Milwaukee: Too grimey for the rest of WI

New thread please post in here as the old thread will be closed soon.

Pertinent info such as players and information on tournaments/when/where we meet is below in this first post. If you are a new player and would like to be included in the player list PM me the following info: Name/handle,city you represent,games you play and any other info you’d like included in your player bio.


NappyJin - Mains Tekken but also plays Guilty Gear and most doujin style games like Melty Blood and Arcana Heart. A solid all around player in many games.

MadWak - Specializes in SSF4 and Marvel. Good with several characters in SSF4 including Viper and Rufus. Known to play pretty much everything including Tekken, Melty Blood, MK, and all versions of Street Fighter to some degree.

Munn3y - Wisconsin’s best HDR player by far. Also plays SSF4 and mains Rog. Won a few HDR tournaments in 2009 and 2010 and won the last SF4 tournament in Racine in 2009.

Footmeetsskull - Mains Ryu and Bison in AE. Is willing to play any fighting game. Organizes monthly tournaments at Romine’s High Pockets in Milwaukee.

TomatoPancake - Helped the Milwaukee scene florish by opening his place up to all players on a weekly basis. Mains Zangief in SF4 and Super and good at many versions of SF including 2 and 3. Willing to learn many different FGs. Placed 2nd at the first Tracks SF4 tournament.

SRWPyrit - Is it SWR or SRW? No one can remember. Mains Gief in Super but plays several characters. Also plays many other games including TvC and SNK games.

BudoWing - Plays Calibur and mains Chun in SSF4.

Price - AKA JPDuffman. Mains Blanka in Super. More or less came into the scene with SF4. The most consistant player in Milwaukee and constantly getting better.

Yoshi - AKA Yee. Mains Cammy in HDR and Ryu in AE.

Sparda - AKA Lil Negrito AKA Sam the Marketman. Mainly a Tekken player but dabbles in other games such as SF4.

choppie_choppie - Best Rose in Milwaukee. Can be surprisingly solid at times and can become a great player with more matchup experience. Price’s rival in SSF4 online.

Beefman - As much as Milwaukee player as I am. Lives in Northern IL but will always consider himself a WI player. Mains Vega in SF2 and El Fuerte in SF4.

shinwolverine - Local T. Hawk player. Also played Calibur.

Syxx-Actually lives in Gurnee but has nothing better to do than come to Milwaukee and help us level up. He is proficient in damn near every fighter ever made. Places well in almost every tourney he enters. Causes people to have nightmares about his floating head shaking in disapproval. Excited for Arcana Heart 3. A true SRK OG. His Cammy in HDR is legendary. You’re also able to tell when Syxx is in the area just by his sweet ride.

Sinfwho- California transplant now living in Waukesha and looking to level up. Mains Guy Gamertag on XBL is Sinfwho.

TheBlackRose- Plays AE,MK9 and 3SO. Willing to play pretty much everything.
Helps with brackets at tournaments.

Jakegame007 - AKA Jake the Snake. New to the community. Plays SSF4AE and mains Vega. Hoping to level up. Resides just outside of Waukesha. Gamertag on XBL:TheOneSnake

LaCrosse-Small weekly gatherings are held every Sunday PM daffu for details
Ointments-A hard chargin’ sonuvabitch. Mains Bison in AE,Sindel in MK and plays several teams in MVC3. Gotliek in Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master. A founding member of the notorious 606 Chuff Crew.

daffu-“SSF4:AE seriously, MK9 not seriously. Been playing Fei Long since vanilla and Makoto since Super and AE turned me into a tier whore. Cool.”

Shia “SuperShia”: SSF4, 3S, HDR/Super Turbo
Pretty much the best in La Crosse… Can pickup just about any character in any game and show you how to execute some combo. Enjoys $3.99 steak and egg combos as much as 9 hit combos.

Picks a character early in a game’s lifecycle and makes it his personal bitch. Solid.

Mike “Eclips”: Prefers characters with 360 motions so that he can say “BOOOOOOOOOOOM” really loud when he lands something.

Jacob “SubwayJacob”: Plays the japanese version of everything first so he has a 4 day headstart on everyone. On big game release weeks; buys lots of 99 cent BK burgers, refridgerates them, and eats them throughout the week.

John “Caviezel”: Bracket man at GG events. Dabbles in whatever fighting game is in front of him. Tiny hands.

