Money Matches @ Evo 2k8 (cvs2, 3s)

Same shit as Dagger_G. Name your price, format, etc.

Also taking team $ matches 2v2. Your 2 vs Dagger_G and me.

Seeya all at EVO!!!

Ill play you cvs2 for $5 2/3 for funsies.

havent played you since that last trip to hawaii i took.

You and Dagger vs Ramos and me in a foot race. 400 ft.


If I can go, me and paulee vs you and kyle for shots!! or 3s, cvs2, rock, paper, scissors. Anything you are up for! :devil:

haha. Whats up James!!!

me and ken I vs u 2 in 3s if ken accepts ahah

word hung. what’s up man! it’s been a while. the 2v2 sounds good!

I’ll give you a chance to win your money back.
Race to 3 for $7

accepted fatbear. good shit.

3/5 for $20?

and a 2v2 as well, depending on who I go with

Match: me and joo vs you and dagger g for ito en green tea.

Let’s see if Wiz and the Evo staff make good on their word.

let’s hope not cause that’s gay as fuck, move matches are what make games like marvel so hype.

I’ll go 2/3 for $5 in CVS2…assuming we’re allowed to.

Last year I won a mirror match against shodokan.
Let try another one and see how it goes

lets say first to 5 for 50???

Hawaiian Yun Vs Texas Yun :lovin:

are you gonna tell on everyone?

shut the fuck up.

Actually I’d rather play multiple sets of 3/5 for 20. Do you mind? FT5 takes too long.

No problem
lets play it like that.

See you then

Both accepted.

No, YOU shut the fuck up.

I’m saying this for YOUR sake, for EVO’s sake and for the sake of tournamenting in Vegas.


I’m a vegas resident, and I have friends and family in and around the gaming industry, so I do know what I’m talking about.

You will get YOU in trouble, EVO in trouble and possibly the HOTEL in trouble if you’re caught money matching. 2 or 3 digit wagers seem low, but until you realize that the state of Nevada doesn’t take too kindly to this shit. You and the rest of the retard squad might get away with it, maybe this year, maybe next year, but the fucking risk is NOT WORTH IT. It’s not just one or two money matches, it’s something that’s rather common at Evo.

And yes, had Evo not been held in a state, or even a venue where rampant minor gambling isn’t seen as a problem, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is, and you all have to realize that what you’re doing may potentially get Wiz and the rest of the evo staff up to his neck in hot steaming shit.

Yes, it’s Vegas, where gambling virtually fuels our economy, but the state of Nevada STRICTLY regulates gaming and this kind of thing is pretty verboten, especially when it’s as rampant as it is at Evo.

(For those who want to know why this is, it has A LOT to do with how the state of Nevada licenses gaming. This stuff violates GVR’s gaming license pretty bad and if the venue catches wind of what’s going on, they could shut down Evo, especially if none of the Evo staff does anything about it.)


if you’re smart, you’d shut up about it here and just do it in person/PM/IRC or somewhere else where there’s virtually no incriminating evidence that could be linked back to Wiz or Evo.

wrong or right, get the fuck out of this thread and talk about this. MM’s have always been an accepted part of the scene and happens every evo.