MOV says he might as well be banned from using Chun at SBO because his is so strong

Videos translation is inaccurate, read aku’s

its been 11 years…if they haven’t banned her then she not gonna be banned now

(Points at trash can)
“This game is garh-bage”

  • MOV after beating Mike Ross, and carrying his team at a Denjin Arcade SF4 Tourney.

capcom should make a 4th attack. just a mild rebalance, but with a new name so people can stick to 3rd strike if they don’t like the new one.

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I can sympathize with him, because I believe 3s would be a much better game without Chun, but she shouldn’t be banned.

Considering even Japan has Yun ranked above or at worse equal to Chun if he should be banned to.

I heard there was translation issues with the video.

Either way there’s plenty of characters in other fighting games that should have been banned too. It’s too late for wanting characters to be banned especially in an 11 year old game. Might as well just do a full rebalance but that would just screw things up more. I don’t really mind fighting Chun and definitely have more problems with the other cast than her. She’s definitely the best but I just personally don’t find her the most annoying at all.

Even with new games there’s characters that probably should have been banned early but didn’t. Phoenix is for sure more stupid than Chun Li is in 3S but people just learned the matchup and did their best. Of course it’s a new game so she’ll get spanked on da ass with the nerf backhand but they could have easily ended people’s whining and bitching by just banning her earlier also.

capcom should just stop worrying about balances and add ons and make the game equal from the start. they should over power all characters. u cant nerf one person and buff another it kinda cancels itself out. if a character is too good ok just nerf that person but dont buff ofthers at the same time it makes the nerf way more dramatic. like upcoming ae2012 their buffing characters that are already deadly in the right hands whiler nerfing top tier so now cody n gouken will destroy characters like yun n yang instead of just buffing lower tier characters and leaving whats already done. idk its becoming ridiculous by the time people are used to the current changes ae brought everyone has to relearn all in a month or two when 2012 releases.

my thoughts on 3s is the community ruins the game. people know by now chun ken n yun are top tier so only limit their selection to those characters cuz they dont want to deal with having to face those characters with say hugo or necro because the matchup is in the others favor. everyone plays a character to win anymore. they never play a character because they like that style of play which that character has.

just to let you guys know. the translation on that video is not accurate at all.:sweat:

Yeah fighting games these days are doing too much of this “trying to eliminate tiers” BS. You’re always gonna have tiers no matter what unless every character is the same character. If they just make everybody good things would be a lot closer. SFIV already is very limited in what you can do offensively and limits creativity in play styles in the harder matchups which ST or 3S didn’t really have unless the matchup was like 8-2 bad.

Chun’s above Yun. That matchup itself is equal, but Chun dominates the rest of the cast better than him.

Also, meh.

EDIT: And yes, there are several points in the interview where the translation is either vague or wrong. This includes the topic that the thread title’s talking about.

What he actually said:
“When I was in middle school, I could only play about 200-300yen worth of games at the arcade in a day. There were really strong players like Mester and Nitto too, so I figured the only way I could beat them is if I used Chun-Li.
Nowadays I can play any character…well, actually my Chun is so strong I think I might as well be banned from using her at Tougeki. But you see so many Chuns there, so I figure the only way I can compete with them is if I bring her out too.
So unfortunately, I only play her during Tougeki time.”

How exactly? I don’t speak Japanese so I have to go off the translation given.

biggest thing about sf4 is they nerf characters that arent even good enough to compete with whats already in the game. they rob from the weak and give to the already overpowered. my biggest problem is characters that only need special moves to win, blanka ehonda viper,fei long. im tired of playing a ranked match where they just jump back with honda ken or ryu until u attack them. whatever happened to repsect. u cant fight me from across the screen u can only spam me. if arcades were still alive like they were 10 years ago ud get dragged out n beat by the rats that play there daily.

Troll or just stupid…

Scrubquotes worthy

Fixed thread title

Aw…now this thread is boring. MOV >>>> Yun and Chun>>>> rest

yun is better than chun, but yun takes way more skill
if you’re good at hitconfirming/fg’s in general you can probably play chun li at a passable level after just watching a few videos, which is kinda stupid

If you’re not good at hit confirming/FG’s in general you can play Bipson or Wolverine at a passable level just after watching a few videos. Which is more stupid. Most of what makes Chun Li really strong is more execution based techniques that the average run of the mill Chun isn’t going to do regularly. She’s definitely more difficult to use than people make her out to be even if her matchups are really strong.

The easy mode characters in the new Capcom fighters make Chun Li look difficult to use. The only stuff you can be immediately annoying with as a passable 2 normal chun li player is spamming a bunch of normals that are whiff punish and parry bait to a higher level player. She doesn’t really have a non charge based reversal that does any damage so she’s open season for pokes that convert into rushdown from better players and getting cleaned up easily before she gets much more than 1 meter. Characters like Akuma and Urien have more annoying shit that scrubs can spam IMO compared to Chun.

The Japanese widely consider Chun Li to be the best at this point simply because like said above she dominates the lower cast on a stronger level than Yun even. Yun is good and everything but most of why he’s high ass tier revolves around his Genei Jin super. Yang is completely better than him outside of Genei Jin and requires more use of SF fundamentals than Yun.

Both your points are true at scrub level.