MN Meltdown Results - 8/15/2009

Had a great time, sorry I had to jet like half way through but thats what happens when things are like 4 hours behind.

Had a really great time, to bad i had to leave right after the BB tourny. Sucked that i didnt play that great. Hopefully by next tourny, people will be able to remember me for more than my arcade stick.

I’m going hit you both up with invites. I was the purple & pink Noel with the arcade stick that everybody liked.

Also, big thanks for gene and games n go! When I got there he was helping run brackets and registration, and giving out gift cards for GnG in a raffel, so good stuff! Also, big ups to the guys from Wisconsin and Iowa for coming up, sorry Iowa I didn’t actually get to meet any of you guys, but i like that you guys are helping support our scene, maybe next time I’ll get to meet ya! Good shit Yeng (Smooth-focker) and shia from Wisconsin for coming up, even though yeng left after his first sf4 match hah!

Feel free to add me on PSN for sf4 spars! I don’t play any other game though, well except HDR and Marvel but i suck at those games.

yeah that sucked… we were behind on all the tourneys… which happens its understandable but not to everyone else that Doesnt play in tournys. i wish i could of but i had other plans and didnt think it would take as long as it did. GG’s on casuals … BAKA we gotta hit up on GGPo 3s was awesome. damn that el fuete… i’ll get those basterds back! lol naw gg didnt see that one coming at all… my mind went blank on how to fight a decent fuete. o well next time i’ll make tiem for a full tourny!

I can’t believe I didn’t mention Gene and Games n Go in my post yesterday. Thank you very much Gene for helping us take sign ups, helping with the brackets, the gift cards, and for your support in general.

Just a reminder to everyone, you can take your lanyard / badge in to any Games n Go location and get 15% off!

There are stores in Rosedale, Brooklyn Park and Burnsville. Check out their website for more details or to order online.

Also, Andrew (nikkos010), you were chosen as one of the winners of the $10 Gift Card from Games n Go. I couldn’t find you when we gave it out, and I think you left before I had time to try and track you down. If you come down to one of our gatherings, I can give you your gift card (or if you’re down in the cities for other things, you can pick it up).

Yeah, I did honestly plan to capture lots of matches, but I got caught up in all the gaming. Maybe I’ll get a better camera and probably ask a few people that don’t play (and/or aren’t busy) to help capture.


Twinklestar Sprites Results (5 people, round robin)

  1. Erik Delly (DJ Delly)
  2. Tahir (TarkanX)
    T3. Greg (GregN)
    T3. Garrett (SongoKThx)
    T3. Jeremy

The tournament didn’t completely finish, but Erik was the clear winner.

it’s to be expected when you are full of Twinkle star sprites rape like I am.:wgrin:

ok… big thanks to Jon for planning the gathering & Big thanks to Stefan for running the tourneys and helping out with everything… glad it was you and not me… this was the first gathering in years that I attended as a participant and not a planner.

It was great meeting all the new faces in the MN scene that have appeared since I left.

you’re like the illegitimate bastard little brother I’ve always wanted… :wink:

good games, thanks for providing one of the most memorable parts of the night… PB&J sandwiches + you, Wes, Mike, Songo & Journey = total win!

Izzy, great seeing you again hit up Kiel and Jon in BB and keep on Jordan to make him a better MOTW player!

Jordan, WTF second place in MOTW!!! stick with the Bird until your kevin and terry get a little bit better!

Wes, Stefan, Dez and Mike, great seeing you guys again hope to see you guys online some more.

Everyone else I had a blast and hope to see you all again soon.

Hey everbody! It was superfun hanging with you all. I wish I could of hung out and finished SF4 but I had to go.

Stefan-really wish we could have played our CVS2 matches that would been fun.

Tones-holy shit man you made my night. PBJ OMGWTFBBQ.

Delly-wish we could have played more casuals but it was great while it lasted. 30+ baby!

Jonathan-Really cool to finally meet you. Big thanks for setting this up it was a memorable day for me.

Iowa crew-Freaking great to see you guys again. I really wanted to do Denny’s/Perkins after like last year but it didn’t work out. Next time!

Kliquey-Damn dude I really wanted to MM you. :slight_smile:

Jordan-You are a beast. Can’t wait to catch you online at your full keyboard potential.

Neocrew-You guys rock. Always fun to hang out and have a few beers and shoot the breeze.

Sensei Wes-Always great to play you man. I always learn so much shit when we do. We should do some non game hanging out with the ladies too sometime. And drink more beer together. amen.

Tahir-Thanks for going the extra mile and having medals. It was mad cool. My daughter loves wearing it. lol

Songo-you me MOTW finals next year. do it. You best believe I would have stolen that hottie from you. :wink:

Gene-your a freaking rockstar. Now stop swearing! Big props for hooking me up with BlazBlue from the enemy.

Caleb-Always great playing you although I always lose. But you make me think about my game which is awesome. Best of luck to whatever your up to.

Taylor and Yascha-Great seeing you guys it’s been a while.

Baka-we didn’t really get to play or hang much but I felt in good company. Keep beasting.

Derrick-Nice chillin bro. Thanks for the 98 ass kickin. I’m come for 1st next gathering. :wgrin: You better believe we’re switching it to 99 sec matches lol

It was an epic day and one I will remember for a long time. Not only for the great matches but for the great friends…and the random wedding hotties.


ugh… I’m still mind-fucked from the whole weekend so I’ll keep this short.

MADD Props to TarkanX for going that extra mile to support the tourney and the entire fg community. Shows true dedication… something we could ALL learn from.

Good shit to Shogun17 and crew for running this thing. Sorry for constantly hounding you with q’s on tourney start times (as if you didn’t have other, more important, things to worry about).

GGs to everyone I played, big thanks to everyone who loaned me their stick, and great seeing faces, both old and new.

more vids!

WTF ya’ll talking bout? I’m uploading footage as I am typing! :wgrin: Only problem,
my battery died half way into the event. I caught a few random matches though
(a couple of Yascha’s, one of Sola and one of Grog’s). NOTE - I didn’t catch the names
of their competitors, if anyone knows drop me a note and I will update accordingly.


…oh and thanks to Tones for the Oreos!!!

Derrick, I don’t know what to say on how I beat Eric. :rolleyes: Maybe, we’ll play again sometime. I might be busy for a bit. :tup:

Hey Brady :slight_smile: Nice of you to drop by at the tournament :smile: and it was nice to meet you. Your Fuerte is tricky and it was a good challenge. :cool: Maybe we can play another time when I’m free. Take it easy. :tup:

:rofl: Hehe, thanks Eric. Now that you moved to Florida, it sucks that I can’t play any games with you in MN. :sad: Maybe someday I’ll meet up with you again. :smokin: =) Very funny guy =)

:rofl: Hehe, It’s all good Mike. It was good to see you.

Yes Zir =) It’s like I was providing food there :rofl: HEhehehehehe

Big thanks to everyone, especially Stefan and the Neo Geo group. :clapdos:

Also, to Tahir for putting in his hard work for the medals and trophy. :china:

Thanks the ride Tones! It was cool to ride home with medals.

Big props to Gene! The coolest video game store manager I have the pleasure of knowing. Thanks for becoming apart of our community.