Mayflash Wii Classic Controller to PC USB Adapter

better question will this work on PS3?

has anyone heard anything about this yet?

is it worth the $$???

Yeah, I’m curious about it too. Would be perfect if it works well.

I also would like to know if it’ll work with PS3.

My Wii sticks are much more preferable to my non-modded Mayflash stick, so if this converter does work on PS3, I see a dream product on our hands here.

I have this adapter. Works great on PC. I had problems with it until I installed the drivers on the included disc though. I have no idea if it works on PS3.

Is there any delay on PC?

Did anybody ever find out if this allows the TvC stick to be used on the PS3 for SF4?


Here’s the thing - L & R are ANALOG switches, the system won’t recognize 'em. So you have to switch the leads from zL & zR with L & R.



After lead swap:


What about the Hori Wii Stick? It should be fine, right?

This is slightly confusing, does it mean that L & R on the Classic Controller don’t work on the PS3? Or does it mean that L & R, which should be analog, on any Wii stick (TVC, FS Wii) won’t work as well?

From what I’m getting, either the L and R triggers don’t work or lag. I’m just wondering how the Hori one works. MY KINGDOM FOR AN ANSWER!

Should work the same as the CC and TvC stick.

But… I can’t switch the buttons around on that… ;_; They’re soldered to the PBC…

So, I’m assuming this will allow me to use any of my Wii sticks on my PS3. I just bought one of these adapters, so I hope it works as described!

You know what they say, when the going get’s tough, the tough get modding! (this, coming from someone who buys sticks with modding them in mind).

I’m 99% sure that L & R on ANY Wii controller (stick or otherwise) hooked up to a PS3 via Mayflash adapter will not work. That’s why I swapped the leads from zL & zR with L & R to make it look like this: **

D D D A**

Hopefully that’s not confusing and actually helps!

Oh man this is just great. Im personally a wii classic controller fan and i think its up to par with sony PS2 DS or with the new Wii classic pro on the way.

Damn the wii may become competent for some fighter after all. ( Like their d-pad more than sony’s)

On the PC it turns out that if you press home+L or home+R button you can change the “mode” of the directions, L, and R.

For instance, while by default, the Mayflash is set to “Mode 1”:
L and R is set to “s0 positive” and “s1 positive” (I assume these are analog) and the d-pad is set to “POV hat <direction>” (or something like that).

If you press home+R, then it changes to “Mode 2”:
L is set to “Button 4” and R is “Button 5”, just like all the other buttons (ABXY). The d-pad is set to buttons as well, i.e. “Button 10” for up, “Button 11” for down, etc.

If you press it again, it goes to “Mode 3”:
L and R are the same as in Mode 2, but the d-pad… is kind of weird. It only registers Up and Right for me, and I think it’s done via analog signals.

Press it again, and it cycles back to Mode 1. Long story short, if you press home+R or home+L (which just cycles in the other direction of home+R), you can set it so that every input is digital (by getting it to Mode 2).

Of course, I say all this having done it only with a Hori stick, and only on the PC. Throw a TvC stick or PS3 into the equation, and I can’t say for sure how things would change.

Edit: This post is in response to TwoThirtyEight’s comment that L and R wouldn’t work because they’re analog.

this certainly is good news, as i had just placed an order for it. can’t wait to use my hori stick on my PC!!