Minnesota: Keep it Classy!

Minnesota: Keep it Classy

Welcome to MN Matchmaking Thread.

Welcome all new players and be sure to use this to stay in touch with the community.

I can send you tournament invites personally if you friend Games N Go on Facebook!


Games N Go
10 Rosedale Center #275
Roseville, MN 55113
View Map
(651) 636-6099

Competitive casual gaming every Tuesday at Games N Go Rosedale
Tuesday Night 4pm- 9pm
First floor on the corner, near the Plaza entrance and Green Mill
Be sure to check to out the community sites for all latest MN Event Info

Casual Gamining Wednesdays at Games N Go Brooklyn Park
Wednesday night 5pm-9pm
Games N Go - Brooklyn Park
7605 W Broadway Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55428
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(763) 416-3263

Stay tuned for random Gatherings posted in the Thread.

Upcoming events (this will be updated monthly)

NOV 6 Sunday Major Cash tournament
Cash tournament GNG Brooklyn Park start time 2pm
Street Fighter
Mortal Kombat

Schedule and pot bonuses will be up soon!

Tournament events and store info
Games N Go

Games N Go

MN Website / Community Info:
MN Street Fighter - Minnesota’s 2D Fighting Game Community

Check out the latest Videos from recent tournaments or casuals
YouTube - GamesNGoTV’s Channel
YouTube - mnstreetfighter’s Channel

Have fun and remember Keep it classy!!!

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yay new THREAD!

What up MN? See you at MWC this weekend!

That’s funny, Gene. I like it.

Is this the new MN thread?

Blanka wins. Perfect!

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Updated Since 6/5/11

This is for all the new comers or anyone lurking with this is thread. (Someone once told me that there maybe some people looking at this thread.)

You’re welcome to post on SRK and come to Games N Go :china:. All I (We) expect in person is to be respectful and have fun. There are times when I see some people at casuals and they don’t play due to shyness or I’m not sure what it is. Don’t be shy and this is a open for those that loves fighting games.

What I’m trying to tell everyone is that, anyone can come in and play SF, its up to you to come by. I’ve met new members and we get along with a lot of them. That’s how you start. We play for the love of the game and to have fun.

One of my Good Fellow Members once said that fighting game communities is a socializing group. We play to have fun and get to know others. If you come to play, come to play.

“Its the effort and thought that counts.”
“Practice makes perfect.”
“For the Love of the Game.” - Michael Jordan :love:

This is one of the main info for the casuals (I wrote this before) - There are Tuesday Casuals at Games N Go in Rosedale Mall at 6pm-9pm. We usually have SSF4, MVC3, and MK9. Please come by

GamesNGo would be one of your sources/locations for the MN Street Fighter Community. GamesNGo holds up a monthly tournament also.

Here is a link to there website:

Games N Go on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1523261824
Add them as a Friend, they will give you updates on tournaments and casuals.

MN Street Fighter - www.mnstreetfighter.com
This is a website where Stefan AKA Shogun17 made for the MN Community, updates on events and more about us. The Ranking System is outdated.

VGF - http://www.videogamingfederation.org/
This is a website where you register for your ranking in your state (MN) and know where you rank.

This is a link on Youtube on videos we’ve taken from Casuals, Tournaments, Matches, and etc…

This is a link on Youtube on videos we’ve taken from Casuals, Tournaments, Matches, and etc…

For the new comers, this is a view of what looks like what.

- This is what a causal or ranking battle would look like (We haven’t been doing Ranking Battles)

mnstreetfighter - 3.28.2009 - Ranbat chit-chat

mnstreetfighter - 4.11.09 - SF4 Ranbat 2.1 - “Mike’s Full House” part 1

5-2-2010 - Games N Go Tuesday Casuals Turnout

7-13-10 Games N Go Tuesday Turnout part 2

7-21-10 Games N Go Tuesday Turnout part 1

7-27-10 - Games N Go Tuesday Turnout part 2

8-24-10 - Games N Go Tuesday Turnout part 2

8-31-10 - Games N Go Tuesday Turnout

12-15-10 Games N Go Casual Tuesday Turnout

12-23-10 Games N Go Tuesday Casuals Turnout

-This is what tournaments or out of state tournaments look like

Games N Go SF4 Tournament @ Rosedale, MN - Pre-tournament chit-chatter

Games N Go 2nd SF4 Tournament @ Rosedale - Another good turnout!

4-2-10 - Games N Go Street Fighter 4 pre-tournament turnout

Games N Go SF4 Tournament 7.31.2009

Lacrosse tournament setup

Minnesota Meltdown - 8-15-09 - lots o’ people and games

Drunk chicks playing Street Fighter 4

5-21-10 ssf4 games n go tourney - The Turnout

Games N Go Championships (GNGC) slideshow

9-17-10 SSF4 Games N Go tournament turnout

Love the new thread title! Bingo!


Good luck with the thread title! :rofl:

in b4 “yo dawg, yo shit is weak 4 realz. pwnnnnnddddd.”

Well lookit that, a migration. Anyone interested in a small group endless battle this evening? And is anyone hosting an event this weekend other than MWC?

I’m down

Keep it classy:[media=youtube]I1xNNP2sH5o"[/media]

lol @ Erik…

played you last night in ranked. ggs!

I’d like to, but my Mom will be in town for Mother’s Day weekend, so I can’t host. Isaac, are you up for hosting again, or are you heading down to MWC?

Also, I think I’d like to do a SSF4 RanBat pretty soon here, possibly next weekend (15th). It’s been hard lately trying to schedule anything because so many events are going on (LaX, MWC, GnG, etc.). What does everyone think?

hm, don’t think the 15th works. there’s going to be a tournament in saint paul. marc posted it in the old thread.

also, it’s my b-day that day. tryin’ to filter me out shogun!!!? jk, lol

Good stuff on the new thread.

If I get a ride to MWC I won’t be able to host. If I can’t I will host. hows that sound.