MM: Reset vs Dark Prince

reset aka nicky hendrix aka hmc co general has confirmed he would MM dark prince aka shake n bake to a ft10 at evo. up to however much DP wants. this should be a good match. its not official until DP accepts tho.

go bananas.

Damn whatever happened to chillin and blazin, thuggin it up at dem hookah bars.


If this FT10 is happening. They should both play for money and for the spot on the WC team.

He has been placing consistently and def deserves a chance on the 5 on 5. His main focus is marvel while Reset has been playing other games (Nothing wrong with that)

And reset didnt qualify yet for the semi bracket in evol.

shut up
who the hell is justinw?

wtf is this? i could have sworn they were best of buddies.

Nah, Reset stepped the quality of his friends up a while ago.

there will be no playing for spots lol, this is for da green


Reset, I hate everything about you.

thats jaha? nah thats not jaha. THATS NAHA

who made that godly av

read my avitar…and get on my level…

i think he jus pulled down his pants and took a shit on ur av soo

see u @ evo Soo well get lifted unless u still quit

Is that a yes or a no :rofl:

I remember hearing an interview on alphaism awhile back, Soo was defending DP and even went as far to say he’d give up his spot for Dark Prince if he got a spot, since Dark Prince really wanted it; and he was unlike some other East Coast Jock riders on the WC who weren’t named, but it’s pretty obvious who they were.

I guess this ain’t gonna happen anymore.

That is a yes if they want to put his spot on the line and stop being pussy.

um, i dont know where the hate is coming from. i dont take offense to anything you say or using my av. ok, Im on crack. ok you rape me for free. the point was to see if you would play reset in a money match.
you dont need to play me or nicky for our spots. i already gave mine to potter. if he dont want it then he can give it to you. time for me to shake and bake.

oh you know i want that spot :smiley:

the insult would be much stronger if you spelled the words “shity” and “avitar” correctly
aren’t you an English major?

EDIT: if this match goes down it’ll be a good one.

MonkeySpank made this “avitar”…and it’s very “shity”…sarcastic look…


accept this match dood!
shit will be serious.