Most execution heavy fighting game and FG character of all time?

Venom has some of the hardest charge mechanics for any charge character due to his style of play and how important it is to almost always have a charge stored for FRC balls. GGXXAC has some really nasty charge combos with some characters. May has a 6HS into a 28 charge move. It’s freaking hard. System wide, there’s impossible dusts (launching and then hitting your opponent on a certain frame) and there’s also FRCs.

There’s also the type of execution where if you mess up once, you pretty much instantly lose. There’s characters like this scattered all over the place, especially in games with high damage. Strider, Anakaris, and Dhalsim from MvC2 all fall into this category. The entire game of Fate/Unlimited Codes is like this.

vf. akira. his b&b is a link of about 6 1-frame links.

I highly respected VF4 Akira players back when I played due to how execution-heavy he was.

and the best part is that he’s one of the characters people recommend to learn with cause he’s the easiest to use.

Sup, VF. Wanna hold my hand? No? Okay then. :sad:

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try playing I-No in GGAC…I dare you.

NGBC Mr. Karate.

Fuck outta here with those Buriki One commands. Game won’t register a diagonal unless it’s precise.

Speaking of Buriki One, Gai was kinda intimidating in KOF XI. Directional inputs for attacks is wierd to me.

Karas TvC1 for honorable mention.

there atre different types of execution… some is highly timing based, some is highly stick based, some is negative edge.

very small list of characters that seem to have hard execution…

  1. gen (though his tough execution is kinda on situational stuff… his situational stuff is good and hard (a3 sf4)
    2.akira (and most of the vf cast as well) vf is one of those fighters where you can take the execution almost as far as ypu want it to go and it will still have shit you “could” practice if you really wanted to.
  2. ironman (mvc3) pretty well agreed that ironmans execution on his standard bnb’s is tough… so tough i havent seen video of any ironman main outside of flash metroid use his harder bnb’s in match. though its definitley doable.

and of course insert obligatory “mvc2 dhalsim/anakaris” comment.

i actually tried to do some of dhalsims shit back in the day and never could. i eventually got cyclops infinite to the 3 rep stage but couldnt even come close to hitting sims shit… lol

ALL fighting games have hard execution… the difference is how much that hard execution is really needed to win.


haha, i semi regularly play mvc3 with the ironman who made the “potential ironman bnb” video on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

Not Balrog.

Garou - Mark Of The Wolves

Cant believe no one mention this game yet. High Level Feint Canceling , Feint Cancel Loops, and Feint Cancel combos are not all a walk in the park, along with Feint Cancel block strings…All execution based. Furthermore, Its very entertaining watching a match were the two players are extremely good at Feint Canceling.

Here’s a small vid from JT on how to use Feint Canceling to cancel normals into other normals that you weren’t able to do before and etc. For those who dont know. And here’s the Garou SRK thread where Nocturnal explains it in the introduction.



Furthermore, here’s a match were the players use Feint cancel like crazy. Lol, some of the youtube comments say the match was staged or wasn’t real because of how good the players were.



I rather we break this down by game.

Jojos - Devo
MvC2 - Anakaris
Soul Calibur 4 - Setsuka just frame throws and B&B? just frame pokes anyone?

I don’t know if he is generally considered to be an execution heavy character but I have a really hard time with Balrog in ST.

You should have seen VF3 Akira. Atleast in some of Akira’s Combos in both 4 and 5 are somehow friendly (system gives somehow slight more chances for input), but in 3? The input system is so harsh and it does not help that he has poor circular options (although the akward circular evades may have helped him in the long run). VF2 is obviously harsh in its inputs and Akira really had 5 1-frame links combos in VF2.

But his core mechanics relies on what said earlier various 1 frame links in most of his hit confirms to the point where you are better off finishing the combo on block and still mess it up.

How do we feel about Carl Clover?

Aoko Aozaki in Melty Blood
Karin in SFA3

nobody from BB should be on this list IMO.

Devo doesn’t require the best execution in Jojo’s. Sure he requires more execution then Vanilla Ice, but so does Petshop.
Neither does Anak in MvC2. Anak has an easier infinite in mvc2 then Ironman.

Jojo’s - Regular Dio
MvC2 - Dhalsim

mvc2 dhalsim has ridiculous shit like 1 frame command normals. cyclops in mvc2 also had really tough stuff besides his infinite, just watch magnetros vids