Metreon Tilt Thread (Formerly Official Portal One @ Metreon Thread)

Metreon Tilt officially opened 10/01/07 at 10am.

Mostly tourist games in the form of redemption, racers and shooters with some dance machines, etc. Very few fighters to start. They are bringing more games in as the weeks go by.

First off: What games are at metreon
Second: What are the hours


Will there be a 3S machine there anytime soon?

Operational Hours
-Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 10pm
-Friday - Saturday: 10am - 11pm

We have Unlimited Gaming
Mon, Wed-Fri: $20 for 2hrs and $15 for 1hr.
Tues: $10 for 2hrs.
Sat & Sun: $10 for 2hrs (only sold before 11am)

In Addition almost all our games are 50% off before 5pm Mon-Fri.

Fighting Games that we have: MVC2, CVS 1 & 2, Street Fighter 2 World Warrior, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, Soul Calibur 3, Tekken Tag (single player), KOF 2000, we will be getting Puzzle Fighter in soon (for you puzzle gamers).

We also have a bunch of racing and shooting games i.e. House of the Dead 4, Ghost Squad, Initial D 3, etc.

I’m working on trying to get 3S in the venue. If I get enough people posting here I can show the rest of management that there is a call for it.

comments - Portal 1 is not the place to go for fighting games. the button layout is just too… wrong. the top row of buttons (punches) are about an inch away from the bottom row of buttons (kicks). so yeah, ROM’ing isn’t fun at all.

but if you’re into other games, such as Initial D, i think that’s the place to go, if it isn’t crowded. 10 bucks for 2 hours isn’t bad at all, considering that it costs 75 cents - $1.00 per game at other arcades, that takes about 3 minutes per race (do the math).

suggestion - if Portal One really wants to see more of the fighting game community, i suggest that they fix the button layout (for starters).

While I do agree with you that the button layout is a bit off on a couple of the games (not all), in defense it’s not that bad and definitely very playable. As for not the place for fighting games, that really depends on your perspective. However your comments have been taken into account. Thanks, we welcome the constructive criticism.

Goten, no offense and to be honest, the Metreon doesn’t have what it takes to attract serious players from the fighting game community for regular casual games or tournaments. There are so much that needs to be fixed in order for us to go there and play consistantly, and I believe those things are all beyond your control. Here are the few reasons why Portal1 would not be the arcade of choice for us players.

1.) The price.
2.) The controls.
3.) The games.
4.) The competition.
5.) The location.

1.) Everyone in the Bay Area knows that an arcade in a Sony building in downtown would definetely not be $0.25 a credit per game. Last time I remember, it was $0.50 ~ $0.75 for a game of CvS2, which is obviously over priced. And most of us are teenagers and some without jobs, a game of CvS2 is $0.25 at SFSU with perfect controls and competition. This is the huge factor that drives everyone away, not to mention alot of us players hate the card system.

2.) The layout and the parts you guys use are really horrible. The sticks are way too far from the buttons, and you can literally fit another row of buttons between the row of punches and kicks. Everytime I try to tap a button, I tap the center of nothing. Not to mention both the sticks and buttons are really bad. I once remember there were buttons on the left and stick on the right on MvC2. And suprisingly, did you know that your Hello Kitty picture machine has a authentic Japanese Sanwa joystick in there? That made me giggle.

3.) You guys have the big 2 games [Marvel & CvS2] but is also missing 3S and T5:DR, the 2 most upcoming and popular games at this time. This + the price is actually the main reasons why I don’t go.

4.) More than half the time I go inside to take a look around, there are no one on the machines. And even if there were, they would be 10 years old that don’t know what’s going. We simply won’t pay $0.75 to play the computer, actually, not even $0.25.

5.) For the ones that drive, it is such a hassle and maybe sometime impossible to find a parking spot there without driving in circles for 30 mins. And we just won’t take a bus all the way to downtown to play at P1 for the reasons above.

I really appreciate you trying to get us into P1. But the thing is, it won’t work out. The hottest fighting game scence in SF is at SFSU, for a good location, good controls and most of all; good price. I don’t think that P1 is a place for fighting gamers, but actually will do alot alot better for all the other games like shooters and racers. Because I occasionally play a game of Ghost Squad there. So I’d say that maybe SRK isn’t the forum of choice to attract gamers, but I’d say you should leave this thread open because I can tell you are trying to do something good for us and I really appreciate that. Take those into consideration and see what can come out of it. Thanks!


this arcade sounds like shit

Exactly how much money does it cost to play Soul Calibur 3? thx…

Ths protal, not too much to say bout that place. If you’re from around there then you’ll probably like it. But like it was already said, Not the place for fighting games. They have most of the needed titles there but i remember the Marvel Machine was fucked dfor the longest time. Couldn’t jump on the left side and kick buttons didn’t work on the right. DDR is a good deal there though. 1 swipe for two or one person to play four songs. Unfortunately that damn card is expensive.

