MK hate on SRK

I am getting REALLY REALLY sick and tired of the ignorant and the stupid on SRK’s front pages. Trolling on the articles should be bannable, imo. ugh!

Yeah. Even though I kind of AGREE with what the trolls are getting at (jerky animation and slim chance of nailing good gameplay when MK9 first hits), those people need to shut the fuck up.

Well, hey, look on the bright side. It’s not just MK that gets that treatment, after all. :lol:

But hey, if that’s the kind of behavior that Keits and the rest are willing to look the other way about, then that just does more to speak about the quality of this site, as well as its denizens.

Meh. MK9, while it will be at EVO, isn’t “major” enough on SRK for the head controllers of the site to rain down on people trolling the comments section of news articles. Plus, MVC3 just came out this week. They probably have their hands full elsewhere. So, I don’t really blame Keits/whoever for that.

I still think such things only allow for a poor representation of what supposedly represents a “central hub” of the fighting game community. And I wish it was just as simple as “blame dem 09ers”, but it’s really not as simple as that. You got old heads that can act just as buck-wild as any of the newbies.

Maybe Keits and them need more help to help run things smoothly. I dunno. But clearly, doing nothing isn’t working, and it’s insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. This “insanity” is perhaps why a number of the veterans have departed this site over the last few years, because it’s just as bad as GameFAQs at this point.

Hey, don’t throw low blows like THAT, man.

Unless they’re true. Are the SRK game sections (like SSF4, MVC3) approaching GameFAQs stupidity? I only hang in GD.

And I wouldn’t expect MK9 to get respect for MK around here. I’m warming up to it a bit, but it still has that clunky animation and the chance of NRS falling on their faces balancing gameplay. I think the community will accept MK9 if it’s good; it’s just that the chances of it being good (outside of overall presentation) aren’t that high.

SRK is getting dumb because people are dumb. As the site grows, the forums will deteriorate, nothing we can do about that.

And while SRK is generally considered “the hub”, it’s not the main MK site.

Just like dustloop is the go to place for GG players, is the main competitive MK site right now (at least as far as encompassing all MK games, focuses a little more on the 2D ones).

SRK will always be Capcom centric, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Anyone who has an interest in MK or wants to get more into an MK community should really look into joining TYM.

Wasn’t MK9 played at PAX?

It was in a unfinished state with only 10 character selectable, they ran a 64 person tournament, and everyone I talked to who attended the event and played the game left with an extremely positive attitude towards the game, and this was the game not in any sort of near final build.

We are now several several months after that event has passed the game has naturally gone through more balancing / more character introductions as of that point.

Yet you got the main problem of people LOOKING at the game via a video on SRK’s frontpage, calling the animation clunky, claiming it has poor gameplay.

Since when how the games APPEARANCE have anything to do with how it actually PLAYS. Strip every 2D fighting game to the basic essentials of nothing but hit-detection boxes and an identical gameplay system, people are likely to say the same thing (shit animation and assume that effects the gameplay)

You would think for this being the largest competitive fighting game website on the net, anyone who is actually somewhat competent and knowledgeable about fighting games would know that the game’s true depth lies in the actual details of the core gameplay mechanics, framedata, etc and not on the basis of the games appearance.

These are the same of people that raid every Anime Fighter like Arcana Heart or Melty Blood and write the game off based on the aesthetics of it’s characters without a shred of actual information on the core gameplay systems or the fighting mechanics.

So, I’d certainly say I agree with CyberAkuma when some of the shit said on the SRK news page does in fact reach GameFAQs levels of stupidity.

You’d think with some of the stuff said about these games people spend far more time finding reasons to hate, rather then spend their time constructively actually playing the games they actually DO like instead. It’s rather sad isn’t it?

Game looks pretty sweet, but I want to see some new footage with people who know what they’re doing before I give it a go.

All this MK trolling will end come Evo. Either the game proves itself or the game flops and we’ll forget about it. The fact is that the game being still in development and not in the hands of anybody leaves it opened for being trolled. Sure, you can bring up how great UMK3 and MK2 were, but what really matters is how this new MK performs. Until then, we’ll just have to suck it up.

Did you expect any less?

That said, I can see why they criticize it, but it isn’t exactly a real complaint to be made because it isn’t all that noticable while you’re behind the seat of the car.

This shit is standard SRK fare for any game on the site, including the ones the site promotes the most…and it’s kinda stupid, honestly.

Don’t let that shit get to you…haters gonna hate.
A new MK game is coming out…and it will be on the EVO official games lineup.
Better come hungry at the grand stage.

I have high hopes for MK9 since the series has been on a downward trend, which is why it is not highly regarded on this site.

