MLG announces 2006 schedule. Evo in November?

MLG announced their schedule for this year, and if Evo is partnering up with MLG in Vegas again this year, then Evo 2k6 will be November 17-19.

2006 MLG Schedule

Regular Season Event #1 - New York	March 24 - 26
Free Player Movement Period	March 27 - April 3
Restricted Player Movement Period	April 4 - April 22
Regular Season Event #2 - Dallas	April 21-23
Free Player Movement Period	April 24 - May 1
Restricted Player Movement Period	May 2 - June 3
Regular Season Event #3 - Atlanta	June 2-4
Free Player Movement Period	June 5 - June 12
Restricted Player Movement Period	June 13 - July 22
Regular Season Event #4 - Los Angeles	July 21-23
Free Player Movement Period	July 24 - July 31
Restricted Player Movement Period	August 1 - August 26
Regular Season Event #5 - Philadelphia	August 25-27
Free Player Movement Period	August 28 - September 4
Restricted Player Movement Period	September 4 - October 7
Player Movement Deadline	October 7
Playoffs Event - Chicago	October 6-8
**National Championship - Las Vegas	November 17-19**

We are not partnering with MLG this year.


Haha, I guess that was a quick answer to that question.

yayyy:lovin: :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

More casuals for all :wgrin:

Oh good, cuz then i wouldn’t be able to go because of school and all. …Hopefully it’ll be somewhere near august again.

evo is always in july/august. that has never changed.

i don’t understand the “yay” replies. from what i saw, partnering with MLG was a privilege… without their help, i assume[1] evo wouldn’t have been held at such a nice venue… i didn’t really have problems with a lack of casual play.

so yeah… im trying my best not to flame, but could i get a decent explanation other than ‘fps sucks’ or something?

[1]-probably a mistake here

MLG screwed up a bit on things (BYOC on Sat got stolen :(, and the Halo finals deal). It was stuff that could be fixed in a second outing, though.

on top of all that…

MLG does not have a good rep w/ the fighting game community in general. I still can’t believe that players to this day have yet been paid from tournaments that was held before Evolution.

And because of all the fiasco and low turnouts to MLG event… it seems that they too do not want partnership with the fighting game community, as they’ve dropped Tekken5 mid way through the tournament year and do not have any fighting games lined up next season.

as I posted in the begining … YAY:lovin:

Let’s see…

Taking up more than half the ballroom for Halo when we weren’t told that would happen (we were told we would get room for casual play)…having REALLY annoying Halo players be in your fucking way all weekend…being DENIED the ability to announce matches and have entrance music during the finals…and then they FREAK OUT when we boo them? Give me a fucking break! Add to that the FragDolls who were acting like they were hot or something, they fucking sucked and they weren’t good looking at all. Basically it all adds up to Halo players thinking they’re the biggest shit in the universe and are better than the fighting game players that were at the event.

Halo is fine and all, but seriously, it’s ONE fucking game. The people there to attend EVO came from far further and more diversified places, and play far more diversified games. WE deserve more attention than them, or at least the same. That’s of course leaving out the fact that MLG has no idea how to run a business at all, and has NO forseeable plan of how to get their company out of the red than “run more tournaments and keep holding the prize money for months.”

Fuck MLG, they can’t get their shit straight and I’m glad both TS and EVO are not a part of them this year.

Not for lack of trying on my part! :looney:

The Halo shit at Evo was damn irritating (Frag Dolls in particular, even though the Ubisoft booth was a fun distraction). I think at TS5 it was a smidge different; the Halo players pretty much stayed out of the way of the SF players (I wasn’t at TS5, so Ranma would probably be able to explain that better. And no entrance music for finals made me sad.

heh, maybe im putting my nose where it doesn’t belong, then.
my impression was that MLG paid the bills and the majority of the evo players showed zero appreciation. i took the MLG thing to be the community’s first big step to becoming more “official” and even creating possibilities of big sponsorship. but i guess everybody wants to wait for a better opportunity(i guess you could argue that this wasn’t an opportunity in the first place). broken promises and all of that good stuff are none of my business i guess. thanks for clearing that up guys. (and thanks for not ripping into me, hate king)

halo is where the money’s at. (or where they want you to THINK the money is, but never pay?:wtf:)

co-sign on the frag-dolls.

edit@the_reno: with ts5, showdown and mlg pretty much separated the banquet room right down the middle. mlg DID have control of the projectors and the tv’s, so there was conflict, but nothing major-- mlg DID pay for all of the stuff(people not being allowed to play casuals on random tv’s or something). and… i haven’t been around long enough to witness the greatness that is entrance music. i’m pretty sure that TS6 will have it. :sweat:

MLG did pay for the venue, which was cool, especially since they didn’t get a part of the reg fee.

However, MLG’s always been rather meh/standoffish about fighters and never really put enough effort forward to make it work (T5 being the better example than SC2).

’ ___ '; They split it right down the middle? Damn. That’s hella seperatist.

well, i mean… neither side had much interest in the other event. we mingled a little. i talked to some smash bros guys who asked helluh-questions about SF… but yeah… pretty separatist when i think about it.

i know this is a little off topic… but if MLG paid for the whole venue and all everything else??

What did Evo registration fee go to!!! curious… the fee has been the same each year and usually that covered the cost of the venue and renting the equipments… if that wasnt the case this year where did it go to?!

those programs, tags, website(?), i dunno… maybe evo paid for a portion of the venue.

Probably to the peeps that ran Evo so 06 could go well too.