Mother gives her child Meth to try and stop him crying. Almost kills him as a result

**Woman jailed for giving baby methadone-soaked dummy

I honestly dunno where to even begin with this story


I don’t know what else to say. Just anger.

Wtf is with our society? I have to get permission from the government to put a fence up around my house but drug addicts can have as many kids as they want.

This is why you need to fill out an application and pass a test to have a child.

well at least those drug addicts are in england. seriously though, you should have to forfeit your right to life when a person can say that you “had no concept of how dangerous feeding methadone to a young baby was” with a straight face.

… what?

Pretty sure he meant “why you should need”

this times 600 billion

Too bad he survived, that’d one less kid to turn to delinquency and have society make excuses for him because his mum is a junkie.

Am I getting bitter because I have to work with the aforementioned little twats daily? Yes.

The real news story is that the filthy bint actually shared her methadone.

lol. wasn’t that i didnt understand it.

typical woman. and it was all over the baby simply crying.

See, I don’t like this thread title. If this were a news article about a woman going in reverse on a one way then yes, “Women”.

But it’s about a junkie. Junkies of both genders are crazy and nonsensical. The title should be “Women Junkies”

HAHA… having worked with addicts myself that last statement is so true.

Also, you’re right, this kid is going to grow up to be another junkie that spits out 5 more kids, traumatizes them and causes them to grow up and be junkie trash and repeat the horrible cycle.

all women are junkies, semen junkies. when they’re not getting it, they’re not acting right.

^Sig material. :lol:

Thread title changed.

thurst got it spot on with that post lol

Furrycurry women do this shit all the time leaving children in cars on boiling hot days to buy clothes and what not. Trusting women is heaps foolish.

Fuck defense attorneys.

The thread title is a little misleading. “Meth” is most commonly associated with crystal methamphetamine; methadone is, obviously, a different ballgame.

fyi methadone isnt meth, methadone is an opiate with a weak recreational high that can help addicts ween off heroin but can also be used in pain management

Wait…“Edinburgh”…as in “EHdenburrah” over in EUROPE? Wtf, they have trailer trash THERE, too??