Montreal August Thread 2004

Yeah, it’s about time we moved up into the month of August. :rolleyes:

Alex: Are you still coming to Meltdown? Sorimachi isn’t coming so I’ll be taking first place unless you can stop me. Let me know so I can make plans with or without you.

Yo Tony,sorry to say this but you cant come with us anymore.
Savann just told me that he cannot go to Toronto anymore.

Veas appele pierre MAINTENANT, Ou sinon on loue une van ou w/e.
Problem avec ca,cest que jaurait pas asser dargent pour louer la van pis lhtel pis etc…fuck,je sais meme plus si je peut aller lah.

Edit: Anyway Tony,Alpha3 sera probablement meme pas lah a ce quil parait so,mouais.

Any room for me?:slight_smile:

Hey guys Im probably coming to montreal at the end of the month for the film festival. Where is the cheapest place to get a private room, that is somewhat central or at least close to the Metro.

Im looking for under $70 a night.

so far the best i found is A B&B in Montreal 5198 Byron St.

No my friend , you ll have to make plans without me.

Fuck you Alex,Ta fermer l’arcade 1h 30min plus tot!
Moi qui voualit jouer Initial D :fury:

Yo, how many from mtl are going to t5?

so far it seems its gonna be:

In my car:
me(duh!) ,pts,alex,will,prez,

while tony is bringing veasna, vic, rene, and sopek(sorry for spelling)

by the way im going to ottawa on tuesday, I got accepted for residency within Carlton’s campus, so im gonna check it out and deal with some other stuff

nice… give me a call before you come, 295-6463

Fred :
congrats for breakin ur record and finally showing up to a tournament :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck in Ottawa.

I heard Wattson and Pyrolee and maybe Choi are gonna make it to T5 as well :eek:

Man, I want to go to t5 but everyone in ottawa is like unsure…

3rd Strike
Mercredi 11 aout
Je vais etre la a 6pm

Apporte mes CDs fred

Which players coming from Montreal play CvS2? I know Veana, Alex, Prez, Azn Boy, Tony and Rene are joining but anyone else?

You have to come cuz just in case I come I want to see everyone again T_T.

Nagata, like I told u before in my message, I am, and u can count will(flowcus) in as well

tony :
good luck against watson and choi, it’s gonna ur toughest canadian A3 tournament :wink: just play as ur compatriotes that won Euro, u have nothing to lose :lol:

wtf, I heard Cable and Storm have new infinites :eek: can’t wait to see Dj-b13’s next movie.

JD :
get out of ur secret time chambre, stop training so much :lol:
bad news, we soon won’t be able to play for free at Netchamp :frowning:

I’m not really training, I’m just chilling at the beach every day and drinking beer.

I’ll be back in Montreal on Wednesday or Thursday…

What is NetChamp planning to do to stop us?

restrict file permissions with “Secure XP” :bluu: it’s already done for those pcs on plateform

Cable and Storm new infinites wtf

yo sam, desol, je peux pas venir aujourd’hui, j’ai pas de passe, puis quand je l’aurai plus tard, j’aurai des course a faire.

Demain je vais venir a 4 pm, ok