So if you happen to be in the Metreon…stop by. But i hear most people just end up heading to the pier to play considering its less expensive.

Where did you hear that people head to the pier instead of metreon?? The pier is even worse in my opinion… People goto SFSU Rac-N-Cue not pier or metreon…

Sillie: You make great points and all are valid. I’m not going to deny that. Many of the issues you’ve stated I actually agree with. I can’t do anything about our location, but the games and the controls are definitely something I can look into. We try to make sure the controls are constantly in working order however sometimes we just may not be aware.

If any one has control/game issues and what not, please inform us so we are aware of any problems.

For those that drive. Parking options if you’re willing to pay and know you’ll be in the downtown area for awhile 5th & Folsom and 3rd & Howard have flat rate parking in the area of $10 all day (good for those shopping, going to the movies, etc.). Sometimes they get as cheap as $5 all day towards late afternoon and night time.

Bohnett: Soul Cal 3 is reg. price 150pts, before 5pm Mon-Fri it’s 113pts. That comes out to $1.13-1.50/game if you don’t take advantage of our deals i.e. unlimited gaming and buying more a card to get bonus pts. Ex: $40 = 7200pts ($72 worth to play) I know it seems a bit much but it’s something to consider.

To all thanks for the input. Definitely will bring these things to the attention of the rest of management. Continue to leave posts, we can only change with feedback.

Wow thats insane… $1.50 each game of SC3!! ! ! ! ! No wonder I only got 3 games in when I got a $5 card!!

sounds shitty…delete thread!

Allow me to offer a tip from one venue to another: The way your thread is starting out may not look that promising, but look at the earliest post of the Rack-N-Cue @ SFSU Thread. There’s page after page of people blasting our game room. It may look bad, but this is exactly what you need for the people to come. By starting an “Official” Thread, you’re giving gamers who know how games should be a chance to tell you.

My advice. Don’t Defend. Just work on it. or at least make an honest attempt to compromise.

Congrats on at least getting a thread going.

Yeah Bohnett if you’re not taking advantage of the bonus pts we offer it can be crazy expensive. That’s due mainly to the location we’re in. If you decide to come back make sure to take advantage of the specials/deals we offer. If you don’t know/understand something just ask, the crewmembers are helpful.

Also I forgot to mention earlier but the building is no longer Sony operated. Westfield has actually taken over operations of the building a month or so before the summer. So there still may be some changes yet, for the better.

Thanks for the advice Poolboss. Even though I am defending the venue, the main purpose of this thread is to get input from the gamers so we can make changes to improve the venue. All this is really great input and remember I’m pretty much on the same page as most of you.

Rest assured to all those reading this thread. I’m taking note of everything so I can help to make it a better place for all gamers.

I went there 2 weeks ago and there was lots people playing MvC2 and CvS2, i only played a couple of games and the controls were a bit “off” if you know what i mean. I think the competition is there but i guess you’ll have to be there at a right time.

Bay Area needs more GGXX Slash!!!:tup:

I actually play at the metreon like once a month but I check it out every so often during my breaks. I don’t think the crowds are anything comparable to SFSU though.

Meteron is in a good location. It’s in downtown where all the shopping and eatting happens, Tons of ppl in that area unlike middle of no where SFSU <.< I’m just gonna suggest things that are a MUST if you guys are pretty serious about it:

  1. reduce the price of all fighting games to AT LEAST 50 cents or less. If people know it doesn’t cost like 100 bucks to play all day, they’ll come by more often or stay longer.

  2. replace the current button layout to match the U.S. standard. It’s not that hard, a lot of people in this forum make thier own joystick out of strach. It would also help if these buttons and joystick are checked to be in working order at least twice a month.

  3. update the arcade…3rd strike and tekken dr are the hottest games right now. Your arcade won’t stand a chance without those 2 games. Not many people play Soul caliber 3 but if you can attract the tekken crowd, you might get a decent turn out for this game. There’s no reason for portal one to carry cvs1 and tekken 4.

good point. Portal needs a FAT update…ITs all god. Hopefully one day they will. for an arcade that charges that much to play im surprised its takin’ so long