Mega Man Basics Repost

I was trudging through the old MM threads and came across something I posted awhile ago that may help answer any MM players questions, a basic rundown, Not that this board seems very lively lately, but Im trying to spark some intrest.

Best Partners: Doom Variety/AAA, Sent Ground, BH AAA,
Bread and Butter:

  1. S.FK, SJ.LP,SJ.LK XX Hyper Mega Man
  2. C.LK, C.MK, C.FP XX Tornado Hold/ Charged Buster
    1.( Corner): S.FK, SJ.LP, SJ.LK, SJ.MP, SJ.MK, throw, SJ.FK, S.FK, SJ.LP, SJ.LK, SJ.MP, throw…etc
  3. S.FK, SJ.LP, SJ.LK,throw,SJ.LP(on the way down), Jump, Throw, C.LK (To OTG), S.FK…etc
    Infinite(In Corner): [J.LP, J.MP, J.FP]
    Wall Jump
    Slides foward with C.LK
    Hops UP when dashing foward
    Can throw from normal jump height and otg into AC ala cammy
    Against Rushdown and Other traps
    Rockball Trap:
    1.Call Rockball (QCF.K)
    2.Call Assist(Doom Varitey, Sent Ground, BH AAA)
    3.Drop Rockball (QCF.P)
    4.Kick Rockball (C.K)
    5.Fire 2 M.Buster Shots(J.FP,S.FP)
    6.Repeat 2-5
    Against Cable,Sent,BH,Doom:
    if you can’t switch(THESE ARE UP-HILL BATTLES:
    Against Cable:
    1.Turtle while charging M.Buster, using it to safley chip
    2.Using B&B’s when getting the chance
    3.Tornado Hold and Beat Plane are un-AHVBable
    Against Sent:
    1.Wall Jump out of corners to avoid Stomp Chip
    2.Nail in flight Sent’s with M.Buster (Remember, Sent can only fly on the same screen as you, where you go can help direct him into the buster)Ex: Sent cant fly at SJ.Height while your at Ground level, Sent cant be at Ground Level while your
    Note: Sent Flight is FASTER then Beat Plane, do not try to punish a Flying Sent with Beat Plane
    Against BH and Doom:
    1.Shoot M.Buster while their in the air
    2.Wave dash on grounded Opponents
    3.If on ground when Opponent in air, Wave Dash[PP,D]repeat
    4.Use Wall Jump and Mega Upper to gain height and kill time
    Watch For Dooms Cross-up Launcher and BH’s Inferno XX HoD

…Bump, I probably edit this when I think of something more productive to say

can mega upper be punished? you said use mega upper to buy time. what’s the lag on that? most dragon punch-style moves are horrendously bad if whiffed/blocked. why use megaman’s?

Mega-upper has lag just like every other dragon punch in MvC2, it doesn’t have nearly the invincibility of a shoto dp. It looks like the strategy he’s using against BH/Doom is to wave dash under photons/demon, jump xx mega-upper to hit them.

Against BH/Doom, or any character w/Doom assist, I’ll throw out mid range fierces to knock out Doom, else throw the fierce at the top of your jump and tornado hold Doom assist.

I also wanted to add that I think Tron(projectile assist) works very well with Megaman. Because of his height, against larger characters like Sentinel, if you can pin him with a Doom or Tron assist, you can use jump in chains to catch them off guard.

What I was thinking is that when Doom shoots photons and for whatever reason you can’t wave dash, since MM’s SJ sucks ,if timed right wall jumping and then Mega Upper in the air should kill enough time and get enough height for dooms super to be finished so that MM falls to the floor with no chip, he falls so fast from the Mega Upper, Doom isn’t fast enough to catch his lag, I may be wrong but I believe MM, Morrgian and Ken are the only ones who can do a true rising uppercut in the air, also now that I think about it you could probably cancel the upper into beat plane and punish doom, its been awhile since I’ve played a good doom player . . . . . oh and if you do wave dash behind doom while he’s stuck doing his super, do HMM

and what assist do you pick for megaman? i use his last one, the gamma type. i forget what it is…i think balance. somebody told me the difference between projectile and balance, but i forgot it. which one is better?

by the way, my megaman team is mm/sent/cyke, if that plays a factor in choosing.

what abotu this combo… sometimes i can get it, other times, it just don’t work…

leaf charge.
qcf+p, dash, lp, lk, lp, hk, sj, magic, qcf+p, xxqcf+pp

I use his Beta type which is anti-air, The difference in the Projectile and Balance is the counter move, both have his assist as a projectile but while playing as one of his teamates if you alpha counter into MM, Projectile counters him in doing a 2 hit charged buster, the Balance counters him in doing a mega upper.
I’d stick with balance.

