Most execution heavy fighting game and FG character of all time?

I’ve been trying to learn MvC3 Viper recently, so the idea just happened to pop into my head. I know a good OP usually goes first, but I can’t say I know enough about FG history to give an accurate answer.

I’m thinking FUC Luviagelita or like GG Venom

I heard Strider/Doom is definitely up there.

Alpha 3 Guy is probably up there.

I would say 3S Urien is up there too.

How appropriate o_O

All Mishimas really. Also Nina, I wish I could play her D:

Probably some obsolete character in some obsolete game that no one plays because the execution in that game is way too demanding for anyone to take seriously.

Why venom? I always found him simple to use. To be fair I did not get really deep into venoms gameplay. Eddie though… He took me a while to get down

once you got into situational ball formations and landing max dmg he got pretty tricky. Eddie was all negative edge and could win with week 1 unblockables against most of the rest of the cast at a moderate skill level(USA). Than again if its just a bunch of friends bsing around and throwing out random ass double head morbids and whatnot, yeah he would seem simple( Me in 2003).

Fox and Falco.

They make Viper look like childs play.

GG (ALL) Zatoichi aka Eddie.
SF3 3S Urien
GG Dizzy
SFA3 Guy. as well as his sfa2 version
Yipes Level Magneto in MvC2 (It feels impossible to flight/unflight with him, yet very few learned it).
XMvsSF Magneto

Yeah I guess I never looked at it like that. The only characters I bothered with personally were Zappa, Ky and Anji, and on top of that none of my friends really used Venom.

mvc2 sentinel

Marvel 2 Dhalsim

falco’s not that difficult, and if we’re talking about mvc3 viper, seismo chains are at least more useful than multishines and are really important to her game.
honestly even though fox has very difficult technical potential, a lot of his most effective game doesn’t rely on it outside of maybe platform pressure. but his most effective tools are rather simple, whereas other execution heavy fighting game characters NEED heavy execution to be effective

mvc2 sentinel and magneto look to me like good examples, and high level Eddie player in GG looks pretty complex though I don’t have a lot of experience with GG. also i don’t have any experience with 3d fighters so i can’t say anything about them either D:

Vampire Savior - Lilith, BB Hood, Bishamon, and Zabel(Raptor).
Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure - Every one with an active stand.
KoF98 - Brian Battler (American Sports Team WOOOOO)

I found Akira pretty execution heavy in VF4 and VF5.

How does he compare to Marvel 2 Anak? I know little-to-squat about the MvC2 meta other than the well-known stuff.

I second JoJo’s and VSav Bish/everyone else jedpossum listed.

If you mess up Dhalisim’s refly, unfly,or fly it is a fate worse then wall cling with Strider.

Fate Unlimited Codes.

And just a pick character from that game and spin the fucking wheel.

Jumping and then qcf+P is really hard now?

I dunno what to say if you really think that is it. Just keep proving srk doesn’t play fighters.