MM: Reset vs Dark Prince

Nigga please…get that broke back mountain fag shit out. If your boy is so good and its free why not put the shit up… what do you niggas have to loose? If your not gonna put shit up then why the fuck you wake me up … nigga im tired you a busta… so ima light yo ass on Fire. You give this nigga a gay ass name like nicky hendrix…wtf. On top of that at the team tourney you niggas were rubbing each others backs. I didn’t believe my eyes at first so I had to get my brother to confirm. Trapped in the closet, R. Kelly ass nigga…get swiss cheesed up, ol’ deli ass nigga. Close this fuckin thread unless you homos want to grow some balls and give me a bet worth my time. P.S. the only time you ever catch me with my back down is when I’m shootin dice…

tom hanks isnt someone I know personally, so theres no way I could ever decypher this di vinci code language you speak.

like i said, youre talking to a wall. i dont care. and my spot is non existant. its potter’s now. so I dont have a spot I could play you for. talk to nick if you want to play for his spot. and no one said it was free. read my first post. theres nothing but a simple proposal. no shit talk. theres no edit there son. Im just going to stop posting. yall figure it out.

Walls don’t respond and I’m not your fuckin son :tup:

You’re good at marvel, but have you ever thought about why you weren’t put on the team despite your skill? You’re a failure at life. There are few people in the community that like you, and that is why you will never be on team WC. Since your immaturity never fails to attract attention, I’m sure a mod will find you and give you another IP ban in the near future. Keep your hands off the keyboard and spare us you idiocy and wanksta bullshit. You never stood the fuck up when you got called before, and your ban from Evo will keep you from starting more shit and further embarassing yourself in public. Why don’t you get it yet?

I heard being good at marvel makes your dick grow

Word son…

this guy is a genius… not bad @ cvs2 eithher:lol:

Someone has english as a secondary language.:rofl:

hes not banned from evo.

vote for Dark Prince.

everyone knows him name, even ppl ive never heard of have his name coming out of their mouths. :rofl: you ppl are so easily baited. vote for DP. hes got this whole forums panties in a twist:rofl::rofl:

vote for DP…he knows drama

Shit, then Justin Wong must be black…

i need to step up my marvel game then

Hometown u goin to evo this year?

nah man, work is being gay about time off right now. Should be in So Cal around Thanksgiving, you know me, always looking for every occasion involving food to be memorable :wgrin:

But benchpress some 300 pound beaners at evo for me.

And it looks like he didn’t pass the class =X