be happy to know that rankings are UP. Here’s a link (and I’ll update the OP).

giddy up. new thread … wheres the fancy new title?

to answer a few questions …

-yes i am going to tulsa for jenks tournament.
-im almost ready to book my plane tix for evo. gonna wait til my next credit statement clears and hope the tix price stays the same at 200$
i may be going with local friends here so i don’t know about sharing a room anymore and they aren’t exactly the fighting game type, more like CoD MW2. we’ll see how much sf i can get in while balancing my gambling / clubbing
-max, yuo can post my GT / PSN in the main post since i already have that posted in my profile. you can also include it to have people contact me for info on get-togethers in NWA.

Dlimited: Done and done.

Hell yeah! I was hoping I’d be a little higher. I guess I need to stop sucking.

Pssssshhhhhh, imagine how I feel blowing the stupidest crap. It’s like I’m really an online ken player!

Scrubby tactics? Scrubby skillz? Scrub deez nuts!

Practice makes perfect! I’m actually practicing execution now, haha.

It’s totally the PC man, I did 20 FFF combos back to back just now with sjc cancels into sweep or ultra. I have no way to really practice on a console and it’s most def different.

Yeah, maybe you should look into getting a console? You can find PS3’s for cheap on amazon or craigslist. Any tournament around here is going to be Console only.