Most popular Zero costume

I always found this kind of thing interesting, but which of the Zero costumes is your favorite?

I like seeing which is the most popular and which is the least popular.

Personally, I like purple and yellow, but the original is a close second, followed by the blue and white.

Depends on the team I am playing so I match colors with all of them.

But my favorites would have to be the Bass one and the Original one. Recently started to like the Axl color too, but the Black one is the one I use the most.
I have no idea why capcom didn’t choose the regular Black Zero, which IMO is way better.

Blue/white is where all the style is at yo.
Bass alt is my second favorite though, I’ll use that one every once in a while to switch things up

Axl color, always been my preferred Zero color, even when it doesn’t color coordinate.

I also like to pretend that anyone that uses that color is paying homage to me.

I like the black one because I love the Black/Yellow/White color combination on all characters. So sexy. I used to play Zero/Dante/Tron in those colors. I miss that team so much. ;_;

Mega Man Zero is my favorite. I love the colors, but I also love those games. They’re true successors to Mega Man X5, instead of MMX6, X7, or X8.

I also love the Vile one. He was an interesting character to me.


White for me. White Zero, White Vergil and White Dante.

Vile for me just cos I love Purple.
Purple Zero + Purple Dorm…And White Doom for contrast >_>


Google is your friend guys.

I thought girls liked the color nearest to pink. Black is pretty far you know.

Its was the Axl Color in Vanilla, the MMZ Color in Ultimate

Default in vanilla, MMZ in ultimate.

The Vile color is my favorite, followed closely by the Bass colored Zero (Which I just call black armor Zero because fuck it.)

Even though Zero was my childhood hero, I always thought Vile was cool as hell. Purple is also probably my favorite color, if I had to choose one.

Also! My MvC2 team dressed in all purple (Mags, Cable, Psylocke) so I felt like the addition of purple Zero color would be a great chance to remember that team.

Mines megaman zero color ( its like axls But its megaman zero colors and the select is a pink border ) It is just smazzy.

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I thought I would use the X1 armor and also MMZ but I can only hunt mavericks in Red and White.

I was hoping they would have put that in, i don’t know why they didn’t, is way better than the Bass color anyway.

I go with Megaman Zero, it’s what motivated me to play the character in the first place. If i had to pick a second it would be Vile color, that one is beast.

Original color, like to pretend Firebrand is Storm Owl. Same reason as sjohnst2 pretty much

Storm Eagle > Storm Owl

Everyone needs to get off my MMZ alt. Capcom put that in the game for me and me alone.


Don’t got the Megaman X alt (and alt number 6 is Zero paying homage, not really Megs) so I can’t pretend I’m fighting Storm Eagle. But yeah he is.

storm eagle is so freakin free.