BTW Hadoken King, thats a good combo against scrubs if ya wanna be flashy but the LS has way to much startup to be a tournament quality move, Mags/Storm will rush up and break the sheild before you put it on, and Cable will shoot you

Now I have a question for anyone…I was playing on my DC, doing the rockball trap, and as I was jumping foward and pressing HP to shoot the buster the comp tagged out and MM grabbed and threw the comp??? How the hell can he do that when the character switches in doing a flying kick??? Does the grab have THAT much proirity???:confused: :confused:

where were you in comparison to the character coming in? i thought their jumping in kick had immense priority and can only be knocked by like a projectile or if you’re hitting above them. maybe it was a spoof or something.

so in your team, STE, your mm is your AAA? i know you use blackheart, but i’m talking like a psy/cyke type of AAA.

STE are you coming to Evo? I wanna have a Megaman showdown with you :slight_smile: although MM vs. MM is probably a matchup near the level of Cable v. Cable in terms of gayness.

Anyway, this is my opinion on MM, which differs in some ways from STE’s:

Teams I use:
MM/Hulk/AAA (usually Ryu)

Assist types:
Alpha - projectile. This is the kind I use. His projectile assist is very good. Why? It stuffs super armor and stops certain assists cold (Commando), and as a counter it can act as a shield (ie. vs HSF) where Mega Upper would be inadequate.
Beta - anti-air. Don’t use this unless you’re using MM with BH and some other offensive assist. Hell, I don’t think I even would if that were the case. It’s pretty subpar, but if you are hellbent on having an AAA, go for it.
Gamma - balance. Has the good assist. The counter, IMO, is still not very good, although it can help in clinch situations. It doesn’t really go anywhere, though, since its priority sucks and MM can’t cancel into any super that can combo into another DHC.

B&B combos:

  • launch. (sj.jab -> ) sj.short -> sj.strong -> sj.forward -> sj.fierce. Always do this, even if you have meter. HMM combo only does a few points more than this and lets them get away from you - not worth it unless you’re DHCing.
  • launch. sj.jab -> sj.short -> sj.strong (slowly), punch throw, sj.jab ( -> sj.strong), land. MM’s triple option. The first time you do this, go for the crossup launch, so that they block on the way down, which is when you do airthrow into relaunch. Alternately, you can follow the jab with a HMM after the airthrow for the DHC.
  • c.short -> c.forward -> c.roundhouse ( xx jab tornado hold). Decent ground combo. Throw in tornado hold if you don’t think they roll, or if they have no anti-air and block it (it’s pretty safe)
  • guardbreak after dead character/snapback: jump fierce, wavedash your ass off and launch. It can work from midscreen if you time it right, but it’s so hard. And if they take the hit… I don’t know. Maybe you can go into infinite? LOL


  • jump fierce. Keepaway tactic, just spam this til they get close. Most of the time, you’ll be doing this a lot. Vary the heights and smoke out a superjump.
  • low roundhouse xx tornado hold. Do this if they advance and you don’t want to play. Keep in mind that AAs can kill this, so if you want to do it when an assist has not been called, you’ll need an offensive assist like Sentinel.
  • anti-air: s.roundhouse. Best all around. When priority is an issue, dash under them and launch (great vs. Storm). MM can do this rather easily since he’s so small.
  • wall bounce. This makes it hard to pin down MM, so use it when you feel it’s appropriate.
  • s.jab. This is the best attack to mash on when they’re close. MM’s jab is FAST and most characters can’t duck it. I’ve beaten Magnetos at start of match with this. Combo into launch.
  • assist hitting. This is a tough task. MM can slide and sj. cancel like Magneto, but it’s not likely to get him anywhere he wants to be unless say Cable tries to hit you.
  • getting rockball. IMO, you should only get rockball when you hit them with an anti-air or if they run from you. You also have to weigh what you get against what you lose: namely, a fairly quick across-the-screen attack and semi-safe slides.
  • kicking the rockball. There are two practical ways of kicking the rockball: c.short and c.roundhouse. The angle on c.roundhouse is shallower and is more useful on stopping people from invading normal jump space, while c.short is higher and closes out the area above your head. You can also kick it with s.forward and c.forward, but it’s not practical (and shitty too, those angles were more useful).
  • charge buster. Use this on trappy people or if you want to clear room. Only charge for short periods, though. This is how I fight Sentinel.


