Most hated Character

Which character do you hate the most?

I literally hate Vega and i quietly despise zangief, thats it.

Vega snuffs me out and zangief is responsible for more last minute undeserved comebacks than ive had hot lasses.

honda. bastard. grrrrr.

All fireballs in general, with special hatred to fake fireballs. LOL.

Balrog. XD


I don’t like Ken and I don’t like Honda. Everyone else is tolerable.

Chun mirrors, Zangief, Ken, Claw, and Boxer, in that order.

Fucking Balrog

Honda - I started using Vega because I had a hard time as Cammy against the fat fuck. Now with Vega its ALOT better but still tough against certain Honda’s.

Ken - His recovery times are retarded and he has too much BS in his arsenal.

Your mom.

j/k :wink:

I hate barlog too but I’m not jk.

You main Ken and hate playing Honda? That’s easy street!

I hate Guile :sad: The great guile players are so damn psychic :confused:

Balrog, easily.



Akuma, lol.

…Fei Long



Zangief (mirror) :smiley: