Mega Man Basics Repost

As a minor point - note that your standard double buster ground keep-away pattern (one high, one low) will knock Storm out of Hail Storm, since the high buster will cruise above the typhoon (and drones) and slap her upside the head either while she elevates or during the super since the hail doesn’t cancel the buster. So it’s not as hideous of a matchup as you’d think. :slight_smile:

I still vote for keep-away over rush-down with MegaMan - most gamefaqs advice is kinda half-assed. Not that my advice isn’t half-assed, but … every time you get some distance with MegaMan, you can fill the screen with busters (sanely - I mean, be careful about Cable, etc). If they flinch wrong, they just took way too much damage. It’s hard to set that up if you’re rushing down.

I also forgot to add two more things.I don’t get his double busters. Most of the time I shoot one and have to wait for awhile but can shoot another one just in time so that there are two on screen but some other times I think I shoot two in a row or two fast somehow. Missa confoozed :confused:

Second of all is his Beat Plane completely safe if you back yourself in the corner while shooting bullets ? Aside from cable variable counter into AHVB, I don’t think anything can reach megaman in time but I unno, I’m too scared to use beat plane from all the scary rumors people said about it.

2 problems arise from Storm TyphoonXXHail/Sent Drones though. Sentinal will sometimes take the hit for her since he’s so tall leaving MM open to take the hail, and storm players that know Mega Man now TK the Typhoon, which pins you into the drones which gives her time to land and safe chip w/ hail. Mega Man should only attempt to rush down when fighting cable, thats it, Rushing while charging your buster and just safely chipping, or comboing into the buster works many wonders. GameFaqs is full of morons, I don’t take advice from there, I usually give it.

I figured out you have to shoot a buster as you land from a normal jump then you have to jump again to be able to shoot another one fast ^.^ …I know i’m retarded but I figured it out.

I still have lotsa questions and I think I should number them.

  1. Theoretically speaking, let’s say I call a rockball and I kick it with a or and cable AHVB AFTER or a couple of milliseconds after I kick the rockball. Will the rockball knock cable out of the super or will the AHVB eat the rock and MM ?

  2. I read that after throwing a leaf shield at your opponent you can combo into rushdrill or hyper megaman. Does this mean in air combos also (For hyper megaman) ? And on the ground, sometimes the leaf shield chains sometimes it doesn’t. Does it specifically only combo after a specific standing or crouching medium attack ?

  3. When using the beat plane, are you 100% sure to recover in time to block if near the end of this super, you keep shooting bullets while backing yourself into the opposite corner ? I know a well time variable counter with cable into AHVB can get me but otherwise I don’t think I’ve been hit afterwards.

  4. How would you rate my team in my signature ? It’s not top tier but it can handle everyone but vs cable or sent it’s un uphill battle but very winnable. During repeated HSF, CTSD -charge that shit (mega buster)down :evil:

That depends. If you kick it with low short, chances are you’ll be shot because the ball gets kicked higher, but the low roundhouse kick is a lot lower and you have more of a chance of hitting Cable out.

You have to be close because of the lag on the leaf shield release. And in the air you can do four hits into leaf shield release, super cancel into Beat Plane, but you have to mash quickly.

Even a CAHVB is hard if you mash the punch bullets well, so yeah it’s pretty safe.

Sakura as your money character? I don’t know about that. Megaman/Hulk is a very good combo because MM batteries great for Hulk and they help each other out, but it’s better to have Hulk on Gamma Charge type (counter into gamma quake during pressure chains). MM/Hulk/Sakura might be dope; the problem is you have no real anti-air on this team.

Still got lotsa free time before Toronto Raptors opening debut tonight.

Thanks for answering my questions !

How does megaman help hulk ? Would you care to elaborate on that ?

The reason I like sakura second is because I can turn into dark sakura (I do this very rarely) but I in the end I end up DHC’ing to hulk eventually through her kick super XX hulk’s gamma crush.

I think you missed reading in my sig hulk/wm… anyways, lately my IM and WM have been beasts but I chose warmachine because he has a faster AAA and MM (assist 1 color) sakura (lk color) and Warmachine (assist 2 color) they are all mostly greyish looking and it feels like an actual team. Still can’t figure out what’s hulk’s greyish color key :(. Anyways, I’m starting to consistently combo into the normal jumping infinite (with IM and WM) yet I’m still utter crap with the semi infinite in the air. Anyways, back to my question, …MM helps Hulk more then Sak ?:bluu:

Sorry, I didn’t notice you had MM on anti-air type. Switch to projectile type. Dash jump with Hulk while calling MM is complete ground coverage.

The bottom buttons all give you a grey Hulk.

What are the properties of hyper megaman ? sometimes it pops the guy up and does crap damage and other times it pops the guy up and does massive damage…

Megaman-a, Hulk-b, Jin-b is pretty mean. I used to love this stuff 4 years ago. Still do actually.

The farther away the person is when hit initially the more damage they take. It is possible to land closer to Megaman than it is to the beam. If you drive the opponent into the corner you either want to triple option, infinite, of anything EXCEPT Hyper Megaman because your close proximity to the corner will impede the HMM’s damage dealing potential.

Is it just me or does a jumping none charge buster does more damage then a standing none charge buster ?

Yeah. Jumping buster does 20 points, stand/crouch does 12. Just do the jumping ones; besides, standing leaves you vulnerable anyway.

I heard about the video you made. Liked hearing about the Mega Man infinite setup on it. A lot of people bum rushed me in the arcade telling me about it… :smiley:

I’m glad cuz that video was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. It’s gonna be awhile before I make Vol. 2.

Hi i need some help with MM infinit. Actually alot. Ive read its [J.LP, J.MP , J.HP] If so whats the timing and the best setups. and if I have it rong can someone plz correct me? Thanx

Can you send me the videolease dasrik.

I don’t have the video on my computer anymore. You’ll have to fish around on IRC for it :frowning:

Minor correction. In MM’s case doing the sj jab is better. Without it, you get 45 from the lp, launcher combo and 44 going directly into launcher. With it, 46 for both.

I found a way to combo into HMM off a ground combo for good damage, it relies on an assist though. Basically it’s : lp/lp, mk(HAS to be standing for spacing purposes) + Tron assist, tornado hold (AS SOON as the tornado hits the ground cancel into HMM) It does like 75% danage and is a great way to start the match since his jab is so good. I’m just not completly consistent with this combo yet but it DOES work.

yah :-\

These two videos are also helpful/excellent: