Menat General Thread - Don't Drop The Orb

Discuss the newest egyptian queen here.

Ok I actually cant wait to try her, she looks interesting.

I do hope Rose appears in her story mode, she hasn’t yet appeared in anyone else’s.

One thing we know about Menat is she dont like hobos:

Tuesday can’t come soon enough~

I agree. I’m actually totally shocked she’s out this month, they usually reveal the trailer at least a week before release, and change the logo on twitter/facebook a lot earlier

All the informations about her moveset we can gather through her trailer:

  • Menat can throw her crystal ball out and recall it. She can throw it mid or low and likely at different distances. Tossing the ball doesn’t hit the opponent, but recalling it does. EX ball toss however hits on the way out and it’s either a hit throw (kinda like Raida) or a straight throw. There actually seems to be 3 versions of EX ball toss, one low, one mid and one airborne, with mid and airborne scoring knockdowns.
  • When the ball is not tossed out, Menat gains a very extended range on some of her normals like st. HK or st./cr. HP
  • She has a slide - pretty slow, with long range and long recovery
  • She has a divekick very similar to Yoga drill that can be done pretty quickly after jumping
  • She has a special cancellable overhead (!!!), or at least you can cancel it into Reflect.
  • She has an anti-air grab like Soul Throw (name’s also “soul [something]”) with a regular and an EX version
  • She has two versions of Reflect (likely her V-Skill), a standing one and a crouching one. They both knock down, but the crouching version launches and seems a good AA. It reflects projectiles back of course.
  • Her V-Reversal is a teleport
  • Her V-Trigger summons 6 orbs around her that can be thrown out to extend combos. You can throw out one at a time or throw them all together kinda like Ibuki’s kunais. The degree of control over the orbs seem uncertain - they might go out by themselves if you wait long enough (except for when you throw them all out) or you might trigger them yourself.

Ok this is pretty cool, look at her legs shaking when throwing the opponent:

We will step on those poor thots

Damn… please let her slide properties be like her master’s slide…
Her wake up game seems worse that Vega lol.

Yeah, unless I’m missing something on EX ball toss she doesn’t seem to have any kind of invincible reversal.
Also since her Soul Throw involves her holding her crystal ball, maybe she won’t be able to do it if the ball is out?

I think she’ll be a lot like Sim actually.

Seems like she also does the Super startup pose during her st.MK

and that st.HK looks hot

I think her defense will be slightly better than vega’s because her vreversal teleports her unlike the others in the game.

If she’s slow, low damage and low health, they better buff her in other areas

Given her setplay and pressure, I think she might be 950 health/stun with relatively low damage or 900 with moderate damage (less likely because she has no reversal). They might still give her 1000 because of the lack of invincible reversal though.

From what I’ve seen on other forums, she’s been incredibly received. Might become a mainstay

What did you expect? She’s a cute waifu unlike Abigail so r/Kappa can still fap on it.

Kappa hates anything related to SFV so I actually dont know if they like her (nor care).

Her title is “The eyes of the future”

Damn you did your homework!

This was the character I was waiting for, maybe we need an artwork thread.
Since I do 3 things while waiting for ques (artwork hunting, talk shit on forums, stare holes into my wall), I would do it.
I mean I have a 5k picture folder for Cammy, that excludes anything M rated.

Still no blogpost from Capcom