Modding the Blaze Twin Stick (Complete Photo Log!)

Here’s a project that started small but soon escalated into something seriously ambitious. Originally only trying to hook up some controls for my Naomi’s Jamma, it became a project to build a universal and high quality control panel. The end product incorporates parts from all over the world: China, Japan, Britain, US. It all started with this:

The Blaze Twin Stick

gutted and revealed NOT JUST ONE but 6 PCBs. Well, desoldering fun

PCB removed.

At this point I have no buttons to replace the stock yet… So I just wired the loose buttons to my Naomi! But guess what, my roomate was able to Hadouken with it:

Capcom vs SNK 2

Here’s the panel after removing everything. Nice and black

First thing I did was simple: adding the artwork. Way I did it was probably quote unorthodox. I glued the printer-printed paper onto the panel, and then cover it with an adhesive plastic firm. This will create an absolutely water-proof and scratch-free overlay. Another add is if needed, it can be easily replaced.
What you see is the first iteration of the art. But then I discovered that in that layout one of the buttons will be right on the UD girl’s face… So that was changed (see later pics)

Not work done for a week or so, until the Ultralux buttons finally arrived from the UK (not that the shipping was slow, its my decision process)! Chrome trimmed and transparent, and comes with LED too! Plunger quality may not be the top, but well they use Sanwa switches, so, no complaints

Line up and count…

Since the plungers are clear the idea is to have inserts under them that would fill the holes on the panel. Here the plunger is removed…

And the insert is added!

Temporarily fitted 3 buttons to get a feel of it

Make sure they fit the art

Time to test the LEDs. They require 5v of power, which surprises me because they are much brighter than some other 12v lamps I’ve seen. Another 1-up to Ultimarc

Notice how some of them are dimmer in this pic? Physics question lies ahead: Which lamps are connected in parallel, which are in series, in this picture?:looney:

All buttons primed and inserted for player 1…

and player 2.

How the bottom looks like. Anyone notice a problem? The blaze is too short for the Ultimarc buttons. In fact, it will prove to be too short for the LS-32s that I’m gonna put in. But more on that later

At this point I only have the 16 Ultimarc buttons… So the start button is, for a long time, a separately wired stock Blaze. PRESS START BUTTON

Next I began wiring the lighting for the buttons (I’ve yet to acquire a Jamma harness for the Naomi at this point…). Self-made daisy-chain, 0.25’’ disconnects that takes an N-type DC plug as input. So if I don’t want the light, I can just unplug it.

Wired up and see the flame!

Internal wiring at this point. No wiring for buttons yet, and there won’t be any for some time, 'coz it was Spring Break!


Made a half-cabinet out of wood during the break! Put on table for a stand-up setup or on a stand (on top of the cab in pic) for sit-down setup!Panel put on to see how it looks.

Sticks finally arrived… 3 weeks after I’ve decided to get them. Damn you, Lizardlick, damn you for being always out of stock

The whole area has to be dremeled in order to fit the stick.

For the other side. And even after so the area is cramped. The rumble motor holder is in the way and the LS32 legs have to be bent. So if anybody is modding this stick as well, make sure you get the -01 variants.

Fitted! I didn’t bother to redo the art to cover the screws, because I actually think they are nice decorations to go with the chrome buttons:bgrin:.

Feeling Ikaruga already (My Naomi is running fighting games at this point)! But then, the idea is to swap the balltops…

with bubbletops! Thanks to Akihabarashop for sending them straight from JP!

Another look with the lights off

Seimitsu clear plunger white buttons for start and select (coin??) buttons. Inserted with Chinese characters, they look real good. (Maybe kind of late to mention this: There is English, “No Refuge”, as well as Japanese quotes from Ikaruga on the art. So there are a total of 3 languages…

Seimitsu buttons with swapped plungers. Red/Black (to imitate the black bullets in Ikaruga) for player 1

And blue/white (white bullets) for player 2

Wired up!

Frontal view.

To make the wires organized, as well as to make the stick potentially universal, I decide to use a DB25 plug to connect the wires (The Blaze has no space for PCBs anyway). This also make the stick detachable so I can bring it to my friends:bgrin:

The DB25 and pins

Wired on the Jamma side

And the panel side. Out of the 25 pins, the Blaze uses I think 21… Crimping hell. Oh and at this point I refitted the rumble motors and wired them as well (slightly visible in the picture), and, guess what, they actually work, through the Blaze PCB.

Organized wiring (two main streams)

A closer shot on one side. Now you see the motor (and how it neccessitates bending the LS32 legs…)

Temporarily rescrewed the metal plate

Huge height difference. What will be done next will be to wrap a piece of plastic around the panel to cover the extra height, but before that…


The Blaze PCBs have been lying bare for who-knows-when. Time to give them a new home - a project box. Wires soldered to the button points

DB25 crimp pins

And there, inserted and done. Now I can use my modded stick on my computer!

Finished! Plastic bent and glued!

“Clear” acrylic… all cloudy due to the glue… Anyone know how to make it clear again will be appreciated…

So, it’s finished! Or is it…? There maybe something else that I want to do with it… like, CHOP IT INTO TWO :rofl:. Seriously, first thing will be to clean the plastic. Then, maybe add an LED into the balltop. But well, if I had time…

I approve. Approx, how many build hours do you have in this?

Nice job man, keep it up. :tup: :tup: :tup:

I really like your choice of buttons colours. Overall, great job!

that dude who modded it and cut it in half by melting the plastic, he wins.

Nice! but damn thats a shitload of wires :rofl:, nonetheless still very nice

awesome mod :tup:

I don’t really know… I built it over a period of 2 months I guess, but I dunno how much time I put in each session

I totally agree:rofl:

Thanks Ikaruga for inspiration!

Thanks for the kind words guys!

Oh and anyone knows how to make the plastic clear again :shake:?

yeah that mod is really nice,

im just curious why on cps the 2p side button layout is different

i noticed some solo sticks have that too.

Holy. Shit.

That’s just the old school Japanese 2 player control panel layout.

i figured that from reading the hori mod thread.

but is their an actual reason why its like that?

For some odd reason, I like this mod a “little” bit better than the other Blaze mod thread.

After all, it seems near impossible to beat soldering a Blaze in half, right?

On a more serious note…

My God man. That is gorgeous.

That’s an awesome job, man. It looks incredible.

BTW I actually like the smokey effect on the plastic bottom… hazy like it’s fully of fog.

this has to be 3000% better than the other blaze twin mod…

seriously that shit is awesome

Awesome job, you really know your stuff.

Also, fuck the guy who tried to “cut” one of these with a butter knife and a lighter.


why not paint the acrylic black to match the top part? I think it would look much better than leaving it clear. My 2 cents.

Wow, that is very impressive. Thanks for sharing this and taking time to make a complete photo log of the whole thing.

Btw, if I may…I concur with 2BAD4U, have you considered painting the bottom part?

Again, excellent work!

I have indeed thought of that… but the whole theme of the panel is to have contrasting colours side-by-side. So if I want to paint, probably white. What do you guys think?
And what kind of paint works on acrylic? I do plastic models so I have Tamiya paint… but the white sucks unless I airspray it. And it chips just so easily.
Still, I wanna have it clear so I can be reminded of the wiring:rofl:. Will waxing it work?
And again thanks for all the compliments:smile:

OMG its beautiful. :tup:
good work guy.