A lot of people are just assholes. That’s just how it is. Especially considering this is the inter-webs. Don’t get me wrong though, I sympathize with your rage and frustration at the trolling, Tim. You and your compatriots are championing the MK cause and constantly trying to further build up the MK kommunity and all the while you’ve got to contend with assholes and retards spreading misinformation and shit at major hubs like SRK that hinders your efforts. Somebody that may not be very familiar with MK and the MK kommunity might happen upon an article here and see some people trolling in the comments which in turn might cause them to form a negative opinion about the MK franchise based on misinformation and cost the MK scene a potential new recruit. It happens with all communities, but I imagine with ones that are trying to aggressively expand with the launch of a new title in the franchise, like MK, it probably has significantly more of a negative impact.

In regard to the “clunky animations” complaint you see floating around, I can kind of see why that comes up so much. The animations don’t look any worse than sfiv or mvc3 to me but I think the clunky claim boils down to one thing; hitsparks.

Capcom loves their hitsparks.

HDR [media=youtube]HEzhVxnyGig[/media]
Alpha 3 [media=youtube]rtSmmP-ns-c[/media]
EX2 [media=youtube]rpmtD2CfzEw[/media]
CVS2 [media=youtube]eU5Wvbahj7U[/media]
3rd Strike [media=youtube]PDYANa9a-mU[/media]
SSFIV [media=youtube]T08qkkxzflo[/media]
TVC [media=youtube]2HPvc9Tb0_I[/media]
MVC2 [media=youtube]h9FLu3fzC40[/media]
MVC3 [media=youtube]h-qbIptGsBk[/media]

They go from reasonably sized yellow sparks that cover part of a character (HDR) to giant explosions that cover large areas of the screen (MVC3) and everything in between. When characters make contact in one of their games Capcom makes sure you fucking know about it. This accomplishes a couple things. One, since they’re usually bright and colorful it adds to the entertainment value of the product to some degree (people, in general, are easily entertained by bright colors and explosions) and gives players that aesthetic feedback during gameplay. Two, and this one I feel is the most significant, since they’re usually explosions of some sort they not only draw the eye to them but also work towards concealing many transitions of animation (you tend not to see most of a “clunky” transition between animations when a star is going supernova right in front of it).

Conversely, the crew over at NRS don’t use the bright colors and explosions approach to signify when one character makes contact with another. They use a splatter of dark blood that is kind of hard to see. It hides nothing and provides very little visual feedback, but it does add to the level of brutality, which is a good thing if that’s what the game is going for, but it’s not going to help draw in people that are used to the explosion of colors from Capcom fighters and the like.

I personally like both though. They’re just different styles is all. Different ways to express the same medium. I feel the old adage “variety is the spice of life” applies here. Unfortunately though many people do not feel the same.

“This is different from what I play, I don’t understand it, it therefore must suck, and I have to make sure everyone knows.”

In summation; assholes.

It is looking much less stiff though even without adding flash to it, it actually looking pretty fluid for some of the characters. Kids on the net hate everything, loud minority. This coming Tuesday I can’t wait to touch the demo.


Agreed. The animations look perfectly fine to me. In fact the game as a whole, from the models to the animations to the stages and beyond, is just beautiful, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it again.

It’s just that when you take a community, such as the majority of people here on SRK, that are used to seeing the universe explode anytime a character in their games touches another character, and show them a game with what I would call naked animations, such as MK, it’s going to seem a little off to them.

One of the videos from GDC showed Johnny juggling Mileena. He popped her up, jabbed her a couple times, dashed forward, jabbed her a couple more times, then finished with something or another, and the whole time Mileena was just flailing around in the air with her back facing the ground. From my perspective (a person that has been playing various Capcom fighters for a while) it looked a little stiff and bizarre, but then I realized that that is exactly how it looks in every other game I play; the defending character is suspended in air in a reeling animation that resets with each subsequent hit in the juggle until they’re grounded. The only difference was that there were no hitsparks to draw my attention and partially conceal the juggle.

I didn’t grow up on MK. I grew up on SF. I’ve come to expect a certain level of visual feedback from my actions in fighters because that’s what Capcom has conditioned me to expect. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A game can be perfectly fine without stars exploding when characters exchange blows.

good shit, xaaz.

well said, xaaz.

Seems that the recent gameplay videos showing actual matches are being received fairly for the most part. Sure, there are troll comments, but that can’t be helped.

Next week is the demo (2 weeks for those of us without PSN Gold), so that will really determine how much the trolling will lessen overall. It would be nice to get solid impressions of both the demo and the Truck Tour build, as well.