MO Woman lets boyfriend rape infant daughter, daughter dies


Give me a rifle and I’ll execute the both of them myself. Ugh.

edit: Though I think this case also poses a good argument for bringing back the Brazen Bull

What horrible, pathetic wastes of humanity these two are.
May that baby Rest In Peace.

Pregnancy is a lot of trouble to go through to let someone fuck your daughter that quick.

I swear this same situation pops up at least once a year or so on SRK.

At least these 2 shitty excuses for humans were caught and won’t be members of regular society much longer.

that’s fucked up

Sick fuckos like those two really should just go straight to death penalty. Saves everyone’s time and tax dollars.

I thought we had a special thread so we didn’t have to read fucked up stories with titles like this

I feel obligated to point out that due to appeals it costs more money, and takes more time to execute a prisoner than it does to keep in prison for life.

But this didn’t happen in Florida.

i vomited a little in my mouth

hope someone gives them the slowest deaths imaginable in prison

yeah because death penalty is done wrong. just throw them in a pit and leave them there to rot.


Not even gonna click because I already know it’s a white bitch. Black women too busy watching The First 48 to even let a stranger near their child, unless they got them bebe’s kids, then they don’t even have to worry since aint know one got the balls to eve molest them type of badasses.

Was definitely doing this when I clicked it:

“Please don’t be white, please don’t be white… aw fuck.”

Why is it that it’s always the really weird stuff with us?

Because apparently there is a stereotype going around about white people loving to fuck animals.

Whatever happened to the Horrible News thread. :frowning:

Because we have to stay dominant.

You have fat black women attacking dudes at McDonald’s and at schools. The only thing we can do to up the ante is eat people’s faces off, let people molest our kids, and live in Florida.

They love getting fucked BY them more so then they love fucking them ROFL!
Also, this thread further proves my points on white people I’ve stated in the past.

That’s a sad story and I hope something bad happens to them.