Message to UK HDR Players

The weekend is coming and it looks like I’m gonna be eating ice-cream all on my lonesome :frowning:

LOL, the UK guys are always at war with one-another. Do you guys have alcohol over there? Go grab some vodka and make peace already!

Vodka w/ tea & crumpets should do the trick…You wankers need to bloody lighten up

I think Elton and Irrepressible are arguing over who charges faster :slight_smile:

EDIT: Something to let you UK blokes forget about this drama bullshit:


Not better than my first, but I try…


What about Harry Potter?

I know Irrepressible loses his temper faster, says things to me he has no way of backing up and then regrets it when he thinks he might be out of his depth.

Fortunately i dont bear grudges, and picking on poor irrepressible is like picking on kids in the playground so im gonna call an end to it now.

LOL, elton puh-lease, I have deliberatly not said anything else up until now cos I know it of a truth, the saying that goes:

“give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself”

I’ve spoken to most of the regular UK players and they know your full of crap and 2ndly they dont give a shit what you told them,…Infact they laugh at you for calling yourself the defender of the UK and the demon who consumes demons lmao, you can really tell alot about a guy by the words he chooses to describe himself, and in your case, its pure delusion.

But still I would like to meet you person so you can apologise (like your B/F rock rose did) and see if you are capable of explaining those disgusting, sick and perverted lies that you told that rose guy to say in that vid he made (dont try to deny it cos he told me in one of the multitude of messages he keeps sending me).

I’m familular and well known in the following areas of london:

Peckham, Brixton, Camberwll, Harlesden, Stonebride, so take your pick, but I work during the day so it’ll have to be at night, but being a demon who consumes demons you should have no problem with the night, right???

jog on boy…

You are well known in those shit places for what exactly. Being a rent boy? £2.50 a tit and a fiver for ur arse. u said anywhere remember so u will have no problem coming to my town. Why am I gonna drive 50 miles to see u. U r the one Who was keen to meet me remember. Get on the bus.

Funny, iv spoken to people too and had messages ridiculing u people even removing u from friend lists.

That should be going out to irrepressible. He wants to meet. Let him come. He names the nastiest areas of London and says he’s well known as if that’s meant to scare or impress me. I have refrained from that kind of talk cos it sounds plain foolish online. U called me out, u lost ur cool. Over some online garbage!! Seriously, get out more. U had all week to respond and now this. The only one hanging himself is u. Southend is where I live. Night or day Come and I give my word it will be me alone. I don’t particularly want to meet you, I’m a busy man and it’s frankly laughable that u take it so seriously. I know I should be the bigger man and say no to ur meeting and lose a bit of face online but since ur so keen il oblige at my convenience. This little meeting might just help you going foward in life. Like iv said, there’s a lot of bad people in the world and something tells me this attitude u carry isn’t for u.

You’re both equally worthless.

Stop making the EU playerbase look bad with this inane internet tough guy shit.

Complete waste of a thread.

This thread is now about how awesome DOCTOR DOOM is.

Iv always said it’s ridiculous.

Come to peckham elton, O defender of the UK, lets see how many demons you can consume there. I havnt threatened you with any violence so how can you say I lost my cool? I want to see if you can make up those sick lies in person, or if you can only say those disgusting things behind your PC. I didnt name those areas to scare you, you are seemingly scared of those areas for responding in such a manner.

Your full of lies elton, there’s only 3 people I have removed from my FL, that you, herb and zero, herb and zero were the ones who were activly avoiding me and admitted it, thats why I removed them. The rest of ppl dont give 2 shits about what you said. If I am lieing then name the UK Players who have removed me from their FL, and also name the ppl who said they wanted to kill me, and name the ppl who said that I said the whole of the UK is scraed to face me. You cant because you made it all up

You make up all these claims but provide absolutly no evidence because you live in fantasy, the same fantasy where you are a demon that consumes other demons or some mighty defender of the UK.

You know its a sign of homosexual behavoir to declare youself the defender of a group of guys who play HDR, real men defend women and children, not their online buddies.

Get into the real world, you are not a demon and you are not a mighty defender of the UK, you a weird sounding fantasy stricken dolt who gets off on making up peado style jokes about people. Do you think its just by chance that I got rocky rose to apologise, he was legally compelled to apologise. You will be the next one to apologise.

Lmao…the defender of the UK, who delcared you the defender of the UK? Yourself!! You delusional fool, you are truly sick.

I think we need to setup a 3-way grudge match for the International UK Championship.

Chong v. Irrepressible v. DOCTOR DOOM

Special Referee: SMQ.


U have understood nothing irrepressible. There is nothing further to add. The discerning know that I’m the one in the right. There is no apology to be made. U aren’t coming to my town that much is obvious and despite saying u would meet anywhere. Let’s not bore people further.

Lmao legally compelled. U couldn’t mount a defamation suit if u tried. You cant afford it. Also familiarise urself with the criminal laws surrounding hate towards homosexuals. I dont agree with homosexuality but i dont espouse hate like u have done on several ocassions. Turns out Board reader is my friend after all. Tread carefully.

Was wondering when you would have something to say, perhaps you have forgotten what happened last time you came against me and how you embarrased yourself posting your ping to a local swedish server as your proof that you dont lag against international players. Please shari, just remain silent. You’re just about as worthless as chong is delusional.

One thing in your credit though shari, as much as we despise each other I dont think you would debase yourself to the levels that chong and his lover rock rose have done.

Really chong, is that why you made weird 3 vids dedicated to me? Is that why you asked your lover rocky rose to make up truly disgusting and vile things. You are obsessed with me chong, you always have been, and probably always will be. I heard you got angry like an effeminate little daisy when a certain honda player didnt mention you as a top guile player, but mentioned me instead, and that you begged him to edit his post so that you were mentioned, that just shows how sissy you truly are, needing affirmation from another man…you sissy.

you tried to start a hate campaign against me with UK players, only to realise that nobody cared if I said those things or not. I finally figured out why you did it. You did because like you lover rock-rose, you need affirmation, you need to be soothed cos you are a sissy, a man with emotions like a woman.

Weird thing is, why are you seeking affirmation from men on xbox live? and why did you say you are going to the US to see rocky rose, are you going to consumate your online relationship? to his house no less, how would you know he has a big house unless he showed it to you via his webcam?, what else did he show you?..dont lie chong…the proof is in one of threads in this forum. I wonder how long it will take you figure where that post is and delete it, lmao

Idiot, where did I say it was me who compelled him? Cant you read?

I questioned supernyc decision to put u there that’s all. I didn’t think you belonged. I see u as a dull one trick pony.

I’m sure super will clarify that I never begged to be put on his list.

The rest isn’t worthy of a response. U know where I am if u want to sue me or confront me face to face.

Im not displaying hate against homosexuals, Im saying that you are displaying homosexual/effeminate behavoir.

Fine but u still need to make urself aware of criminal laws surrounding hate towards homosexuals. Fortunately for u i dont agree with homosexuality and I’m not as petty as u otherwise I might just be inclined to hand over ur posts to the authorities