[MIAMI.FL] FIU Testing Grounds OCT28-29

[MIAMI.FL] FIU Testing Grounds DECEMBER 2


**Florida International University
Porter Davis Game Room

Testing Grounds
South Florida Fighting Game Tournament**

December 2nd 2006 @ 11AM
FIU Graham Center Game Room
door entry fee
$7, additional $1 for University parking all day, pool is available at $5 per game
main games ($10)
Marvel VS Capcom 2 [DC]
Capcom VS SNK 2 [PS2]
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike [PS2]
Guilty Gear XX Slash [PS2]
Tekken 5 [PS2]
Super Smash Bros. Melee [GC]
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 [GC]
side games ($5)
Twinkle Star Sprites [PS2] (min. entries 8)
The King of Fighters XI [PS2] (min. entries 8)
Melty Blood Act Cadenza [PS2] (min. entries 8)
Tetris DS [NDS] (min. entries 8)
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution [PS2] (min. entries 8)
1st place gets 70% of the pot
2nd place gets 20% of the pot
3rd place gets 10% of the pot

FIU University Park, Graham Center Game Room
11200 SW 8TH ST


Parking will be available for $1 per car. You must purchase a one-day parking pass at the tournament itself. I’ll elaborate more on how to do this later, but it’s inexpensive and cool and the parking lots are like right there, so it’ll be done.

All games:

  • 2/3 Double Elimination for normal matches.
  • 3/5 Finals
  • Seeding is random

MAIN TOURNAMENTS $10 entry fee

Marvel VS Capcom 2:

  • No game-breaking/freezing glitches.
  • No deadbody infinites (except for purposes of repositioning).
  • Winner keeps same team, loser may change everything.

Capcom VS SNK 2:

  • No game-breaking/freezing glitches.
  • No console-exclusive characters (Riot Iori, Evil Ryu, God Rugal, Shin Akuma).
  • Players cannot change character order before match start.
  • Winner keeps same team, loser may change everything.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

  • 2/3 rounds.
  • No game-breaking/freezing glitches.
  • Gill’s banned.
  • Winner keeps same character (may change super), loser may change everything.

Guilty Gear XX Slash

  • 2/3 rounds.
  • No game-breaking/freezing glitches.
  • No console-exclusive characters (Kliff, Justice.)
  • No #Reload characters are allowed. Slash only.

Tekken 5

  • 3/5 rounds.
  • All characters allowed.
  • Stage set on random select.
  • Winner keeps same character, loser may change character.

Super Smash Bros Melee

  • 4 stock, 8-min time limit.
  • No items.
  • Stages picked at random from: Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi’s Story, Fountain of Dreams, Kirby 64, Pokemon Stadium.
  • Winner keeps same character, loser may change character.

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4

  • 2/3 rounds.
  • Dog and puppet are banned.
  • Random stage select.
  • Winner keeps same character, loser may change character.

SIDE TOURNAMENTS $5 entry fee, must have at least 8 entries to be run

Twinkle Star Sprites

  • 3/5 rounds.
  • Very Hard setting for all matches.
  • Winner keeps same character, loser may change character.

The King of Fighters XI

  • Arcade mode.
  • Oswald’s unblockable+infinite is banned.
  • No NGBC characters allowed.
  • Shion and Magaki are banned.
  • Winner keeps same team/leader, loser may change everything.

Melty Blood Act Cadenza

  • 3/5 rounds.
  • Playing PS2 ‘normal’ version (AC 1.1).
  • Neco-Arc / Neco-Arc Chaos players will have to bring a memory card because none of us have it unlocked. :frowning:

Tetris DS

  • 3/5 matches.
  • Standard multiplayer Tetris DS rules (no items).
  • All participants must bring their own DS and copy of the game for purposes of maintaining the organizer’s sanity.

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

  • 3/5 rounds.
  • Dural is banned.
  • Players may bring their own memory cards to record their matches if they so wish.

More as it comes up. Times to be announced sometime later.


11AM…Registration opens, TVs open for casual.
01PM…MVC2, CVS2, NGNT4 tournaments start.
02PM…Side tournaments start.
05PM…SF3:3S, GGXXS, T5, SSBM tournaments start.
09PM…Finals: Side tournaments start.
10PM…Finals: Main tournaments start.