  • MM is probably going to be your battery. You can use him as a staller pretty well too. Whether he’s a battery or staller, he should always use the B&B I described above. It’s the best because it leaves you in control.
  • Keepaway is usually the way to go unless you’re fighting Cable, Sentinel, or some other opponent with a valid way to keep MM out. (IM and Storm are NOT good examples of this.)
  • Keeping MM alive is kind of important, because his assist is actually very good. If you have Storm next, just HMM xx hail to get him out. Otherwise, you’ll have to be tricky. I like HMM on crossups to do this with.
  • vs. Magneto: This match can get tricky because MM can’t really stop Magneto from getting close unless he has the right assists and help, and even then it involves guessing right. IMO, don’t go for rockball unless they run from you. Play it safe and just jump fierce with assists. Crossup launches don’t work on Magneto because jump fierce is so big and jump rh’s hitbox is so huge. Just spaz those fierces (smart spaz, not spaz spaz).
  • vs. Storm: IMO, this is MM’s best matchup in the top tier. Jump fierces go over typhoons and stuff hail, he can get crossup launches without too much of a hassle, and he can usually get rockball since Storm likes to run. You will need to watch out for her ugly priority, and you don’t really want to triple option on her cuz of her damn float. Other than that, just stick to the keepaway tactic and you’ll do fine.
  • vs. Cable: Not a fun matchup, but doable. Reverse the keepaway tactic and head forward on Cable. You want to close distance. There are several ways to do this, but what I do is just drop busters close to the floor (and thus hard to shoot), hit assists with launch or slide, and sometimes attempt a crossup launch if I can get under Cable quick enough. Triple option is hard for Cable to stop and he has to guess, so you might want to get him into it a couple of times.
  • vs. Sentinel: Shitty. If he likes his low beams, charge the buster and release it at the right points to force him to jump, then throw some uncharged ones. You don’t want to keepaway on Sentinel either, he’ll kick your ass. Instead, advance with caution, to the point where he can’t low fierce xx beam and own you for free (slide under that shit if you can hit him, wall bounce if you can’t). Remember that if you charge your buster enough, you can release it thru HSF and get some space that way. Don’t get hit, MM takes damage pretty bad.

Both characters were at normal jump height, I was just instinctively doing the trap and they switched and instead of a j. fp, MM grabbed’m, this was on Thanos, maybe the size has something to do with it???

as for AAA, MM and Cable are who I use. When playing with Cable I use MM as the AAA, and when doing the trap with MM I use Cable as the AAA. Neither of them have anywhere near the invinciblity as top tier AAA’s used, and it does cause my assists to bleed alot, but it hasn’t really failed me.

Sorry to say my poor ass has no way of getting to evo, no plane ticket, no hotel, no nothing, probably next year (I hope). And yes MM on MM matches are just as gay as Cable on Cable. In the long run you’d prolly beat me, MM is my best char, but thats it, my Cable is GARBAGE, my BH is decent. I really don’t have the patience to play Cable, im so used to MM, I feel the need to always be throwing shit ,and I end up shot. Thats another reason why I aint going to evo, even if I had the money, I aint really on par with the comp, I got like a HUGE mental block when it comes to Cable. As for the MM assist type, I just think projectile leaves him out there too long against Cable or Sent, it prolly be good against rushdown but if im playing against rushdown, MM is gonna be my point man. As for that B&B w/o using HMM, I gotta check that out, I would think FP would be more scaled down in the combo. One other point I wanna disagree on is the crossup launches against Magneto, there hasta be something wrong with how your timing it cause MM’s S.FK has UGLY priority, I always either catch Mags in the launcher or it gets split down the middle and we both get hit, but my MM hasn’t been beaten out by Mags yet.

