MM/Sent-Y trap

yea i heard deyrs a trap wit megmans fp’s and rock ball including drones if there is how is it done? thx in advance

um, i dont think its possible, but if you want one, here: j.hp+sentinel drones, land rockball, lk the rockball, repeat.

oh ok thank you!! but i heard there was a trap and no one said anything so i was like w/e lol thx bye!

Yeah, but really, the only trap in this game is with sentinel and commando, anything is, bs, and with sentinel commando its not even a trap, its all about guess and controlling space. But the one I posted is escapable, and gets owned by cable so I wouldn’t recommend that.

aight thx but drones r good for the lil guy right? like they help him stay alive in the game? and how can i make my MM at best? thx in advance

MM is a very good character against Magneto and sometimes Storm, use it then but never against cable and sentinel, there he’d get owned pretty badly. Sentinel drones is a good assist for him, so is tron, doom, & Storm Gamma or Alpha. MM takes damage fairly bad, so you dont want a hit from anyone. Just runaway and throw hp’s. Air grabbing is essential for him, leading to semi infinites and crossups. I wouldn’t rely on trapping, just landing as most hits as possible, each of them countnfor MM. The best MM team, IMO, is MM/Cable/Tron or MM/Cable/Sentinel-drones. The reason why is because Tron stops rushdown well, cable would be your anti air, while mega builds meter for cable when he comes in. The second team doesnt rely on MM just as much, but could still use him against magneto and isnt as weak against storm.

Some MM strats: IF you really want to burn a super, from a distance, but not against cable, use the beat plane, when you are on it, mash a couple times, then do nothing, go arund them really quick and that should cross them up. Note that you are vulnerable after the beat plane. If you get an AC, or a launcher in, sj lp, lk xxhyperMM. It does pretty good damage and gives you time to recover. I strongly recommend not using his drill super unless it is comboed with a Tron assist. He has no chipping moves so make sure you capatalize on every hit.

ok say im playing MSS. and the person im playing has never encountered MM wit drones and rockballs do u think it would phsyche him out a bit? thx in advance

yeah sure, you should be able to take mag out easily. let sent handle storm and the rest for sentinel

yea this shit does work agnst magz sumtimes storm it killz mag fast tho its like woah!! :wow: lol do it its good

^-- I don’t know how much of the above conversations I understand… ?

But Andrew pretty consistently uses the rockball tactic to restrict movements in the vids here - , if you want to see the basics of it in action.

thanks, preppy. i really like watching the vids you host up. a lot of them are pretty awesome.

I have played Mega alot, I have to say that if you know how to use the rushdrill it can save your a$$ from time to time. I remember one time I wse it to block 3 AHVB’s when I had no life to do so, to dash in for the kill at the end.

So don’t knock the RUSHDRILL

^-- Who fell for that? I can’t imagine anybody serious falling for that. I’ve used it for a time out win or a “joke” win, but … not a good use of a super level. =\

Most anybody should be able to wave dash across the screen (assuming you’re smart enough to be on the far side of the screen…) as you recover from the drill and combo you. Pretty much the only realistic mitigation you can do here is either DHC (safe-ish, maybe) or jump the drill off the ground so that they have to adjust the combo (and admittedly many forget to). Otherwise: you are toast.

Its not safe, there is no safe DHC unless you happen to be hitting them, even then its not really safe. That and the startup animation is amazingly slow, and non-invincible. I’m still upset that Capcom nerfed all his supers. Beat plane… why do you suck so much now?! =(

I’ve been using HMM to interrupt Lightning Storm DHC to HSF (opponent using that to get Storm out “safely”, doing HMM as soon as they DHC), and even THAT isn’t reliable. Damn his supers. =P Oh well, probably my fault - I should practice the timing here more, I guess.

HMM just seems useful as an “interrupt” (thanks to the invincibility frame), but it’s slower than I’d like to start up. Beat Plane is only kind of interesting as the best of MM’s options if you need to DHC to him. Sigh. :sad:

Now that I think about it, you SORTA have a shot at a safe DHC with HMM and Beatplane if you mash like hell, and hopefully the remaining bullets will keep the opponent in block stun long enough for you to transform back.

Man, I revived a pretty old thread… speaking of which, TS6! Me and Preppy will be there! Any other MM users coming down to Texas?!

hey i jusread somehwere that megaman isnt allthat bad and isnt really only abeginers choice… i heard hes somehwere around mid tier in the game i think it was somehwere on game faqs… im wondering if a team of say MM/storm/??? be good n e suggestions for the third spot, i already have sentinel drones in mind but any other suggestions? im jus curious cuz im startin to enjoy using lower tiers first then have storm and another top tier behind either for the assist or another point man. thanx in advance cuz this would be interesting to me

You can never go wrong with having Cable in there. I play MM/Cable/Sent myself and that team isn’t half bad. Only thing is having to rely on Cable as your AAA may hurt you just a bit but if you master the MM/Sent trap, it won’t be hard at all. He is really underrated.

MM/Doom/BH is most likely the best MM team on there. He works really well with Doom rocks. He’s a keep-away character after all so he should placed on a team where they help him tremendously.

MM will get raped by msps with that crap team. BH on point will be terrible also with no antiair helpers. Doom will also be terrible on point.

The best megaman team that is based on megaman is MM/sent/capcom. you can just use drones,rockball and hp to keep opponents away and counter call your opponents helpers with capcom. capcom also stops the rush down and sent/capcom is still strong if MM dies.

MM is actually ok against most cable teams. As long as you have rockball out, cable can’t ahvb, you can kick the rockball under ahvb and it will knock cable out of it.

MM is good to start games since he has a 1 frame s. and c. lp

Reasons why megaman isn’t used is mainly due to he’s too slow, he can’t deal damage and gets pwned by certain teams. Runaway storm, cable/doom, cable/bh
sent/doom, meagman has pretty much 0% to win against.

Honestly the best thing is to cover yourself with mid screen fierces, cause Cable can still shoot the rockball. Only way rockball knock him outta AHVB is if Cable does it too high off the ground and you happen to not be full screen away. Otherwise you have to anticipate when he’s gonna do it and kick it way early.

MM has no dashing ability other than a stupid hopping wave dash. He also does barely any chip damage. While this is all true, if he didn’t deal good damage, he would have been placed in the Dan/Roll/Servebot tier of this game. MM’s jumping fierce is probably the hardest hitting normal attack in the entire game! That alone keeps Mags and Storm from blindly rushing MM based on the fear of eating his fierces.

I used to play MM/Cable/Sent as my main before switching it to MM/Cable/Tron about 3 years ago. MM/Sent is a good trap, not as good as Spiral/Sent or Strider/Doom obviously, but its not meant to chip, its meant to frustrate your opponent into making a mistake and eating damage since MM/Sent will do more damage than the other 2. Against Storm and Cable, you have to get in their face. I switched to Tron because it allowed me the option to actually rush after Cable and Storm. Against Sent you still have to stay back unless you knock him on his back and gives you time to get on top of him. Mid screen fierces knock both Doom and BH assists before they can finish so they aren’t too much of an issue for MM.