Message to UK HDR Players

Sure but I’m not referring to what u said in this thread. it did however jog my memory and got me digging up some of ur old gems :wink:

Go seek out the ones to which I refer

What is it to you who he puts on his list, why would you be so concerned, like I said, you are effeminate that why you got offended. Super is grown man who put who ever he wants on his list, last thing he needs is a lil whiny bitch like you asking him why he left you out.

you are the one referencing it, so you seek it out, while you are there tell us all the people who said they wanted to murder me chong and the people who said that I said the uk is afraid of me? Not to mention the things you convinced your lover rocky rose to say about me.

I really have to question your state of mind chong, everybody knows you are delusional, thats not in question. But sinking down to a level of making child abuse jokes is truly something else…how can you get any pleasure at all from making up things like that and why would something as vile as that even come into your mind.

You actually said that a vid on youtube where rocky rose is making up vile lies about child abuse was the funniest thing on youtube…those were your own words. Your own words will damn you. What kind of sick and twisted mind do you poccess, what devilsh things are you feeding your soul to even consider things like that

As vile as smq could be, even he would not go that low…and everybody now knows how low you have gone chong, its there for all to see

you sicken me.

Well I took a copy of that vid that rocky rose did, and I recorded all the comments that were made on it, the comments made by you and noriega, I also recorded and took screen shots of your comments regarding Gary Glitter (a infamous child abuser) and I forwarded them to youtube and the relevant authorities. They will make of them what they will

Like I said, do you think it was just by chance that rocky rose apologised to me?

Dear god you two are still going at it.

Whatever i give up you two just have this little thread here talking about how much you are gonna kick eachothers ass in some backalleyway of London like the chavs you are.

Be the fucking joke to SF2 players around the world you want to be.

Sure irrepresible i am just a laggy noob you are the greatest Guile player ever. You have Muteki on your friendlist and you two are BFF.

Sure Chong you are amazing and not just an online hero that can’t be bothered to show up to a massive tournament in your own country that you could probably take your bike to.

Now that i have insulted you both and let me just add that i slept with both the aforementioned individuals mothers and they were quite the dead fishes.

Now put both your little chav minds together and come up with some imaginative homophobic slurs because i know you are both good at those especially irrepresible to aim towards me.

Maybe that way you two will stop going at eachothers like bickering lovers.

Now here’s a picture of two men kissing.

Look how gay i am !

I already know you’re gay, there’s no need to flaunt it, and you are laggy, but you are no noob. I’ve never ever claimed to be the best guile player, if you think otherwise then please post an instance where I made such a claim.

As for chong, he claims to be the mighty defender of UK hdr players, so what does say about what chong thinks about UK players? It shows that he thinks that they need him to defend them, here he is again seeking affirmation for men online.

He calls himself the demon who consumes demons. When a human consume something, he eats it, so is elton going all the way to america to see rocky rose to consume him? What exactly belonging to rocky rose are you going to consume when you get there chong? What did rocky show you on his webcam that makes you want to consume with a demon line passion?

:lol: I want no part of this retardation. I’m just here for the jokes.

I know you had nothing to do with it, but you did comment on it. I’ve saying all along that all this was eltons idea, I dont know why he decided to do all this bcos I considered him a friend.

Uploaded with

Lmao a valuable use of police time. A thug who wants it both ways, just wow.

This is beyond retarded. I’m done with this.

Yes are you done chong, everybody now can see how how dispicable and revolting you truly are and the low depths your are prepared to sink to. Infact I cannot think enough superlatives to describe how vile you are. Your wretchedness, is exposed for all to gaze upon.

Fucking finally.

Lol really. So u have declared urself a winner, sidestepped all my arguments and employed every tactic in the book to unhook urself from the predicament u faced.

One of ur own making at that. You said u would meet me anywhere and u have failed in ur own challenge to me. U call me out and expect me to drive 50 miles to Peckham. What a joke.

That vid was lighthearted and clearly a lot of people found it amusing judging by about 50 likes and yet u were so offended u called the police lol. I believe there was talk of u discussing swimming trunks in a player match with young boys. What ever will the police make of that.

U need to man up and get out more. U have too much time on ur hands.

It was all your idea chong, your mind thought it up, What kind of mind thinks of things like that, even smq at his worst would not even think of something like that. You and rocky rose actually discusses and thought it was a good idea. Thats the kind of things that are on ur mind. And now your lover has betrayed you. Think what would cause him to apologise to me and betray you to try and save his own skin…what could have compelled him chong?

Give me a clue. Does it have to do with rockys swimming trunks?

godfucking damnit

I havent seen this much sexual gay tension since brokeback mountain tent scene…

Irrepressible needs to cool off with an ice-cream and some of Garry glitters greatest hits.

Ok, this has gone on long enough. This isn’t the XBox forums. Get a room you two, or take it to PMs.