MD/VA Gamestop Tournament

OK… so the dates for the Gamestop SF4 tournament are ass. They conflict with other (better?) tournaments all along. I was talking with BMore today, and we figured that it didn’t make any real sense for there to be too many of us at these tournaments.

In my opinion, it would suck if more than one person had to miss out on GVN and FR, if they weren’t planning to already, since the Gamestop tournament is gonna suck, outside of the Round 3 prize… which is godlike.

So yeah… my point is that there’s only one redeeming factor in these tournaments, and it’s the Round 3 prize, but only one of us is going to be able to win it, so there’s no sense in all of us missing better tournaments for only one of us to win the prize.

So the point of this thread is to plan ways for us all to enjoy the tournaments coming up, without having to miss out on too much, wasting our time.

My idea is to maybe hold some sort of Round Robin tournament at Sinsation to see which one of us will “represent” our scene and bother with all the Gamestop stuff. Obviously, if you weren’t gonna go to FR or GVN anyway, this doesn’t matter to you, but for people who may be having to cancel plans to do the Gamestop thing, it’d be a real shame if all of us missed out on FR, just so one of us could get the Round 3 prize. It’d be an equal shame if we all decided to go to other tournaments, and that guy I work with stays and wins the Mid Atlantic Regional.

Ideas? Discuss.

i support this thread:china:

i like the round robin idea, because while round 3 prizes are great, I honestly think the area’s capable enough of winning the whole thing. makes sense to send the best player, and everyone else won’t miss out.

Ok, only if the chosen player gives me their Ryu wrist and headbands. Maybe TornadoFlame would like the fight pad.


wheres the info on these tourneys?

so thats a free pass to the 3rd round basically

pretty much…


I’m saying though… Ant . you might as well take your ass to FR. SOVA Style isn’t strong enough.


yeah tflame, you “bum-ass niggas that can never go anywhere…”

do you all not see the point brandon’s trying to make here=/

sinsation is pretty much the perfect time to figure things out. smh if there’s like 10 of us skipping out on FR/philly for nothing

I’m not going to any majors till midwest and evo if that. I will prob shoot for the top 16 stuff from the gamestop.

everyone should enter this thing. even if for the free fight pad. im pretty sure every1 here can at least get that if we pick different stores.

as for the level 3. thats gonna be a whole month after the game comes. and i personally guarantee what little gap is there from people who play the game now to those who havent played it much will no longer be there.

this thread and the idea of this thread is fucking insulting. gtfo with this shit kids.


Ryu headband. It’s gdlk.

get your head out of your ass, pat

if running this before console is a issue, that’s fine. we can do this on console no problem. how is this insulting? this isn’t philly, fr, or even chilling with SOVA. win or lose, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone in our area.

if i remember to go ill do it… doubt ill go to the third round though, but ill take a free fight pad

I don’t see what’s insulting about this. I, personally , don’t wanna miss out on 3 tournaments over this Gamestop shit, and I don’t see why anyone else should when there’s only gonna be one prize worth having.

So say we all stay back. All but one of us is gonna be mad we didn’t go to FR instead. Why put us through that, when we can figure it out in advance?

I don’t see the issue. I could see if I were the odds on favorite, but honestly, at this point, that’s probably Kimmicks or V. I just don’t wanna be stuck in MD watching someone else take the crown, when I coulda been caught in tha A

i actually have a plan for this. ive already talked to magman bout this. for those of you who havent did their homework about this, the level 3 in atlanta georga is 3 miles away from the final round hotel. its only 1 metro stop away from the hotel stop. very accessible if you plan on hitting up both fr and a level 3. i personally dont mind facing other srk heads down there. im a very competitive person. may the better man win.

for me i didnt plan on hitting up sova or philly. so when i read this it came off as someone telling me not to go to this thing. you know like someone telling me what to do with my time. sorry if i came off the wrong way. i see your point have but hopefully you can see my point of the thing now. my plan is just different i guess.

for those who think my head is up my ass. lol. you’ve been wrong about me before and guess what, nothings changed. quit trying to make me seem like im something im not. maybe its not me whose head up their own ass.


yes. i told you not to go play at a gamestop in Atlanta. that’s exactly what we were getting at:rolleyes:

if you weren’t always predictably the same I might agree with you.

If the rules allow me to play in Atlanta, then I’d do that. As of right now, we don’t know if they will. I have a suspiscion that you are going to have designated regionals to go to, based on where you qualified.

That remains to be seen.

If you were planning on staying around anyway, that’s great, and that’s good information. It helps me plan what I wanna do. If you or Jason stick around and win Round 3… great. I just don’t want anyone to be here that doesn’t have to, when we can avoid it.

Again my issue is just that I’d have to miss 3 tournaments for this, and anyone else planning on attending these tournaments makes it so that all but one of us misses 3 tournaments for a fucking pad and a headband.