Mother Russia Special! July 5th, 2013 Pre-Evo Late Minute Matches! Movie feature Samurai Cop!

Start time
6:30pm - ???am


Vewlix Cab 360
Vewlix Slim Head2Head PS3
SF2 Pinball
New Net City (Naomi hardware) CvS2, MvC2
Head 2 Head ST/Vampire Saviors/Hyper Fighting
27" LCD Monitor available for other setups


  1. Dont piss me off
  2. Dont be an asshole
  3. Dont bitch too much
  4. Keep greasy hands & drinks away from cabinets
  5. Have fun

Remember this place is my home & business, show respect at all times…If i dont know you, best let me know you’re coming or have someone vouch for you…

Alright, i wasn’t able to get people to do aBattle of Seattle tournament yesterday cuz i guess everyone dont have money for $5 tourney…Maybe today will be a good day for it haha…Maybe a $2 haha, i just want tournament…

It sucked that we didn’t do a HDR tourney at Battle For Seattle. There will be a next time rcaido keep showing people that HDR is a good game.

I love HDR. I was down for playing in the tournament. is your cab like not secure all the way though? Some jackass was playing me and the CP kept scooting forward

Yeah the CP isn’t secured. I think it makes it easier to pack and get to the buttons on the TV, and stick parts. Some people were pretty brutal on it though. :frowning: Sorry about HDR tourney not happening, all of us from the Oly crew were down for it, but we decided to leave because it was getting late. Hell I just got home like 20 minutes ago myself.

I like how in the picture you have your two giant cabs and you managed to get the top of the SSF4 setup in the shot. In mother Russia baby games must be played on girly setup.

Yup also MK9 Noob!

Well here’s how fucked up my cab turned up after Battle of SEattle, i’ll probably just bring my atomiswave next time…

The control panel also doesn’t hold down anymore, there was some serious mashing going on :sad:

ouch dude! D: That’s horrible.

when I played, there was one guy…I had to sit with on leg across the other, so that my knee would hold my side of the CP in since he was like using the fucking joystick like a gear shift.

Yeah had to yell at some dude and his girlfriend when they were playing HDR and just mashing the hell out of the sticks. Same dude who was mashing the hell out of them when he played MvC2.

Dude in green on Sunday? GF was blonde? I think he had a hat?

Yeah, dude also got hella pissed and banged the cab a little when he got worked in Marvel

I would also have been down for a side tourney. Thanks for bringing the cab, I’m sorry it got mistreated.
It was cool to see you there. You look just like your avatar. Nice Gief.

No…:frowning: Why do some players mash so hard on arcade cabs to get a move out. If you practice you can get good at being gentle with the movements so that you don’t have to mash so hard, damn it might make you a better player if you practice on that. Also the buttons on the cab are sandwa so they don’t need to be press so hard one light tap is all it takes. I hope you can get the cab back in good shape rcaido. DAMN MASHERS [media=youtube]pwQoF105RO4[/media]

So it looks like there is a Play Live tournament this Friday, instead of Sat. Let me know if you guys are going to that instead of Mother Russia. That way i can make plans with asian wife & kids instead…

what the fuck happened to you cab? That is not cool. Sweat really did all that dmg?

Yeah looks like we’ll be going to the play live event instead of mother Russia, maybe next week?

Alright, just so everyone knows, Mother Russia is NOT open this Friday. I made plans with the asian wife, so dont be dropping by after the Play Live tournament…I rescheduled it for next Friday June 10th. Good luck in the tournament & remember to get those contact numbers.

Me playing you in HDR is like you playing me in SF4. I’ll give you a 3 match handi-cap too. I don’t know how you get satisfaction in trying to be competitive in a game no longer at evo. Also, at least some of the ST players actually play SF4 and or are PUMPED for AE. That ones who don’t play SF4 reluctantly play David Sirlin Fighter 2 because well, its better than nothing…maybe?

I dont need to have it at Evo for me to continue my perfection…I get my competitive play by playing people who are still dedicated to the game i enjoy learning/playing…I dont want to waste my time to learn a game i dont care for…Its not just SFIV, i dont care for Marvel 3 either or any other new game that has come out so far…As for ST, im still not a big fan of it but its growing on me. Its still SF2 after all…

I don’t play ST but damn, even I enjoy watching it. How can someone enjoy the SF2 series and not like ST. MvC3 is not an everybody game, I can see why people don’t like playing, lots of cheap stuff. I still don’t get the hate for SF4. AE I might understand since it’s kind of a have a dive kick or GTFO game but Super was genuinely a beautifully balanced and footsie/strategically fun game.

I don’t how you get your competitive play from a secluded region with same 5-10 players. Who doesn’t want to play the best in the world? Evo.