Milwaukee: Too grimey for the rest of WI

Double posting to bump this thread up. Please let the Smash Bros. thread die now people.

Triple post
I see the movie theatre in Kenosha is getting Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D anybody wanna go watch that shit? I think it comes out on the 26th the same day as Catherine.

lol kenosha… i can go beat QUAZ again

WOW This is news to me, Im from NYC and moved to wisconsin and I could have swore there was no fighting ANYTHING out here but I guess i was wrong(Thanks Geese Pants)

Where in wisconsin r u? Pretty much everyone who posts here lives in milwaukee.

Also ur dp looks like mike conley. Lol

Im in madison Wisconsin. dp? you mean my default pic? whos mike conley lol

I googled the name, Yea I kinda do lol

Green Bay’s monthlies have had over 20 unique players so far. We just cant seem to get them all into one place at the same time :frowning:

Why is that? and where would I start in greenbay?

There are bi-weekly tourneys at (of all things) a Chinese food restaurant, Happy Wok, every other Saturday. Tourneys are run by JimmyPikachuChoi are generally Tekken and Soul Calibur focused, though there was a good spurt of MVC3 for a while as a few good players are in the area (Dooku, Keranata, MysticBill). Other than a few people, though, the tourneys are usually pretty casual, and stakes are either $1 or $3 per person.

All that said, the community there is hella friendly. Awesome group of people, and you’ll be able to get plenty of casual matches in. Thread for previous Madison tourney (has location, etc.): [Jun 18, 2011] Madison SC4 Tourney #55 6/18/11 (Madison, WI)

Thx for the directions, When will be there next one?

They just had one tonight, so probably in another two weeks.


I just watched a dante player use two level 3’s in one combo, wtf marvel 3

I wonder if you could do 3 level 3s on someone in training mode in one combo, just rebuilding meter between the level 3s

This is very very old and not important and really not surprising because about 5 different characters can do this, you need to start with 5 bars and then only need to build 1 bar to do combos like this and it isn’t like that’s hard. And no you can’t do 3 level 3’s unless you can build 4 bars in 1 combo.

I didn’t know happy wok had a tourney tonight I guess I’ll go make a facebook profile just to follow Jimmy so I know when they are.

Capn FuzzLov3 I sent you a pm

I just talked to Jerry and he told me he’ll still be able to run fight nights in July. They will be held at his new place. I’ll update the addy in the OP when he gets me his new addy.

When does 3S:OE drop? I heard this summer?

We’re starting to get a bunch of new people here in madison. Most of us are pretty new to the scene, but we have at least two regulars that know what they’re doing in 2d fighters. Most of us are on the west side by Middleton, and the tourneys are on the east side by Sun Prairie.

I’ll prob host a fight night sometime this week, I’m thinking either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sometime next month.

EHHHHH?! I was only gone for 4 days! What’s going on?