Message to UK HDR Players

Ok so this is a fairly trivial issue, but it needs to be said.

elton chong is going round making up lies saying that I said that all the UK hdr players are scared to face me in HDR. He also said that UK hdr players wanted to kill me in real life for saying that and that Im the most hated UK hdr player!!. Now elton is clearly delusional and has an unhealthy fasination with death, killing and making death threats, but here is the truth:

I never said such a thing, what I said was that certain UK HDR players were deliberatly avoiding me. When I was asked to by ex2 roy munson to name the players who were doing the avoiding I named them, but the mods at xbox forums deleted the thread for calling out names. Also bear in mind all this happened about 2.5 months ago and I considered elton a friend up until he started recently making up these lies for no reason.

Anyway, here is a link to the thread before it got closed:

Thread Certain UK HDR Players = COWARDS - | | BoardReader

From there you can see what I said, thus showing chong to be a liar. I also spoke to the players who were avoiding me and they indeed admitted they were diliberatly avoiding me, their reason being they found it boring to play against me.

UK HDR has only a few players left who play regular, so I wanted to put the truth incase any UK hdr players actually believed chong’s delusions.

You sure are right about it being trivial.


I’ve been out of the scene for 4 months now. I came back today and saw this thread. I think I’m leaving again.

Coward right here waiting for u irrelevant :slight_smile:


Well elton is still persisting with his lies, so elton who are the UK players who want to kill me in real life? Who are the UK players who said that I was disrespecting UK players in lobby chats? And how come you changed your lie to lobby chats after I revealed the xbox forum thread?

Name them if you are not lieing, I’d like to know who is seeking to kill me lol…and my offer to you still stands

What offer still stands?

First of all im pretty ashamed to be responding to this crap and cluttering up the forum with junk so let’s cut to the chase and get it out the way.

Irrepressible called me out to meet him in person. Yep he is clearly so rattled that he feels the need to meet me face to face.

**" I also call you out to meet me in person and say those lies to my face? if u have the balls, we both live in/near london…you can name the place and time"

“lol you coward, you knew fadeiv is? not me, too pussy to meet up, just like I thought”**This shows the real character of irrepressible and his unbelievable hypocrisy.

Irrepressible has made a veritable cottage industry out of humiliating scrubs on his youtube page but when the shoe is on the other foot he gets mad and wants to meet people for real.

What would the purpose of such a meeting be in an age of the internet and telecommunications? What can be said face to face that cant be said online?

He challenges me to say those lies to his face. That implies that I should have reason to fear saying it to his face. Perhaps my words would be met with violence of some sort.

Irrepressible stated in his opening post that i like making death threats. That isnt true, i jokingly wished death by piles on someone who was butthurt. Not a death threat, a joke albeit one I accept was in bad taste.

So really, who is violent. And you cannot really deny the allusion to violence because you said im too scared to meet you. If there is no danger of violence why should i be scared?

Irrepressible, im going to say it now, you called out the UK in party chat. I’m not going to reveal my sources a) because i dont want to break their trust and b) because i think you are potentially a violent thug and i dont want you calling my sources out too and attempting to meet them.

People did say i wanna kill that prickk. Fine im sure they dont wish death upon you and saying im going to kill someone doesnt mean your going to murder them, but it does demonstrate that people in the uk dont like your attitude.

You quote that xbox thread which is incidentally a heavily watered down version of what you said in party chat, but you cannot see my angry response because it is obscured by a quote. It is evident that i was angry because you respond by saying “relax chong” You were clearly trying to diffuse my anger. But why was i angry because it is unlikely that thread alone would elicit such an angry response.

The answer is that my angry response was mostly to what i heard was said in party chat and as far as im concerned if you call out the UK then that includes me. Seeing the xbox thread was just the last straw.

You made this thread because i called you out on your appalling arrogance and made you look silly on youtube. I was simply making the point that the uk is not scared to face you. You try to claim the moral high ground and act as if you care about the UK scene** "UK HDR has only a few players left who play regular, so I wanted to put the truth incase any UK hdr players actually believed chong’s delusions. "**You made a real idiot of yourself in party chat calling out the whole scene, but even if we just take the xbox thread it’s bad enough. Is making inflammatory threads on really the way to show you care about the UK scene?

You can keep on agressively calling me a liar. Attack is a great form of defence, but sadly it is you who is the liar. Personally I believe the players who overheard you coming out with all that crap.

Now regarding meeting up, it’s a pretty foolish thing to suggest given that you dont know me and i dont know you. The uk is small and these things can easily get out of hand. A bit of friendly advice, as a rule you have to at least know your enemy or you run the risk of getting seriously hurt. Not by me, im just saying as a rule. Be careful what you ask for. There are a lot of nasty people in the world.

If you want to meet then you’re welcome to come to my town. I promise i will come alone, i wont lead you into a trap. I will say everything i’ve said on this forum and you can make up your own mind how to respond. All i’m going to do is talk. You can set the pace and just as on this thread i will respond accordingly.

Personally though i think you will be as nice as pie when we meet :wink:

I live in a small essex town called southend. Hop on a bus, pack some sandwiches and come down. I’ll even buy you an icecream, i’m a generous guy.

Irrepressible, this is some really silly business, you’ve shown yourself up and you’ve let down your schoolboy fans. You lost your cool over a game and really this shows how sad your life is that you have the time and energy to want to meet little me. What happened to having a career and a woman. Seriously man i made you rage quit!!

Anyway, PM me your number if you wanna come down. Im busy this weekend, its short notice but i’ll fit you in next weekend.

I thought you two were the same…Either way, i eat both of you guys for breakfast! Green Berets yum yum

just become pen pals. you can spray the envelope with enticing cologne.

Lol I accept this whole silly situation deserves this type of ridicule, it’s frankly embarrassing.

Irrepressible is an embarrassment to the uk, a stain on the good name of uk street fighter. As i understand it even Rocky’s cat is ashamed of you.

once again it’s fallen to me to expose another villain of our community. When people say my name in quarter matches they refer to me as ( amongst other things) the demon that consumes demons.

List so far:

Lights 0ut

All of them genuine criminals not easy meat like biomat and other harmless characters.

Irrepressible isn’t entirely vanquished, he is currently lurking on the forum biting his finger tips with rage.

I haven’t bought him an ice-cream yet so He remains alive until then.

But what a life, a half life, the arrogant author of rage quit videos who took pride in his ability to beat and humiliate beginners reduced to the status of a pathetic scrub himself.

The man who called out the whole of the uk in party chat and then went on to make an arrogant xbox thread shown for what he really is - A one dimensional arrogant shithead with no class and no talent who like a dumb animal resorts to the perceived threat of violence when all intellectual avenues are closed down. And all by little me :slight_smile:

I dedicate this work to all the scrubs and beginners you ridiculed on your YouTube page. ( in reality the joke was on you cos u only had the respect of noobs and schoolboys, not your peers )

Elton Chong - the king of scrubs!!

Finally i must ask you irrepressible. Why did you do it to yourself?

What’s the beef w/ you w/ Jericho?

If you don’t remember let’s not go there.

I thought flame baiting was against the rules?

My Honda eats YOU for breakfast! :slight_smile:

i never have time for breakfast

Every Honda eats Gief for breakfast…I’ll eat your Guile for breakfast too & your chun for dessert…