MN Meltdown Results - 8/15/2009

Thanks to everyone for coming. It was a great turnout and I think everyone had a good time. I’ll post more thoughts in the morning, but here are the results:

1 Izzy Lee (!zzy)
2 Caleb Anderson (Bubbaloo)
3 Jordan Lee (Izzy’s Bro) (JJMeowMixLover)
4 Dan Wilson
5 Jon Friedman (ookitarepanda)
5 Sean Murphy (Murph)
7 AJ McAdoo (GiovanniSama)
7 Esom Ash (sukkafoo)
9 Shawn H. (Tizight)
9 Brady
9 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
9 Michael Migliacio (Akakaze)
13 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
13 Daniel Muhm (Kan Yozakura)
13 Ryan Whaley
13 Curtis Perks (EZ)

Capcom vs. SNK 2
(Round Robin)
1 Wes Truelson
2 Stefan Pfister
3 Mike Medicinehorse
4 Tony Yang
5 Tahir

King of Fighters 98
1 Derrick (D33p Sl33?)
2 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
3 Erik Martin
4 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
5 Erik Delly (djdelly)
5 Tony Yang (ash_boy)
7 Greg Nye (Greg N.)
7 Daniel Muhm (Kan Yozakura)
9 Jeremy Baesler (poodude)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix
1 Wes Truelson (lftrpllr)
2 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
3 James Dinndorf (iLIKEpizza)
4 Charlie Kling (Grog)
5 Tony Yang (ash_boy)
5 Shia Lee (Super Shia Shady)
7 Tahir (TarkanX)
7 Esom Ash (sukkafoo)
9 Jamie Wachlin
9 Derrick (D33p Sl33?)
9 Curtis Perks (EZ)
9 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
13 Sean Murphy (Murph)
13 Anthony Doelz (Scrooge)
13 Richard Edholm (gohper)
13 Robert Elizondo (Rob Z)
17 Brady
17 David Olsen (LUCYM0N0)

Garou: Mark of the Wolves
1 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
2 Jordan Lee (Izzy’s Bro) (JJMeowMixLover)
3 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
4 Erik Delly (djdelly)
5 Bilal Jones (Ramad)
5 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
7 Tony Yang (ash_boy)
7 Sam Mogaka (PBJ_Mixxa)

King of Fighters XII
1 Tony Yang (ash_boy)
2 Erik Martin
3 Derrick (D33p Sl33?)
4 Sam Mogaka (PBJ_Mixxa)
5 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
5 Wes Truelson (lftrpllr)
7 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
7 Curtis Perks (EZ)
9 Sean Murphy (Murph)
9 Leon Tyas
9 Erik Delly (djdelly)
9 Tahir (TarkanX)

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
1 John Noree (Baka)
2 Shia Lee (Super Shia Shady)
3 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
4 Lanthong Lee (Kliquey)
5 Yascha (Yascha.M)
5 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
7 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
7 Tahir (TarkanX)
9 Taylor
9 Andrew Tri (Nikko010)
9 Sean Murphy (Murph)
9 Tony Yang (ash_boy)
13 Ying Vue (Smooth-Focker)

Street Fighter IV
1 Tong (kliquey)
2 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
3 John Noree (Baka)
4 Wes Truelson (lftrpllr)
5 Tony Yang (ash_boy)
5 Mark Stenholm (Markuma)
7 Derrick (D33p Sl33?)
7 James Dinndorf (iLIKEpizza)
9 Shia Lee (Super Shia Shady)
9 Feng Meng Vue (Feng)
9 Caleb Anderson (Bubbaloo)
9 Kay Kim
13 Charlie Kling (Grog)
13 Sola (isayan)
13 Brady
13 Erik Peterson
17 Steve McMoore (Boeken)
17 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
17 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
17 Jamie Wachlin
17 Yascha (Yascha.M)
17 David Olsen (LUCYM0N0)
17 Cher (ThirdStrikeSucks)
17 Ge Xiong
25 Vong Her
25 Tahir (TarkanX)
25 Reynald Baylen (Rey)
25 Leon Tyas
25 Lee Yang
25 Robert Elizondo (Rob Z)
25 Curtis Perks (EZ)
25 Mike Ekert (loldotcom)
33 Jose Luis Diaz (Jose)
33 Garett Powers (Songo[kthx])
33 Nouza Her
33 Vince Guerra (noiseTank)
33 Rene T
33 Alex Richman
33 Zue Vue
33 Greg Nye (Greg N.)
33 Richard Edholm (gohper)
33 Anthony Doelz (Scrooge)
33 Andrew Tri (Nikko010)
33 Andres Guzman
33 Tou
33 Ying Vue (Smooth-Focker)
33 Sam Mogaka (PBJ_Mixxa)

Also, there were a few items left in the room: a DC vs. Mortal Kombat disc :xeye:, a power cord for PS3, a Xbox USB cord thingy, and a cloth Cub bag with PS2 power and AV cords in it.

bMike and Erik M, I didn’t get a chance to pay you your winnings. Hit me up at the next gathering and I’ll make sure to pay you.

