MD/VA 3S Thread

In an effort to promote 3S in the scene, I wanna create this thread so that players in the area can talk to each other specifically about the game – plan get-togethers, get ideas, strategies, etc. I also wanted to perhaps give myself as a tutor for anyone wanting to learn this game competitively.

First off, I live in Wheaton (Montgomery Co), but I go to UMBC (in Baltimore/Catonsville), and am in the Game Room for a good part of the time. Though not specifically geared towards video games, they do offer 4 TVs that cater to video games (one of them being a large ass plasma). I’d be happy to help players with the learning process, and can give tons of tips that will improve their game.

I also play on XBOX…My GT is ‘Mad Evil Monkey’ – although there are innate lag issues, I’m on fiber optics, and if you’re not using your connection for anything else, then our connection will most likely be very smooth. The only downside is that I won’t be able to communicate with you…

Lastly, I know some cats up here randomly get people together, like Sir Jiggles and Silentshade. So maybe we can use this thread as a center for communication for these gatherings…

So if you ever have any questions, or want some lessons, don’t hesitate to IM me ‘aim exodus’, or give me a PM…or just post here. :karate:

you suck BITCH! taht is all.

Well ya know im always down for 3s… im always either hosting gatherings and im for the most part (because my job sucks) lol im available 4 days aweek to play 3s. is ya need anything. as far as learning wise or anything. make sure to get in contact with me andill get you to the right people :slight_smile:

someone teach me urien. charge buffering that is.

I wouldn’t mind learning 3s.

Khang, you still have to teach me… please. :slight_smile:

Ill teach youi urien considering he is now my main character*( and my worst at the moment) but still i can teach you buffering and partitioning:tup:

I like 3S. I’m also available (class permitting) to play and, if you want, to teach, as long as you can pick me up and take me to your place of gaming.

I am trying to have people over this weekend, either this Friday or this Sunday (I work Sat).

We would play in the lounge on my floor in Harbor Hall at UMBC. We’d have really nice couches, chairs, a big-screen TV, and banging ladies walking around. Plus nice big windows with a view.

If you want to come, let me know on this thread or on AIM (SN: AHSGoose).

i need to starting take some weekends off then to play some of u guys, right now i only play these two guys named steve and phil in whitemarsh mall Tilt at nights on tuedays sometimes anyone welcome to come i guess, where playing this tuedays night on dreamcast tho ><.

ABM out~

haha, grant bangin ladies that you never see but only eric and dre seem to be able to point out:devil:

Forreal, tho, grant’s place is fresh, I’m try to make it this weekend.

Learning I will be good in it soon.


hey hey hey dont hate… hopes girl doesnt see thread lol:clap:

OK so it is set for this Sunday around 3 or 4 pm, just let me know if you are coming, come over, play till whenever. We can order pizza or something so bring money if you want food.

This will be in Harbor Hall at UMBC. Hit me up on IM if you need directions.

You know I’m down… Im sure both erics would come. I know ramza will. and khang should… <— annoys khang to go… pete you better come bitch!!!:clap:

I’m a-coming!

At Harbor? I’m in Patapsco. I don’t feel like walking over there… wahhh.

Guess I’ll have to anyway, since I’ll probably be visiting this girl in Chesapeake.

Hit me up on AIM or something and I’ll see what’s up with my schedule. I’ll definitely try to make it down though… I need to learn 3s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to announce my scrubbiness, I beat some random Makoto scrub at the Gameroom today… God, that’s all these people play here… 3s and T5… such fags. Play some God-damn Marvel.

What’s REALLY good!?!? :clap:

Sadly Eric Lee will not be able to join us. And so the current roster is:

  • Myself
  • Steve
  • Phil
  • Eric (Ramza)
  • Silent Shade
  • UltraDavid
  • Pete
  • Khang (until I hear otherwise)

We will have 2 TVs and 2 PS2s, Ramza said he will bring his. If you have a stick, bring it.

Damnit, nobody in here’s a Rockvillain like me… :sad:

and no one here is in pg county. wtf