Montreal April 2007 Thread

MAT 5 was great, I hope everybody had fun.

Thanks to the staff for organizing this event, specially Mao, Fred and Magnetic hail.

I’ll post more later on.

thx for letting me go hier mao … jpouvais plus … pis jvoulais pas faire attendre ma fam … And a big thx for smokey and SPECIALLY Den for helping me and marc close … you guys worked too hard … i cant believe you still had strength …
and thx marc …Mais toi c un vrai thanx …
hope everyone had fun , dats what matters … WE NEED PRACTICE IN MVC2 … WE SUK

My only reaction to Mat V is :wow::wow::wow:

T’avais l’air de quoi je t’es pas vue
Pis mao nice de ta part de faire MAT pis les staff c’tait cool
Domage que j’ai pas russis a parl avec les filles bad beat

I noticed you though. J’etais dans l’ombre :rofl: J’ai jouer au casuals mais j’ai pas fait de tournament. J’avais ou bien un Tshirt de Batman ou mon fameux “Mount And Dew me”.


much love MAT this year was good shit.

Sick matches all around.

I’ll check yall at T8.

Lawl,au debut jetais comme WTF! apres avoir lu un peut plus loin jai juste rit lawl.

MAT was not great for me cuz jai eux 2h de sleep bad beat en plus travail a 9 du matin auj…degeulase.

Is that why I owned you with DC Pad??

Great seeing the mtrl crew again. I wasn’t saying much cause I lost my voice on the way up there. Thanks to Shady for sending us to the best strip club ever.

That was a sic M.A.T. Beasting all around everywhere I see.

Big props to Daigo Jr(Im the one you kept playing at 3s, Urien).

Payback thanks for the sticks.

Hope to see all you guys soon(T8)

Je lavais dit que mtl etais pas assez bon a mvc2 pi de faire plus de tournois mais personne etais interesser
c’est ca qui arrive quand on sous estime l’adversaire :rofl:

Payback, merci pour le tuyau pour le stick de T5, tu peux laisser faire mon stick, mais tu l’as pas encore fait de toute facon so ca devrait etre correct.

GGs a tlm dans Super Turbo pis 3S, pad scrub representin’

Den: arrete de poster des randoms shit :rolleyes:

You can’t be serious. While it’s understandable that you didn’t know what you were getting into playing our best guys, I’m sure many of Montreal’s old guard knew what guys like Bry and Gerjay were going to bring to the table and prepared accordingly. The fact of the matter is that Montreal got sharp but Toronto’s Marvel scene is still better. I really hope you guys continue to get better because it benefits both communities in the long run.

i love being in mtl, u guys are too funny. promise me that u guys never change ur ways.

MAT was a success, it was truly…sensationelle.

what up. montreal etait le shizzit.

Phoun, send me an Immortal mask s’il vous plait :0

My only regret is not trying in 3s/apha3. I would’ve gotten raped in first round but no matter. Now after this weekend my main priority is to practice and actually fucking compete at T8 instead of pussy out and try to watch every match possible.

It was great putting faces on screen names though.

Il y a tu quelqu’un qui peut poster des photos de M.A.T

I’ll post something about Den message later on, but for now, check this out:

Dark Prince Vs Clockwork preview

3k$…wow…just wow…