Monterey/Salinas players

I know you’re out there. Im trapped in Monterey and want to play real people.

I can hold gatherings on weekends, I have a nice big empty house to do it in.

I know some of you in the area but the more the merrier.

Are you going to Fuddruckers on Sunday?

If its close by, where is it?

Im interested in getting a scene going in Monterey/Seaside, maybe Salinas.

I cant travel at all really and we can get a lot more games in if we play each other close by.

It’s far, Concord this Saturday.

Nope, but for anyone who isn’t going or is feeling amped enough to play after the tourney, I’m up to host something tonight. Sf4, cvs2, 3s, whatever.

Oops, I mean it is Sunday.

what time tonight? if so im really considering going,

o and day day what time are you leaving tommarow to fudd’s?

7:30, pm me for whoever is interested, I still can’t go to that tourney no matter what day, but I can help you guys practice for it.

I have a 42inch flatpanel, a 360 with sf4, and a modded ps2 with pretty much anygame worth playing
Sadly my only joystick works for ps2/3 so I would honestly prefer someone bring a ps3

And for what it’s worth a DC with marvel and jojo

I’m going early prob leave at 9 to get their around 11 to set up, but I am not staying all night though. I am staying till 6-7pm. So I will not be watching the finals more than likely.

You want a ride?

third strike players in monterey!!! I just moved out here in april and am driving to san francisco this weekend to look for an arcade to find some 3s action. i play in the a/s-tier in 3s and b for gg, arcana hearts, and tekken. surprised to find other 3s players here but i am definently willing to support the scene. i haven’t played sf4 yet (mostly caused i’m pissed there’s no parrying…) what kind of sticks do you guys have? let me know the next time there is some kind of get together or a way i kind contact someone to get involved.

p.s. practice your chun.

dude i’ve been looking all over monterey/salinas for 3s for quite a while, what’s your guy’s plan for next week?

Your best bet is Sunnyvale Gold Land.
I believe on Wednesdays it is all you can play for $12 or something like that. I went there one time when Blazblue came out and got wrecked by this feminine guy in a peacoat and scarf.

Months later I found out it was Ricky Ortiz, lol.

What an honor. So, you can find top players in there.

Is anyone still around?

Im still in salinas

Yo…im in Salinas. I’m down for a session whenever!

Anyone down to try to get something going again? The only problem seems to be location.

Love to see this thread! I grew up in in Carmel Valley, Monterey Peninsula is beautiful but boring. I think a good fighting game (well overall gaming) community could really flourish there as that is how my friends and I entertained ourselves a lot of the time for our childhood and adolescence. Just have to flush the gamers out of the woodwork I know they are out there. Good Luck and maybe we can meet up for SSF4 the next time I visit!

Well if it isnt the legendary Dopeyuu and all his beauty flooding up SRK, i’m in heaven now

Ahhhhh brian you know how to make a person smile with them pearly whites. Aren’t you the same person that wrote that chip skylark song?

shoutouts to geoff for having the best FHD Lee in the nation, I shall still be there ballooning you all day though!

Also, next session: Jewpuncher+Melty Blood+Savior+Virtua Fighter, get fuckkingggg hype

today was a good ass day in salinas