Maxx coloring thread

i didnt draw these i just colored them

i really like the cel shaded work. it really goes well with lafuente’s work. be sure to use his feathering as a guideline for shading though. especially the feathering on the guns

ya i had trouble with the guns…eventually i just got frustrated and said fuck it.

160 views and 1 comment? wtf?

dont get salty… my other topics got views and not a single comment. you expected people to kiss ass?

i liked the linework on the spider man, probably due to that strong contrast of the big slab of black on the legs which isn’t as well defined when colored.

want some comments then here you go:
good but not great.
likeable but forgetable.

It’s a good thing you didn’t draw those, because I’m really not a fan of the art style.

I think the coloring is good enough to be used in a comic book, but showing off all of your skills would’ve been more impressive.

actually i was looking for critiques not kiss ass comments. i could care less about those, im looking for comments on how to improve not blow up my ego. i only started to color on my comp not too long ago so im learning.

Are you aiming to just color, or do you draw as well?

Anyway, the coloring is good, or at least goes pretty well with the styles of the pictures. They could kind of use a bit more polishing, especially the first image. The third image is good as well, though I think the cel-shading style would work best considering the simplicity of the picture. I like the 4th one the most: it just goes well.

Colors are ok but you should experiment with color schemes and not just local colors. Right now your colors are very basic. Find a piece with good colors and use to eye dropper to see what value, hue, and saturation they are and how they relate to each other. Colors is a very hard thing to understand without falling into a routine to not much I can say in one post.

i draw and write as well…just havent been happy with my art as of late. so ive focused my time on coloring, funny you like the fourth pic…that was one of the first pics i really ever tried coloring. thanks for the critique.

yeah, im trying to understand how to seamlessly blend colors from darks to lights on ps. The only way ive seem to be able to blend is using blur tool. i think thats the biggest reason ive stuck with a cell shaded style, plus the first 3 images the artist has a manga influence…just seemed like it was appropriate. But im looking to expand more…the spidey was really my only push in blending lights and darks. Just havent learned a more proper way to blend them.

like i understand how colors work, and how to use color scales n such. i just dont have the knowledge on how to do it with photoshop yet.

are you using a mouse? If you are at least get a cheap intuos 3 tablet if you’re serious about this at all. For blending, just use the gradiant tool. soft brush, pen tool selection then feather, whatever. Seriously there’s so many ways to blend colors in photoshop that it should be the least of your concern.

like i said im relatively new to coloring…yeah using a mouse.

WOOT Reyyy- he has style.

Anyways, for coloring critique, I’d say work on the lighting first- lighting is most important IMO. The actual colors are good, but the shadows are off in some places. (like girls right arm in the second picture, or the hair in the first) When coloring, think about where the light is coming from- in some pictures, all the light comes from one side, so all the shadows are on the other- look at some real life stuff for reference.

were those lines meant to compliment on the simplicity of the colors? or…WIP?

This painting tutorial was damn near biblical to me. You might not get the same results, but this video helped me understand Photoshop coloring better than anything else I’ve read or seen [media=youtube]Hi_3HymnpXE[/media]

…okay, THIS is a nice video. Very easy to understand, which is the most important thing. Makes me wish there were tutorials like this 10 years ago, I’ve been utilizing his coloring method since only like a year ago after fiddling around. haha

you gotta be more specific…what image are you talking about?

ill check that out later…thanks man

Specifically the Layered Jackets piece you got there

oh…nah its finished…their was sumtin about the way i left the whites that i really liked. its such a simple drawing…i didnt wanna add alot of shadows and kept it as simple as possible. the whites seemed to work well with that. but thats just my opinion.