Evan “Minnwild”: Owner of Gaming Generations, hates SSF4 but plays it since everyone else does. More of a Super Turbo man. Plays on HAPP (inexpensive) gear since he will destroy inferior electronics for not obeying his thoughts. Ghosts and Goblins savant.

Ben “CTW(cheat to win)”: Cheats at everything. Scrubby guile in every game with Guile in it.

Bobcat.Duff - Plays Cammy and Rose in Super.

Regnisied- Another Matt LOL. Is originally from Greenfield and is going to school at UWL. Plays MVC2 and 3,BBCS2 and dabbles in SF. Is GDLK at all 3 Smash games.

Yonaton- Plays AE,BLazblue and MK9. Yonaton on PSN.

Heikorules-Madison player that specializes in Yun is lookinf for matches and players in Madison in AE.

Krezmasters- Real name is Alex XBL gamertag is Lordofwar495. Plays AE and Marvel. Originally from Milwaukee and will be living on campus at UW Madison this fall.

Submaximal- Real name is Max. Plays AE and MK9. Is a student at UW-Madison and lives on campus.

Behatryce - AKA Keranata on SRK, plays Super and some Blazblue. Best MVC3 player in Wisconsin currently

Mundungu - MVC3 player

dooku9876 - plays AH3, Marvel

Jswey- MadTown 3S Ken specialist. Plays ST,MVC2,AE,MK and pretty much everything.

Hellsent/Bridgypoo- Plays ST/CVS2/3S and just got back into fighting games after a long hiatus. Is trying to learn AE.

Bigchips - AKA chipieb0i107. Local SSF4 pad champion. Runs Rufus, Balrog, and Akuma. One of the stream monsters.

That pretty much sums up all the SRK people, but I’d like to expand the list as much as possible.

Weekly Fight Nights in Milwaukee
Location :
2437 N. Weil Apt 4
Milwaukee, WI
When : Every Tuesday, generally from 6ish til 11 or 12ish

Feel free to suggest a different thread title at any time.

that’s a large post. old info too.

If I had to write my own bio I’d say “I play chun li because she’s easy to use and I like charge characters. I always take last at tracks and try to help out Milwaukee’s FGC any way I can”

I’m wondering if La Crosse should even be in the OP of the thread anymore. There’s no more fight nights and we can’t get more than 3 or 4 people together at a time. It’s kinda depressing.

So I found this pretty well drawn fighting game themed lolicon H doujin. It’s about this guy with no friends besides his ssf online “bro” who’s contemplating killing himself, they meet up at his house one day to find out that she’s actually a 11 year old FG prodigy girl. They procede to do a position called the “anti air” and play chess(not really). It’s hilarious and kinda cute, people who don’t have morals should check it out.
annd the threads off to a good start

madwalk? are you kidding me?!?! nah i dont think we’re going tho. especially not me i dont wanna drive that long.

I think miltown needs to find a new place for tuesdays asap also.

also itl be cool if the op bios were updated with players who are MIA such as:
huey freeman?

what’s going on about tuesdays?

I’ll update the OP sometime today. You do realize there are like 12 people that are MIA. Should I remove them from the OP all together or just put MIA next to their names?

i just put down my security deposit for a new place, which is right around the corner from my current one. fight nights will continue at a new location as of august.

matt, did you drop juri? that new vid on the front page looks sick as hell

No, I didn’t drop her just don’t play her as much. I’ll be playing her more often now considering she got some buffs in AE.

We should all chip in and get Jerry that MK cab as a housewarming gift.

yeah just put MIA to the ppl who havent come out. maybe they got so shit happening irl so they cant make it but the have been out in the past tho.

So is there still interest in Wausau this saturday? i need to know asap so we can reserve a rental again

i’m still down for wausau

i’ve gotta play brawl for a couple minutes to brush off the rust

hahaha Im going to enter brawl as well-I’ll jump right in it. It sounds fun.

if you like mario party… you’ll love smash!

so we have nowhere to play for july? sucky, but at least august picks up again.

um. munn3y just said a couple posts ago that he’s taking people to wausau if there are enough committed interests.

It’s hotter than a hooker at the free clinic with the hot 5 today. As far as gatherings in July I could probably have a couple people over sometime. I’ll post up when I know more.