Mexico Fighting Scene

One game seems to be filling up arcades with machines here in Mexico. I’ve visited three different arcades (all were pretty small) and the biggest had 4-5 KoF consoles. I’ve been watching them, and the Mexicans kick ass at this game. I mean they just casually walk up, go undefeated until their friends or girlfriend comes to get them.

The machines themselves are in poor shape. They have one employee, usually a woman, who just chills behind her desk and watches their black and white portable tv’s all day. My friend and I visited an arcade outside a supermarket, and I swear to god, something was broken on every machine. The gun games had a gun missing, only allowing one person to play. The fightin machiens, ESPECIALLY the KoF machines. The punch button was stuck down on one, and two of the lower buttons didn’t work on another.

Other than the ill repair, the players that I watched were very skilled. So I ask you: Is Mexico the land of forgotten fighters?

seems to make sense. Alot of KOF vids i see are from Latin America

Mexicans own this game, everybody knows that.

And btw, are you even from Mexico or even Mexican for that matter cause you sound surprised to see so many broken arcades, not putting you down or anything.

LOl everybody knows MExico OWNZ at KOF there was a dude from Mexico who moved to MTL he’s a friend of my dad said he use to place top 3 in every major over there he showed me some shit on KOF98 and 2K2 wow…shit was incredible daaamn

mexicans = gods of kof

Mexicans are ridiculously good at KOF. The tourney scene, however, is relatively poor.

I think the biggest problem with that is that most Mexicans who do play aren’t always internet-inclined so word of mouth of big tournaments in different places doesn’t spread. The bus from one place to another can also be pretty expensive (they’re ridiculously nice buses, though), so unless you’re a group of good friends in Mexico and your buddies can pitch in for gas money, then you won’t ever really see people from out of state show to a tournament.

As for the condition of the machines, it greatly varies depending on where you go.

Mexico excels in the realm of SNK games (KOF being the cherry on the cake). On the other hand, aside from MvC 2, you will be hard-pressed to find distinguished TS or CvS 2 players, mostly because, for some odd reason, Capcom did not distribute TS or CvS2 properly when they came out. Hell, starting from SFA 3, it became more and more rare to see new Capcom machines around that weren’t Versus games. In my city (which is the 5th biggest city in Mexico) there are NO SFA 3, TS, or CvS2 machines. Nothing. Nada. All the Capcom fighting games you’ll find are Marvel games, and that’s it.

I haven’t heard about any tournaments either…not even from Mexico City. The tournaments here are only promoted on a “regional” level…which means it will only cover the city where it’s hosted, not a state or part of the country. Prizes aren’t mad crazy, either (just a certain money fee and that’s it).

As for states of the arcades…it really depends. If you go to those random stands outside supermarkets or within grocery stores, you are bound to find those broken cabinets because the owners don’t give a shit about maintenance…as long as they keep giving money, they won’t care. Then you have “downtown arcades” which are the most busy, have TONS of machines, and are usually kept in good shape, because you know players will complain. Then you have the big arcade conglomerates (Moy, Recorcholis, Playtime), which are snazzy arcades for the whole family…but mostly suck in the fighting game department (one of them still has MK 4).

As for players…they’re not too talkative, which is good. They mind their own business, won’t usually talk to you, and never complain about being hit by cheap stuff. Even those who come with a bunch of friends are not that noisy…except between rounds, where the jokes/comments will be made about their playing, not yours. Seriously, I have found few assholes, and curiously made several friends just by arcade playing antics. Weird…

So, that’s the Mexican scene for ya…

I have disgraced my race by sucking at ALL snk games :sad:

Mexico still isnt as good as Korean in KOF but damn close.

Well, since mexico doesnt have a lot fo mayor tourneys we cant really tell

korea and mexico should play a 5 on 5 on evo :slight_smile:

theres some mvsc2 move here too
actually, the empire arcadia is gonna send JWong to a tourney in mexico city that is gonna be this saturday (or so Ive heard) (the mexican srk)

Read the forums and Justin is on his way already and should get there today. My country’s main top player is called mascota. 2 yrs of my life i spent in mexico, 17 and counting right here so im rooting for my champ JWONG.
OH man good thing i came here if not i would’ve been kofdemon :karate:

i still love Mexico when in comes to soccer :tup: other than that,

edit: oh and Dick Chaney 2

Yes, Mexico also knows their low tier Marvel for sure :tup:

fuck i cant wait to hear the results.


You’re insane. As far as I’m concerned, it’s Japan, HK and Mexico at the top. Peru and other South American areas with Korea, if anything, at the second tier. --;

“Revolution 2005”

Btw here’s the link to the site.

The Tournament is Called “Revoultion 2005”

Empire Arcadia vs. Mexico

After the Empire defeated Canada they now come to Mexico to face some of the best Marvel players in the world. The only problem is that thir shit is relatively unknown becasue they don’t have the luxury to travel all over the world like we do.

I’ll keep updating as the tourney begins…

I agree, but you forgot Pakistan which is in there somewhere.

Cyberfanatix is also run by them.

But I have to agree, I have yet to meet a Mexican who wasn’t good at KOF, :tup: .

i hope justin is at least going with someone who speaks spanish, and dont dress flashy either lol


All the people that run the tourney speak english. Half of those people are srk members


lemme know when the next big tekken5 tourny is happening, its time for me to come home

:encore: :badboy: :encore:

i still remember way back in the days when duc sr. was #1 a guy from mexico came to shgl and got like 3rd, pretty damn impressive it was like 100+ man tourny

Its gonna take a while before you find tekken players here