MOTW Is Coming

Confirmed officially, nothing about online yet as the details are still tentative. Regardless it’s about time SNK showcased one of there finest fighters to date, and incase you missed it here is everything you need to know about this amazing game

360 only? T_T

Lucky xbox :sad:

Seems to be that way, unfortunately.

I’m sure SNKP will work out something in regards to PSN sooner or later.

T_T I wouldnt mind motw on the psn…

Sigh they need to do a PSN release as I refuse to pay for live.

I don’t have XBox…

Good shit! :smiley:

So is KOF2k2UM. Nice to know that SNKP is on the ball.

Release KOF98 UM first please

“No word yet about a release outside of Japan”.

That has me worried.

OK, SRK. What we need to do here is clap and believe just as hard as we can. Also, buy KoF XII. That’ll probably help too.

this was a microsoft event so if it was only on xbl microsoft would probably brand it as an xbla exclusive.

No they aren’t…everybody knows Sony systems are the systems for fighters. Microsoft’s systems have always been for people who want pc games on console (mainly fps in the 360’s case). Wtf, SNK? It’s nice you’re branching out, but don’t just freakin’ switch out. I’m not wasting money on a system that could go belly up at any time, no matter how nice MS is about replacing it. That shit shouldn’t happen in the first place.

Ya know last I checked…
SNK announced KoF XII for 360s in Japan
Ignition announced KoF XII for the 360 and PS3 for US

…so there is a chance Ignition may be able to release it to the PS3.
…also don’t most SRKers here own 360s?

can’t wait!!!

Is there a limitation to purchasing Japanese XBLA games on a USA 360?
Or how about having a JPN Live account and purchasing JPN XBLA games on a USA 360?

You guys don’t even play it on GGPO. As if this will make a difference.

well a lot of ppl hate messing with computers in general so i do think ppl will play it online. plus this game has that fanboy factor too.

Still waiting for NGBC on Live… =(

As a Capcom fanboy, MOTW is the only SNK title that I play on a regular basis. My tourney stick can’t wait…:lovin: