Michael Bay to direct Transformers 4

Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned in the forums yet.

it hasnt been mentioned because his films suck.

http://nooooooooooooooo.com/ Why? I was hoping with 3 done, we could get a reboot in about 5-10 years or something, but it seems paramount is gonna run the franchise into the ground before they let off. So upsetting that they “reboot” the franchise and the only thing they bring back is literally the worst part of the first 3 movies.

Beast Wars please, I just want to see Dinobot wreck shit.

cool, anything Transformers im down with.

Megatron is dead…

who cars :shrug:

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Last Transformers movie grossed over a billion dollars worldwide.

Like literally, more than $1,000,000,000 - that is a stupid, dumb amount of money. That is Harry Potter money, and those ran out of books to adopt. There’s nothing stopping them from making Transformers movies over and over again until we’re dead. Clearly the current formula works too because…well, they make a billion dollars.

Same reason they’ll never stop making Pirates of the Caribbean movies either.

Why the fuck would Michael Bay walk away from a billion dollar movie franchise? Ever? He’d be insane to do that.


/Kanye shrug

Just throw him in the ocean to be reconstructed by other, lesser, decepicons and everything will work out.

Fuck this…

So that means it’ll be a boring piece of shit with lots of boobs and dubstep fights that last for two seconds? Terrific.

Didn’t Megatron die in basically all three movies and yet they still keep bringing him back with bullshit excuses?

As an aspiring writer/director who wants only to be involved with projects I can be proud of and stand behind, I can’t hate on anyone who intentionally makes shitty films to add at least a few million to their bank account. Like CL said you would have to be insane to turn that shit down, unless you don’t like money.


I liked TF3, more than the other two. Finally, the TFs were (almost) characters instead of props. So the hell with it. More lingerie model vag shots and highly flammable materials. And maybe some Unicron or Beast Wars or JP-only stuff.

He died in the first and was hurt in the second.

He was DESTROYED in the third. It doesn’t matter anyways, he was pussified to such an extreme - I wouldn’t want his image diminished anymore than it already has.

Nothing short of Dinobots could spurn me into ANY level of excitement frenzy. I’m one of the guys that didn’t mind them making the 2nd and third despite them being lackluster as they were still mildly entertaining, and while the idea of another movie gets me juices flowing…this doesn’t really do it…its not just the director - I actually am perfectly fine with Bay, my issue is the 3rd one wa written like ‘the end of a trilogy’ - so a fourth is completely forced. I’d rather an early reboot - ala Spiderman & Xmen. Shia already said he’s done so it has to be a new direction at least…just reboot.

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My opinions on the live action Transformers movies.
Transformers 1: A suprisingly good modernized live-action adaptation of a classic 80’s tv show with a decent plot with some actually pretty funny jokes and some great action sequences, Peter Cullen’s voice as Optimus is fucking awesome.

Transformers 2: I did not like this film at all. It has little to no plot to hold the narrative structure together, the pacing is strange, pretty much all the characters are instantaneously hateable (Jetfire is the sole exception here), the humor is a huge step down from the first one which actually had some decent jokes, there are unexplained plot holes everywhere (WHY CAN’T BUMBLEBEE SPEAK WHEN HE RECOVERED HIS VOICE IN THE FIRST MOVIE) and the film has way too much pointless scenes that could of actually have been used to strengthen the plot. If it wasn’t for some of the action sequences being well executed and Peter Cullen’s godlike voice it would be one of the worst movies i have ever seen.

Transformers 3: It finds itself trapped between the elements of the first and the second film, with the good action sequences and coherent straightforward plotline of the first film present, but the humorist it is of a mix of quality, the tiny robots are really fucking annoying like the jive speaking ones in the second (they aren’t quite that bad though, thank god), some of the film’s major characters go out like absoloute bitches and there’s still some pointless scenes in there.
Peter Cullen’s voice still makes me mangasm though and overall it’s a good blockbuster action film if you leave your brain at the door and just revel in the ridiculousness of it all.

So yeah with the exception of the second one the Bay Transformers films aren’t bad by any means, but I’d like to give another director a shot at it to see if they could improve on these films in the plot department, if they could get a really good director like Brad Bird or Neil Blomkamp in particular that would be awesome.

Thank goodness i was never a fan of this franchise, or i would be raging over Bay making these movies.
But if they make money with them, i guess some people like that.

megatron will be retconned to be a title thats passed down just like the name prime is. i would kill a small baby for them to make beast wars-esque megatron. spouting eloquent monologues as he tears you limb from limb.

my problem with the first one…

Also that the decepticons are fucking indestructible unless we team up and use human tech on them… :confused:
The deceps where OP in the first one

lets not forget all the human stuff… coulda have easily been called Shiya meets the transformers.

Worst news in srk GD right now. Yes, even worse than that.

The first one was awesome. The second sucked balls. The third one…I’m still pissed that Starscream got taken out like a bitch by…SHIA LABEOUF!!!
Please God no more.