[May 5, 2012] Season's Beatings: Summer Slam - Win a trip to EVO! Road to EVO 2012 (Columbus, OH)

*Godlike Entertainment presents: *

Season’s Beatings: The Mecca of Marvel and Origin of IFC Yipes’ “IT’S MAHVEL BABY!” Six years of All-Star players and Dream-Team Special Events, this year is teaming up with Road to EVO 2012, presented by Chris Hatala (Ghaleon), Harmon Tam (nomrah) and FUGEE.

And:** WIN a trip to EVO by attending SB! One lucky winner **from North America will win a plane ticket to EVO 2012! You’re automatically entered when you pre-register – stay tuned for more raffle details (and many more prizes) in the coming months!

Pre-Registeration: coming soon!

Facebook: Season’s Beatings Tournament Series
Twitter: gdlkEnt
YouTube: SeasonsBeatingsGDLK

Q. Is this the only Season’s Beatings this year?
A. No way! Our main, fall event is also in the works, where we put together insane special-event grudge matches and our usual crazy FGC spectacle.

Q. Isn’t this the same weekend as Shadowloo Showdown?
A. Yes; we expect to attract talent from across North America as usual, losing only a few names to the Australian epic – and SB and SS together will be a stream monster’s dream being opposite time zones!

Q. “Summer Slam”?
A. This event is replacing the annual “Summer Slam” regional we’ve run the last few years. Just refer to it as “Season’s Beatings” for ease and brevity. No relation to Summer Jam!

Wish to have your organization featured on-site or in front of the millions-strong viewership?

Contact us at askgodlike@gmail.com.

When and Where:

Saturday, May 5, through Sunday, May 6, 2012

MoMo2Google maps directions
2885 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43202-1510
(614) 784-0888

MoMo’s has a GREAT kitchen serving Asian dishes. They have bubble tea and a full drinks menu, including alcohol for those 21 and over. Please support them and do not bring outside food/drink to the venue.

These hotels are all within walking distance.

Venue fee is $30, pre-registration/pre-payment only, and the rate will go up increase to $40 in the coming months, with $50 on-site. Please pre-pay and reserve your room ASAP.

Hotel Information

1st option:

Red Roof Inn Columbus - The Ohio State University
441 Ackerman Rd
Columbus, OH 43202

2nd option:
University Plaza Hotel and Conference Center
3110 Olentangy River Rd.
Columbus , Ohio 43202
614-267-7461 or 877-677-5292

3rd option:
Fairfield Inn & Suites OSU
3031 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 267-1111

We have limited venue passes, but we will try our best to accommodate interested media.
Please contact us at hatalawriting@gmail.com for details.

**All official HD tournament games will run on Asus monitors **

Official EVO Games List (win points for your seeding at EVO in July!):

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (360) **-- **$20
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Ed. ver. 2012 (360) – $20
**King of Fighter XIII **(360) – $10
**Mortal Kombat 9 **(PS3) – $10
Street Fighter x Tekken (360) – $10
Soul Calibur V (PS3) – $10

**Super Street Fighter II Turbo **(Arcade Head-to-Head or Supergun) – $20

Evo standard rules across all games (including no wireless pads w/o a USB dongle). Also:
-Super Turbo: 3/5 throughout, 4/7 for Grand Finals.

ALL side games or Unofficial Team Tournaments are NOT GUARANTEED to finish at MOMOS. As a Tournament Runner you will be responsible for the players MONEY and relocation (hotel rooms being an option) of these tournaments – MAIN games take priority due to time or resources. We have very little leeway in scheduling.

Many, many more details to come, regarding media, production, online content, and top guests in all games. We look forward to directly engaging YOU, the players spending hard-earned money to come to our event!

For now, post up or contact Chris or Harmon through Facebook (“Season’s Beatings Tournament Series”) or Twitter (@gdlkEnt) with questions/feedback/advice. SRK PM is NOT the most efficient way to get ahold of us because of how quickly our inboxes fill!


Got that MK9 taken care of. Will be in contact soon. :coffee:

sounds like fun! :smiley:

Hotel Room Booked…ill be glad to help run brackets again

Me and Masta CJ might make the trip to this. Not 100% sure

Sticky THIS!

Also Due to Time restrictions there will be NO TEAM TOURNYS FOR ANY GAMES!

360 is our system preference for SF4, Marvel 3, and KOF. Details coming on everything. Logo forthcoming as well :wink:

It wouldn’t be SB without a Special Event involving Marvel + the best talent from around the country.

Not content to do a repeat of East Coast vs. West Coast or Good vs. Evil 2, we’re finally almost ready to confirm our SB: Summer Slam plans.

And we finally had to go ahead and do something about that Internet situation …

yes xbox xbox!


The cast of Godlike Entertainment always brings forth really awesome events.
I’ll be happy to lend myself out to assist in whatever you guys need.
Also, bubble tea and Raisin’ Canes.

I’m a Columbus native. Can I volunteer to help out?

Sorry for the long wait on the real hype and real announcements, guys.

Spooky is streaming :wink: I’ve mostly nailed down the special event, but we want to announce with a bang

j – thanks for the offer! Send me a PM and let me know what you’d like to do, we definitely appreciate it~!

Ya me and most of the cincy crew will be there!

Also seasons beatings summer slam, not in summer.

Just sayin.

I thought that SB: Velocity was going to be the last one at Momo2. Not that I object; I thought it was a nice venue, I’m just curious.

Also, MIGHT be here. 12-hour drive for a one-day tournament? I’ve gotta think about that one.

This isn’t a one-day event. I don’t know what else to do to stop people from thinking that :slight_smile: I really don’t know why EVO posted it as one originally either.

**Registration is LIVE! **btw it was too late to change our name to Spring Stampede, so Harmon and I rolled with the name we’ve used for our last two Cleveland regionals.

We aren’t Twitter fiends, but follow us @gdlkEnt for select insights into the FGC and SB updates.

Momo2 is making some venue upgrades specifically to accommodate our needs. The future of SB is still up in the air though :wink:

Forgive my ignorance, thanks for clearing this up. Encouraging!

Must one have preregistered to be able to play in one of the tournaments? Or can I pay fees at the door?

You CAN pay at the door, but pre-reg this month to save yourself some money. It’ll be $50 to get into the venue if you’re also registering to compete at the door.

What if you’re just wanting to register for spectator at the door?