EDIT: I just got off my DC, the air combo against Cable (S.FK, Sj.Lp,Sj.Lk,Sj.Mp,.Sj.Mk,Sj.FP) Does 46 damage, where as (S.FK,Sj.Lp,Sj.Lk XX HMM ((Mashed))) Does roughly 56 points. Ten point difference.

i only like playing MM team on playful competition. unfortunately, there IS none where i live. :depress:

It’s not really that MM’s crossup launch won’t beat Mags, it’s that when it gets down to do or die and you got to dash to hit a Magneto that’s crossing over you, his huge hitboxes might prevent that and worse yet, get you hit and then you die.

Drop the first jab and it takes off more (48-49, I think). In any case, I don’t think the extra ten points are worth the loss of one meter and the fact that you come down in such a bad position in relation to your opponent. I only use HMM combos in DHCs.

Yea me either, I’ll be doing the buster from now on.

Just so you know ( if you don’t already), if you don’t think they’ll roll, if you call Cable AAA(I say this cause I noticed one of your teams has Cable) while doing the c.rh, Cable’s psimatar will OTG them and you can launch quickly into an air combo

I dunno, I find s./c.short easier to beat out Mags & storm, but I’ve honestly never tried s.jab, I’ll havta try that some time

So is anyone able to help me to better understand how the hell I threw a character who was tagging in and if such a tactic could be mastered??

Also I wanna add something everyone should know is HMM’s inivicibility, and EXTREME usefulness against rushdown …If Mags or Storm come down brining the heat and you can see when they are gonna triangle jump or C.Short, pulling out a well timed HMM will stuff there attack with the transformation, sending them straight into the beam. I would be weary of assists though, Im not sure if AAA’s can stop it, so I would only try it if the AAA is already out. I used to do this back in MVC1 against Wolvie. People just drop there jaw saying: “Thats fucking bullshit, I hit you first.”:lol: :lol: :lol:

Funny - I was thinking about reminding people about that myself. HMM can also be a good safe switch out too (useful if you have zero life left) - they throw a projectile or other weapon, you HMM to get the invulnerability, then DHC before the projectile hits MM. The next character may get hit, but it’s a hell of a lot better than an unguarded switch-in, and you don’t have to take the hit like you would with an alpha counter.

It’s actually not as bad as I make it seem here. Magneto has to beat Megaman by being patient and navigating through the jump fierces; however, if you use MM’s AIRTHROW, it makes things a lot harder on Magneto because now he has to guess if you’re going to attempt to airthrow or shoot a fireball at him. The biggest risk to you is if he guesses right and jump shorts with Psylocke. Superjump short won’t be a worry since most likely, he’s already used his airdash so he can’t go into infinite (which is hard to do on MM).

How does his rockball trap go in mvsc2 ? Is it still the same as in the first marvel ?

ok I found out that it’s practically the same. Do you guys think that MM still worth learning in mvsc2 ?

Definitely. I don’t see why not at least for the most part.

I read on this guy talking about how megaman should rush down rather then play keep away. But I find that if your playing an opponent that can’t kill you from far with supers or such (AHVB, HSF, Typhoon XXhail) then you should play keep away. Builds mad meter and the opponent will try to get near you and end up getting hit by something. I’ve also been trying out different formations of low tier teams. I like Megaman Sakura so far, and I’m going to try to implement hulk.

I experimented for 2 days on Sakura Hulk Tron , Megaman Sent Anarkis. I dropped anarkis sent and tron today because it didn’t mesh for me for some reason. Then I tried MM Sak Hulk. the team meshed great, did great against everyone except sentinel. Mainly because it always seemed to be my hulk vs the other sentinel. I was lacking an anti air for hulk because he was my anti air. So I’m thinking of possible switching megaman to anti air to help hulk, or should I keep MM on balance and just learn to gamma charge and pushblock with hulk.

I caught sentinel flying too long and hit him with a gamma crush :evil: and at one point I hit him on the way up but missed him on the way down:wtf: but someone explained me the properties of it in the hulk portion of the forum.

I also read on gamefaqs that you can combo Hyper Megaman on the ground or rush drill super after shooting a leaf shield. Sometimes the leaf shield connects with my ground combo sometimes it doesn’t. Does the leaf shield connect with any medium attack ? crouching or standing ?

This game has been out for so long yet megaman still makes it exciting. I hope he’s still there in Sammy VS Capcom and hope the chunner is beefed up.