Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B - PC Edition

Okay, now that Act Cadenza Ver.B is released, I was wondering if anyone has gotten the limited edition version of the game. If so, whats included in it?

The 2 vs. 2 mode (PC only) is a great addition and I believe Im going to have a blast with this at AWA this year. Anyway, I just wanted some comments on what people think of this version. Also, if your looking for a DL of the game, you know what to do (I wont post it here).

Any DD links?

No, but you’ll get a dircet ban.:sweat:

Wow guys. Don’t fucking ask where to download Melty Blood.

If you want to buy it, go to click on “Buy Melty Blood items” button on the sidebard and buy it through there. Support the MBAC community.

is mb:ac going to have netplay or we gotta wait for a patch?

Patch unfortunetly.

I was mainly wondering what came with the LE version of the game since I got mine coming thru the mail in the next couple of days but a friend gave me the game just recently. Sorry about that.

But yeah, if you really do like the game, please buy it (I DL it and bought it due to the fact I want to own actual copies of each MB release which I do now).

If anyone has trouble, when using the official bought image, and the no cd patch, heres some directions I made, in case if you have a problem.

Ok guys, heres how it works.

This is a loader, so it bypasses registration, so please buy the game, and just use this since you don’t want to swap CDs, DVDs.


Download the Alpha loader, now rename it to patch.exe, since its easer.

Now go to properties, change its comp ability to windows98/me.

And now target mbaAC.exe, and your set.

It should load, now create a shortcut to patch.exe in your desktop, give it the MBAC logo, and bingo, double click that and load the EXE and your done.


Update: Delete Reg.000 if you have that as a hidden file prior to doing this.

Again this method worked fine for me, using the 2.33 or something? gig official image.

LE, just has OST as we know of now, it might come with something else.

Unlockables so far:

Beat the game once: Unlock Neco-Arc Chaos

Beat the game with NAC: Unlock 666 mode.

I didn’t Install this Ver. yet but i’m going to check it out.

I’ll pick it up if there’s a graphical improvement on the sprites.

Is that ever going to happen though?

Not very sure. I doubt Ecole/Type-Moon will release one on it’s own, because well, they have arcades. A 3rd party will probably pick it up just like Re-ACT.

how do you Tag in Tag Battle?

Just got my copy today. Now all I need is a usb connector. :annoy:

ive already made an example out of 2 members in this thread, one being the thread starter concerning piracy talk.

dont do it

Srs shit.

Anyways, Rick you tag in with 22d.

Netplay is gonna be done pretty soon, the japanese are all over it like always.

I’ve been playing the game nonstop for the weekend, and theres a LOT of stuff thats been changed around. 's forums have the down low of everything, so go there for everything related to the game.

Rick get good so we can beast on each other :rofl:

Well if netplay is truly coming I’d be up for learning to play a bit. Since I only know like two people to play in person, and I still can’t get out to tournaments like I would like to run into others.

Patch 1.01, corrects memory problems and now it loads really fast (my RAM sucks so this was sent from heaven to me) and now the Game Over screen can be skipped.