This is bring your own stick/converter. We will have nothing for you to loan (aside from MAYBE standard PS2, DC and GC pads), so come prepared. We’re not responsible for you not having anything to play on.


  • When it’s your turn to play, if you are not present and you haven’t warned me ahead of time that you will not be present, you will have 5 minutes before I disqualify you. If you were in the Winner’s bracket, I will put you in the Loser’s up until your next match, where I will wait again before eliminating you outright.
  • Golden rule: do unto others as you’d like them to do unto you. If you’re disruptive during the tournament or do anything obviously illegal, we’ll throw you out.


  • You may bring your own console and set it up on a TV that is meant for casuals that does not have anything plugged into it. Neither FIU nor the tournament staff are responsible for your belongings (this does not mean the staff will not try to keep an eye on things for you nor that they won’t help you try and find them – we are simply under no obligation to).


  • You must bring your own controller and/or system converter. We do NOT provide controllers for players (except simple, plain pads). It is the responsibility of the player who is interested in competing to provide his own equipment.
  • No programmable controllers, no controller macros, no auto-fire. In-game macros for buttons is allowed (such as Guilty Gear’s FRC-on-a-button, or assigning a shoulder button on a PS2 pad to throw in 3rd Strike).


  • You may bring your own TV to set up for a game. When you do, please make sure your things are marked and that you take care of your items.
  • Any TV being used for tournament purposes should not be used for casual. If it’s empty and there’s no matches being run on it, inform the tournament staff.
  • We know you want to play casual, and that’s why we will have many TVs available for you to do so. However, we request that you please respect both the tournament players and the tournament game setups so that we can run tournaments faster and on time.

Cant wait this shit looks like fun!!

Yo i told Kastro about this and i will see who else i can hit for this.

Good stuff bwoy!!

Only decent person is SNES… the rest can stay.

Danny and I are going.

So… whats the prize?

I’m gonna go to this tourney rather than the j-ville one. Count me in

I’ll try to make it down there, I need a vacation anyway.

oh yeah

prize is standard pot 70/20/10

Good stuff bro. I posted it on other forums as well. But that’s a crapload of games you have there, man…

Luke, if you want to run Naruto, it’s all yours.

I actually need people who are willing to volunteer for “staff” – this pretty much means that you have guaranteed food and drink for the tournament and you won’t have to pay an entrance fee for the door. You’d be helping me by telling me who won in what game, handling disputes with shit like bluescreens and controller issues, etc.

Also, while I think I can account for 2-3 gamecubes, I’m going to need a slew of PS2s. I have ~4 accounted for, if you’d like to “donate” yours for tournament games, please let me know.

I will cover CVS2 and or 3S if you want me to. I want free food, drinks and fee. :slight_smile:
Does that still allow me to enter though?

yes, it covers your entrance fee, just not your per-game tournament fee

right now, that i know of, i have loud luis ™, andrew and luke as possible staff. anyone else want to give me a hand? you guys will pretty much just have pen and paper to walk around and write shit up that happens and i’ll put the information in a laptop.

You sure? I’ll leave you on the list just in case you change your mind.

I don’t work weekends, so if you need, just ask.

So what food can I expect? :slight_smile:

i’ll try to make this

Actually If you need me as staff I can help in 3S…>_> ( I feel I that I don’t have any 3S skills anymore)

OR smash… But they’re both Saturdays right?

I’m going to see about what we can do for food, depends a lot on what FIU will let me do.

As it stands? Little Caesar’s pizza (and a lot of it).

For staff I need people whom I see on a regular basis. Andrew and Danny’s help I could use, but I’d have to turn down yours, Ice. ;(

As it is I think with the people that actually work the gameroom, plus Andrew, Danny, Luke (if he wants) and Luis, we should be be totally straight for ‘staff’.

If you read, 3S is Saturday, Smash is Sunday. I pretty much ran 3D on Day 2, with a side of randomness tossed in (Tetris, Melty Blood). I know some of you will show up for only one or two events so I’m making sure that you don’t feel forced to come both days – your door entry fee covers both your days of participation, though, just make sure you keep your proof of purchase. I’m probably going to switch the VF4: Evo and MBAC tournaments, though, since it makes no sense I’m running 3D on day two but VF4 on day one.

oh yeah also:

what’s the consensus on you guys playing a super dragonball z (chou dbz) tournament?

I’m gonna try and make this even if I have to drive a couple hours.

Only if I pick the big monkey and be cheap!