Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Hopefully, third time’s the charm. Feel free to discuss the game and / or MK in general in here, but please keep things civil. Thank you, and have fun.

this game has the replay value of the atari jaguar. MK fails

As sloppy as MK Deception’s Konquest Mode was, I can’t deny that I did have fun with it, and that it kept me playing MK Deception for a looooooong time. I think that the fact that MK vs. DCU is so bare bones is because Midway is in such a financial rut. I’m sure that the team would have liked to have the Krypt in there, with lots of unlockable costumes and other such goodies, but the money simply wasn’t there.

BTW, I don’t own the game yet. I’ll probably pick it up when I see a good sale on it or the price drops. In terms of actual gameplay mechanics it’s a huge improvement over Armageddon, but honestly I wouldn’t pay $60 for it. It’s still not up to par with the genre standard.

I won’t even get it on sale. haven’t owned an mk game since ultimate. The franchise is dead but they keep on making these stale games. if the games had more freedom with the combo system it could start to gain a foot hold again. Hell even VF has more freedom then an MK game. I would play War Gods before a mk game after ultimate.

I think that Midway’s collapse may actually be a blessing in disguise, for MK at least. Whoever picks up the franchise is hopefully going to take a good, hard look at what needs to be fixed with it before they start spending money on developing it. A new publisher with higher standards will hopefully be the shot in the arm that Mortal Kombat needs to return to it’s MK2-era glory. It’s simple on paper, really: make an MK game that has a deep but accessible combo system, plays well with a joystick, and has enough gore to satasfy fatality addicts without turning regular gameplay into a Monty Python excerpt.

Change is coming to the MK franchise though, one way or another. I cannot imagine any scenario under which Midway survives bankruptcy, so more than likely they’ll end up going out of business and selling off their assets. I just hope that MK finds a good home with a publisher who will do it justice better than Midway has recently.

If all you are going to do is bash on the game. Shut the fuck up and don’t post.

I am not bashing, I am discussing where I think the series should go from here. If that’s not what you want to discuss, then I suggest you think of something positive to post about the game instead of lashing out at other people. Again, please refrain from flaming, or else this thread is going to end just like the last one did.

I wasn’t referring to you. Why would the OP bash on a game he made a thread for? Really? Read next time.

Also, try actually putting info on the first post like

-Basic BnB’s for each character
-Rough tier list
-DLC as of now
-Video links

You know, info people can actually use. Instead of just “discuss”

Look i’m expressing my opinion. If you have something to say that could possible defend the game that U may have bought and spent close to 100$ on then please post something productive. Otherwise telling me to STFU is something a scared helpless child would say. “no please, stop don’t bash the game”.

[Also, try actually putting info on the first post like

-Basic BnB’s for each character
-Rough tier list
-DLC as of now
-Video links

You know, info people can actually use. Instead of just “discuss”] i’m not being an ass this is good info; [tup]

OMFG war gods lol classic

I do regret buyin this game now kind of. I played it about 10 hours max, beat the MK story, and havent picked it up since.

Theres just no urge for me to learn it. Its a decent fighter just, finding competent competition for it is difficult.

All MK games are like that. (well, not quite. Usually it’s just that after the first week or so, you find annoying crap/cheats the cpu pulls, or you’ve just done all you can, and the game is so shallow that there’s no reason to ever touch it again.) Midway games aren’t really high on the replayability/longevity factor. It’s like they specialize in making “rent-ware” fighter (fighting games for casual players) games.

are you serious? hes not “whining”, hes got a valid point. expressing an opinion is fine, free speech and all that, but what on earth is the point of shitting on a game in its specific thread? its like going to a basketball game and telling everyone how much you hate basketball.

and since when is 60 “close to” 100? the economy cant be that bad.

I completely disagree with that. Because YOU dont play it doesnt mean no one else plays MK’s. And that goes for the good MK’s (2D) and the shitty MK’s (3D). If you dont believe, go to (especially for the 2d games) and (for the 3d games).

Dont confuse opinions with facts.

And demdem, seriously, just stay out of the thread.

Ok, posting this new stuff to this thread:

Rage Exploited:

G4 spoof on MKvDC finishers:

Is MKvDC a porno?

Post MKvDC release OXM interview w/ Ed Boon:

(fast forward to around to the 18/19 minute mark)

I think that MKVDC being bare-bones is largely to do with Midway’s financial woes as of late. Mortal Kombat Deception (which I consider to be last gen’s best MK game) had lots of different modes and single player content. Konquest mode may not have been particularly great, but I still had a lot of fun with it, and I got a ton of playtime out of it.

BTW, they’ve got to add Johny Cage and Kung Lao as DLC. I’m not sure who else they should add to the DC side though. Nightwing, maybe?

tim thanx for posting those links. I checked them all out. In the end the game is still stale (imo of course). I liked sonja’s combo it looked really cool. check these out [media=youtube]SJUg9LQq0Pw"[/media]

On the web cast around 45-46 when boon was talkin about if capcom would allow them to make a cross over game with SF. Didn’t it sound like boon was talkin about using the mugen engine?

I can tell by this post that you obviously have not played this new game. The new engine allows for 2-in-1’s like Street Fighter and the short combo chains alow you to be much more creative with custom combos. There are quite a few options that allow for some really crazy juggles in the game. Not to mention that this game is actually really fun to play. Also, there are no more dial-a-combos in MKvsDC. Play the game first, then make your statements, otherwise it looks a little suspect. I’m just sayin’


How can you criticize a game without playing it? I always hated the MK games, and even UMK3 wasn’t as good as the competition IMO. This game is different.

Gameplay-wise MK vs DC has eveything you guys are asking for. You can do all kinds of combos, you can do 3D Yomi in close combat, you can have meaningful space control unlike most other 3D games, players are evolving everyday and playing it hardcore on Live, PSN, or offline in different countries. The best thing is that th game is incredibly fun to play against a friend or even online. It was highly praised by most SRKers who played it in the original thread BTW. And AFAIK, at least one very experienced tournament player worked on the project (DreamTR) which is good news and better news if he can influence the DLC to some extent.

It has its flaws, and some big ones, but DLC promises to take care of that. MK vs DC biggest problem competitively for the long run seems to be the title. If it was called Namco vs DC or Capcom vs DC most people here would already be practicing for tournaments IMO.

UMK3 >>>> all other MK’s and is still one of the better 2d fighters of its day. More people really need to open their eyes to how good it really is.