Goodnight. I’m going to sleep.

any videos on utube so people in Fl can watch the fights?

Thanks for putting on the event Stefan .

Much fun.

hey stefan, the xbox 360 cord thingy, is the 2nd half of the cord for my 360 cord. my thingy is missing, if you have it, can you hold it for me until next time we meet again? thanks!

anyway, thanks for a great event everyone. great job stefan and the rest of the guys for running brackets, MN Meltdown 2 was fun. i had a lot of ggs and it was great seeing a lot of new faces and old familiar faces that have been MIA for a bit.

TONES i need to fight you in KOF IIX. ASAP. how did you beat ERIC??? I’ve been tryn to beat him consistantly for the past 2 wks. but the ratio is like 1 to 15, or just tell me your secret.btw we have not had the chance 2 play each yet. SF4 was a Fluke, idk my awesome-ness went on a break with ERIC’s awesome-ness. Meet me at the DEN sometime this week so we can go at it.

*Markuma, you are next on da list. but i need to meditate or something.

*Tong, good job. I dont know how people lose to ur whack ass none fightn ass…lol. btw i hope you do pick up kof we could use the comp. sf4 bracket was fucked up. my 1st and 3rd match was with the same person???


If you need it sooner, they sell them for like $5 in stores :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I had fun. I stunk it up in Blaz but felt I repped El Fuerte reasonably well in sf4. Tony and the guy in the green shirt playing Blanka (sorry I forgot your name) were both definitely better players than me. I just wish I hadn’t messed up my Ultras so badly - other than that I was playing decently. Not bad for a 10+ year break from competitive Street Fighter.

Cool meeting all you guys and I hope we play again.

Oh and its nice to see so many MN sf players on psn. PM me with your psn names and let’s play some online games sometime.


The copy of MK vs DC is Elitedoommasters’s.

Great tournament, shit was mad fun. It was good seeing old heads while seeing some new blood!

I think the KOF98 tourney was the only tourney ever got 2nd in, period. I was playing really cheap, but Derrick exposed and removed that. I think I’m going to study KOFXII a bit more now.

Big props to Sola for taking our pocket change in Project motherfucking Justice. I may need to redeem myself one day. :arazz:


EDIT: Oh fuck, here are the only videos I took at the event. If anyone took anymore, upload them joints to the youtube page.



Had lots of fun and enjoyed getting a chance to play some of you guys. Thanks Brady for letting me borrow your stick - I really need to get my own… :sweat:

Is anyone missing a copy of SFIV for PS3? Someone left it in my system when I took it apart.

Also, how did I get 7th in BB (a game I play regularly) and 7th in HDR (a retune of a game I haven’t played seriously in 10 years)? I call shenanigans!

Was your ps3 set-up the one nearest the sign-up desk?

Oh btw bro, could you next time ask to borrow my stick first before using it? You’re always welcome to use it (along with anyone else that asks, thanks pbjmixxa), but I didn’t like wondering where that bitch was after I left it somewhere in sight. The sticker on it has a part of my screen name on it too. :smokin:


Good shit Shogun17! Super consistent across the board.

Good stuff dude! I was the guy in the green shirt playing Blanka. Your Elf definitely gave me tons more trouble than Rufus. Once you knocked me down it’s so tricky with the guessing game he provides. GGs for sure!

Duh and now I see the psn names on the profile that Stefan told me about. I’ll send add requests later.

Mine was kitty-corner from where the brackets were being run.

And sorry about the stick thing! I asked the first time and you said it was ok. I figured the second time the offer still stood. I will be more considerate and ask each time in the future :slight_smile:

I’ve got everything entered into MNSF now, so the rankings are updated.
Brackets are available as well (except CvS2, which we ran by hand).

Thanks again to everyone for coming. A special thanks to Jon for helping plan and run this event. Also, thanks to James, Wes, Charlie and the other folks who helped me run the brackets. I was happy to see a bunch of folks from Iowa and Wisconsin who made it up for this event. It gives it a bit of “international” flair. :bgrin:

Des, I think Esom’s setup was the other one on the short wall, next to mine.

Too bad people didn’t get much of the gameplay on video. That’ll be something to work on for next time.

Thanks to you, Songo djdelly and the other guy whose name escapes me at the moment I had an awesome meal at McDonalds

Next time ya want to go up against the masta in Rival Schools, you best come prepared :smile:

It’s all good man! Yeah, I do remember you asking the first time, but then when you returned it, I saw it vanish a few moments later. Then I was like “oh shit, I got jacked…and I gotta play!”. :wow:

We should Blazblue it up online sometime. If you catch me online, feel free to send me an invite! That Taokaka was monstrous.

Oh yeah, that other guy was Sam aka pbjmixxa. I believe he almost put 5 bucks on it. That would’ve been an awesome meal at Pizza Hut.


I had a hell of time, you guys made it worth the trip up.
Now i just need to figure out what I’m going to do with my gift card.