MOV says he might as well be banned from using Chun at SBO because his is so strong

the whole chun is easy argument is so incredibly tired. she isn’t easy. against total idiot scrubs im sure just doing b.fierce can win games.

as you get better however chun isn’t so dominant. I imagine at the highest level her strengths matter more since everyone is actually using their characters well.

i agree with both you guys
yeah i know chun has some high level shit thats really good/hard (best sggk in the game, late hitconfirm low forward, superjump cancelled close heavykick super, corpsehopping into lightning legs, i think you can do jab into super (?), karagrab mixups, etc)

Ok so i watched the whole vid and a bit of off topic here but why do I only get 8 rooms max to show on psn? Does anyone else have this issue, the guy on the vid gets like 50 max to show up. Whats up with that? Is it a ps3 problem or am I an exception?

Edit: I also think that what MOV said is that his chun-li is too strong for sbo not that chun-li is broken.

It’s a PSN thing. For some reason PSN only lets you see like 8 lobbies.

Corpsehopping. Lol that’s sick.

Why are y’all talking about if Chunners being banned? He’s saying that he should be banned from her, which is fucking hilarious.

It would be interesting if in the future companies could nerf the player.
MOV is way too good in 3S? Neeeerf
Ogawa wins in GG again? poof’.

… ya… as in the mixup after super… sometimes it’ll corpsehop sometimes it wont? ever seen tokido play?

Maybe he meant it as a personal ban? Like his own code of honor or something?

So what’s the proper translation of the part where he says she makes the game less interesting?

Read Aku’s edited post you twats.

Well, I mean… If Kuroda’s gonna be there too…

S’what I’m figuring. Of course that would cause issues with the tier debates, so I’m sure we pushed this idea out of the way instantly.

So basically he didn’t say anything about her making the game more or less interesting? How is it possible to mistranslate something like that?

I guess it’s the Japanese to French to English that messed it up.

SFIV in general I’m sure is far less interesting to him than whatever Chun Li does to make 3S less interesting. Considering we know that’s not what he said about Chun to begin with.

The French actually says “… and this makes the game less interesting”

In any case, if the translation about Chun Li isn’t accurate, then nothing in this interview can be trusted. For all we know, he could have said “SFIV is the greatest game in the world”. Not that it matters, but it seems like most threads in this forum end up talking about SFIV for no reason at all…

Well I would rather go by what the Japanese says either way.

I don’t know French, but I can confidently say that there are quite a few spots in the English translation where it’s either vague or completely wrong. It’s not completely off; MOV does say that he hates SF4 because wakeup options aren’t as broad as in 3S, for starters. But some sections, namely the part where he talks about Kuroda, are translated pretty bad.

The only reason I brought up SFIV is because it’s clear as day that the interview is clearly an interview with opinions on SFIV. I’m just saying I don’t see how he could say that about Chun Li but then trash SFIV. You’d have to have a pretty SFIV era mentality to say something like that about Chun Li any way. Old gamers don’t mind good shit. If they did they wouldn’t complain about using anything but the Dreamcast version of MVC2 for tournaments.

There’s no reason to go by the French when MOV doesn’t speak French any way…

What is wrong with saying that certain things about a game makes it less interesting? A statement like that can be evaluated on it’s own. You don’t really need comparisons to other games. Saying something makes a game less interesting doesn’t automatically mean the game is boring or bad. It just is what it is.