Modding hori AH2 stick need help!

so, i have all of the buttons off and i dont really want to solder the new ones to the pcb, i have some wires with quick disconnects and was wondering how to solder them to the pcb. would i just stick the wire through the hole where the button prong was and solder there or what, this is my first mod so yeh…>_> help please

Yes, that is what you do.

How perfect, I’m doing the exact same thing right now and I kinda need help. So I lifted the plate off and that’s fine. The stock buttons are still soldered to the pcb.

So obviously I need to solder off the current buttons then I can fit my new ones in. I’m lost after that. Can I not just solder the buttons back on, like they are now? Do I need some wires and stuff like the guy in the first post? If I were to solder the buttons back on, do I need more metal stuff, since I soldered it off when I first took the buttons off?

The Terminals on your new Buttons will not fit into the holes the old Buttons were soldered to.

Either use wires, or widen with drill, or do this:

if you want to solder them to the pcb you have to widen the holes on the pcb, that’s why i used wires, makes it easier for replacing art or buttons whatever

So what kind Wires would I need and could I buy them locally? What ends would I connect the wires to? One into the pcb and the other? As you can probably tell I’m totally noob this so if you could dumb answers down as much as possible that would be super helpful.

Any wire.

Other end goes to Button.
Either directly solder or use .110" Quick Disconnect.

Can you explain that a bit more or is there some sort of diagram? Sorry. Also where could I buy this stuff?

what he’s saying is you can use whatever gauge wire you want, just connect one end to the pcb where the buttons were hard soldered, and the other end of the wire you’ve got two options, one is just to solder both wires to the tabs on the microswitches, which makes them a bit harder to remove, or you can go get .110 quick disconnects and attach them to the wires, so you can easily remove the switch from the PCB

So I have to solder two wires to the button and those two wires to the point the old buttons were on the pcb? Just a straight solder? On the pcb right now, for a lack of better terminology, there are clumps of metal when is what is holdng on to the button. When I solder those to get the old buttons off, do I need new metal clumps on the pcb? Sorry if I make no sense

I guess is should be clearer. You solder two wires to the prong on the button and those two wires to the board. Also about these gauge wire, what should I be looking for and would I be able to buy them at a radio shack or frys electronics?

Hey capsuletoyco, what buttons did you use to put in your stick? I’m assuming sanwa so I’m wondering if you’re using OBSF-24 or 30s?

I bought the 30s and they seem kinda large for the board. And there is the thing about the two nubs on the side. So I need to cut those off, or shave off a portion of the button?

24mm are too small.
It is 30mm you need.

And with the Arcana Heart 2 HRAP, you need to file/grind the two tabs on the metal panel.

So I finally desoldered the stock buttons and removed the pcb in my way. Gonna start the grinding of the tabs but I wanted to ask about the quick disconnects.

Here’s one of my buttons with two of them on and a 18 gauge wire. Do I just attach the wire to the quick disconnects and then solder the other end onto the pcb? Maybe it’s just me, but the wire attached to the quick disconnect doesn’t seem stable

You have to crimp the Quick Disconnect.

What do you mean by crimping the quick disconnect?

The red part has to be crushed.
Do by using a crimper or if don’t have, a plier.

The red part and the metal inside has to be crushed.
Do by using a crimper or if don’t have, a plier.

If you’ve noticed the wires I have, they have a red cover on the outside, should I strip that off before I crimp? Or do I just leave it as is?

I guess I should wait before I crimp these thing and get the tabs grinded off first so I can see how long of wires I need, right?

You have to strip the wire before putting into Quick Disconnect for crimp.