Most satisfying combo to pull off?

some combos just send your testosterone levels skyrocketing the moment you get them in. they aren’t necessarily the most technically difficult to perform, but landing them feels oddly gratifying…

mine are probably:

  • f+Roundhouse > Corkscrew Blow (Dudley, 3S)
  • Hadorave (V-Ryu, Alpha 3)
  • Four Fierce (Guile, HF)

Lately for me, it’s been the Ken MP, HP, Hadoken, Shippu in 3S.

Also gotta love the cHP, Ryoku Ranbu, cancel, 646+HP, cancel, qcf LJ combo for Ryo in Neowave.

snapping someone out while rom’ing

sentinel fastfly’s

and ^^^ mp hp hdk shippu with 3s ken


PPA loop in arcana heart

but now since the loop is gone, i have to do this shit instead which is 20x harder but also 20x more flashy


and Baiken’s Dust loops.

Kof2k2 Kim - Jump attack, close C, BC, run up close C, qcb+Cx2, qcb+B, supercancel qcfx2+D, charge down up+D(1 hit), supercancel qcfx2+D, charge down up+D

May Lee - Close D, qcf+D, D, df+D, ABC mode switch, D, qcb+A, supercancel qcfx2+P

Yamazaki - Close C, BC, run up Close C, dp+B(1 hit), dp+D, qcb+BD, dp+B(1 hit), dp+A(1 hit), dp+B(1 hit), dp+D, qcb+BD, dp+A(1 hit), supercancel qcfx2+AC

Proxy Cancel into kick super with Guy in A3. When you nail that, it just feels so satisfying. ESPECIALLY when you’re losing in a match and you win with it. It’s beautiful.

I-No FRC Chemical Love combos.

QFT :tup:

i throw a small party at the cabinet every time i land makoto’s 100% stun

lol nice.

Anything into raging demon. God like.

or striders instant overhead while the bomb is in a position to combo. Also god like.

MP HP xx hado xx shippuu is nice.

MP HP xx shippuu is… kinda nicer.

far MP > shippuu is an orgasm.


i guess the word “combo” isn’t fair to grapplers and non-combo based characters so feel free to include those too.

not really a combo but landing a Raging Demon with a crafty setup is sweet in any game.

  • anti-air demon
  • whiff hurricane into demon
  • roll behind into demon (A2, A3)
  • kara demon (3S)

same goes for 720s. anti-air FAB hurts mentally more than anything.

– Any Elbow Smash and hit as they jump xx Strong Stun Gun Headbutt.

Combos out of the air.

I literally walk off the machine and pee after I land that.

I like the tap+whatever Dudley’s Shoryuken is called xx Corkscrew Blow

I love how it looks, wish I could do it with the square gate on the DOA stick though :frowning:

Not really a combo, but landing T.Hawk’s tick into 360 in ST really cracks me up.

Cr.ShortXJab AXE into XNDL with Twelve :lovin:

Is that game any good? no offense if you like it but it seems kinda boring.

2P Crossover CC Infinites in A3 :looney:

Funny to bounce your character back and forth across the screen. :rofl: I usually do them with V-Karin,Vega,Sagat,Sodom

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, NYC crew doesn’t call it Arcana Crack for nothing.

Hitting 3-4 Divine Blades in one combo with Slash Johnny was pretty satisfying.