Montreal January 2007 Thread

2006 has come and gone pretty quickly, I don’t know about u guys, but it was one of the better years for me after some tough times in 2005.

Anyways, 2007 is here, I wish everybody a happy and healthy new year, and hopefully you enjoy it more than the other years.

MAT is coming …

Talk pas shit
Happy new year



:confused: Where’s Lars? :confused:

In my pants

I thought you had everything under control

Talk pas shit!! last time u and JD were talking as if everything was under controle.
We still have time, but we better hurry up.

one of the BEST YEARS not one of the better years u FOOOOOL … u suk in everything hitler … HAY HITLER

Is there a gathering this week?

ta une criss de grande yeule toi

Happy new year everyone! =)

Heard SAR’s in town hit me up if you wanna do something homie.

So when’s the next gathering, and yeah I thought everything was under control XD

Best MvC2 matches ever :rofl:

Don’t waste ur time and energy :wink:

My shoulder feels ok, but not fully recovered, so I’ll see you guys this Saturday (If it’s ok with Marc)

Gathering this saturday and Sar is going to be there

See you guys there

what time to what time, i get off work at 5 , i might pass by depending on stuff and assuming i’m still welcome to gatherings after dissapearing for a few months >.> , just give me your adress via msn or PM so i can map quest it . i need to beast nadir and brian, haven’t done it in awhile…

what what what?!
my old nemesis is going to be at this week’s gathering??

This is looking to be the biggest gathering yet, even celebrities such as sars will be present!!
Are cameras allowed?

hi people!! i am new in this forum, just wanted to know i want some alpha3 challenge in montreal,

thx guys my name… dereck

Good timin SAR just got back, you should come to a gathering or go to Mira amusements near cote vertu for some A3 challenge

Count me in…its been a while :sweat:

thanks …but where is that gathering held?
who is the top player in montreal in alpha3 thought…

shut up mao or your account will get banned again