"More Capcom goodness coming your way soon."

Said the official Iron Galaxy site. What do you guys think they could be producing on the Capcom side of things?

Rather, how would you feel about an OE for Alpha 3…?

I’d hate it. Alpha 3 was trash, only reason to play it over Alpha 2 for any reason what so ever was the roster and that’s it.

I hope it’s something that never got a lot of attention so it can at least feel like a new game like Cyberbots or Ring of Destruction or something instead of “Hey here’s a rehash you can play on GGPO for free and doesn’t really do anything interesting.”

I’d play Alpha 2 or 3

I’d prefer CVS2 or ST proper

I think their site has said that for a while though so who knows if it even means anything

No CVS2, no care.

@SNAAAAKE’s mom won’t either.

Gonna quote this,

I’d like the 3SOE patch. Don’t care about anything else.

People still get excited for Capcom announcements? Aren’t they ALWAYS some bullshit that no one wanted?

Personally, I’d prefer another beat 'em up over a fighting game. Since we got DnD already, how about that Alien Vs. Predator.

Clearly it’s SF1 with day one dlc that’s GGPO and costs $59.99.

The title is a hint that Daigo or Tokido are the 5th character!

Sega would never let that happen.

cvs2 or fucc the world :mad:

Why do people still support this company?

Hopefully it’s an A3 re-release despite reports denying it.

Considering Darkstalkers Res. still says “TBD” for a release date, it’s safe to assume that the website hasn’t been updated in a while.

An A3 remix would be mildly interesting. Just to see if it’s possible to fix the game and make it into something “good.”

They tried with Zero 3 upper… but the community hated it

I know about that one, but since the fans of the A3 number in maybe the dozens it would be interesting to see them try again.

fuck iron galaxy.

who those titties belong to in mixalots av?

The only thing they really need to fix is how crouch cancels work post VC in v-ism. Crouch cancels outside of that aren’t an issue and the game as a whole doesn’t have anything too broken.