Most consistent FG characters?

What characters over the years have been the most consistent when it comes to how good they are? Or tend to rank higher than lower on tier lists.

For Street Fighter I feel like Sagat is generally pretty good in most games he is in. Dhalsim seems to be generally mid-high as well.

Another general Capcom character with a good track record recently is Zero… high-top character in both TvC and MvC3 (both versions).

I would be interested to hear what SNK, MK, BB, GG etc. characters have been consistent as well… as my knowledge with those titles dont go back as far as most Capcom games.

Chun li.

Sf2 was high mid iirc, third strike obvious, throughout sf4 is a very solid char who was top in super.

Dan sucked in all appearances but Alpha 1.

Wolverine is near tops in all his appearances except MVC2.

Kyo is usually damn good, and viable in KOF games. Same with Iori.

Eddie in the GG series always seem to do pretty good, and always somewhere near the top

Kyo, Iori like he said.

Zero is ridiculous in SVC chaos too.

Link is bad in every Smash Bros., which is hilarious since he’s probably the most popular. Several characters barely moved between Melee and Brawl (Marth, Falco, Ice Climbers), but I think Link has moved the least throughout the series.

I think Carl has been high tier in every BlazBlue, but I might be mistaken.

Wasn’t Xianghua usually really good in every SC game? Zero is usually good in every game they put him in. C.Viper seems to be going down this road too.


He’s not nearly as good as in ST. But ever since he was scaled down to a playable character, yeah you’re right.

Ryu of course, he is a character that seems to be good 90% of the time because how he doesn’t have that many flaws.Kabal, Smoke and Ermac are also consistently decent characters.

Generally, these are things that lead to consistent high tier characters.

[]Disjointed hitboxes or extremely large hitboxes
]High power without a mobility/speed loss
[]High mobility
]Really good mixups
[]Sandwich/Shadow mechanics
]Low health, no other real weaknesses (See: Any Capcom fighting game.)
Other abilities, like amazing zoning or a good dragon punch, tend to be more game specific since they’re tied to the game mechanics.

He also was terrible in Soul Calibur 2. It’s funny, because you’d expect a guy with bombs, a boomerang, a bow, a shield, and a sword (Disjointed hitboxes ahoy!) to be awesome, but he’s always really slow and clunky.

Magneto was high-tier/God-tier in CotA, Xmen vs Street Fighter, both versions of Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Ryu is bottom tier in WW and mid in 3rd strike* and S2, Chun is bottom tier in CE (with Rog), and Akuma was broken in ST, so I think neither of those apply.

*but mid = bad in that game

Magneto was also high in xvsf to my knowledge. I don’t think mags went any lower than that. MvC3 had to go and ruin iron man/warmachine’s 2 game streak.

Ivy has been top/high in every Soul Calibur game i believe. Not sure about Soul Calibur 5 though.

but smash…isnt…you know…

Mags wasn’t that great in Marvel Super Heroes. But yeah, he’s mostly been good in Marvel style games.

Zero definitely has a solid track record; he’s been an exceptional character in every game he’s been in. Ken Masters is another one. While not always a high tier, he’s at least a decent character in every game he’s been in. The only game I remember Ken being terrible in is Pocket Fighter, due to the the level up system giving him worse special moves over time. I dunno, maybe he spilled grape juice on the dev’s white carpet or something.

Also, Roll’s generally low-tier in every game she’s in. She’s not garbage in TvC, but compared to the other characters she’s a bit lacking.

Wasn’t that a 3-game streak? Iron Man was pretty solid in MSH IIRC.

What about Terry?

FF1 is a POS; FF2 is a POS; FFS, mid tier. I do not play KoF and the chain-combo FF games.

Mags is decent in MSH, easy aircombo > tempest > whatever you want including more tempest. but everyones kinda good in MSH, due to no auto grab recoveries, and alot of air combo enders not being hard knockdown. Such as Cap America getting ANYTHING after the K grab, including full-hitting final justice, and his j.fp knocking you up/away ala XSF Cyclops, or Shoto U.HK air combo.